Thursday, September 20, 2007

17 Weeks

Posted are pictures from Monday night...17 weeks. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby boy or girl?

Hello there. So far the second trimester has been a lot better than the first, althought my first trimester was not as bad as some pregnant women. I feel a lot more like myself, although I am still tired often. I guess that is never going to go away as I am told by every mother. I went walking last week and had a really bad sciatic nerve problem. That lasted for a couple of days. When I told my doctor she gave me a look of "Already!?! You are in trouble!" Apparently there is not much that can be done for those flair ups. I just hope they don't happen too often or I will be limping the rest of this pregnancy!

Last Thursday we went to the doctor for our 16 week appointment. Everything went well and got to hear the heartbeat again. Baby peanut's heart is strong. We set up our next ultrasound. We have decided to find out the sex of the baby. I should say Jeremy decided to find out and I didn't have much of a choice. Very opposite of our personalities. Maybe a surprise for the next one. Finding out the sex will definitely make the rest of this pregnancy easier.

Monday, October 1st is the big day. If the baby cooperates we will find out if the little bean is a boy or girl. And I will not repeat what Jeremy said when we left the doctor's office regarding finding out the sex!

What do you think the sex will be? We have heard both from family and friends, although having a boy is winning right now. Jeremy and I have placed bets ourselves.

Hope you are well!

Much love,
Laura and Jeremy

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The beginning of the 2nd trimester & Sadie's big day at the pool

A glimpse of the pool

Playing with Jeremy


Posing for the camera

14 weeks

With so many friends and family out of town, we thought this would be a good way to let others stay in tune with our baby adventure. I will try to post weekly blogs, so check back often. I wanted to set this blog up a long time ago. Sorry!
I am in my 16th week now. Time has flown by!

We go for the 16 week appointment on Thursday. Hopefully there will be a little less drama this time. When we went for our 12 week the doctor told us we could possibly be having twins! You should have seen our faces! We were able to get an ultrasound an hour later and found out that we are just having one bambino. One is enough for us for now. While we were waiting for the ultrasound, Jeremy turns to me and says, "Babe, you can't have twins. You are small and you will have the worst stretch marks!" Very comforting words, honey! I will try to post a scan of the ultrasound sometime soon. The scanner doesn't pick it up very well. At the time the baby was not even 2 inches long and we could see a hand and the spine.
Ultrasounds are fascinating!

As much as I may not want to, I will try to take pictures of me and the baby bump. Posted is me at about 14 weeks (with a tight shirt to help the image), the very beginning of my "bump". To me it looks more like a roll, but every day it is becoming more of a bump.

Also above is last Saturday's big day for our first child, Sadie Mae. We took her to a local park that opens their pool up right after Labor Day for dogs. It was a riot! At minimum there were about 50 dogs in the pool, outside the pool and trying to decide if they wanted to get in the pool. Sadie loves to swim so she jumped right in with her dad!

Stay tuned for an exciting baby adventure!

With much love,
Laura and Jeremy