Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am sure you all know by now, but Butler is going to the Final Four for the first time ever and it is in Indy! I have been on a high since Saturday, just ask Jeremy! It is quite unbelievable! I have read some awesome articles about Butler's team, but the article below really paints the picture about who the team is and what this means to the school...
I am most likely going up on Saturday for the game and may just cheer with friends at a local bar. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I can't miss! I'm just disappointed it is Easter weekend because I can't miss out on that day and have to go to early church. It will be worth the trip no matter what!
If you haven't been cheering for Butler already, jump on board the Butler train! All are welcome!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trip to the zoo

March is a very busy month for me with work. Since I have to work weekends I get the following Monday off. A few Mondays ago Addie and I met up with Anthony, Jenny and Layton at the zoo on Layton's first birthday. My parents got us a membership to the zoo for Christmas and we have been looking forward to using it this year. Unfortunately Jeremy had to work but I am sure there will be more zoo days ahead. It was a great day to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Layton is 1!!!
The first thing we did was go through the exhibit that has fish, snakes, turtles, etc. Addie was scared of a small turtle swimming. I was shocked! I can understand gorillas or elephants, but a small turtle! Geez! She loves animals so I was surprised of how timid she was because she can be pretty fearless with some things. She kept saying "No turtle! No turtle!" and went around the exhibit with her hands over her face like the photo below. She did this periodically throughout the day, but by the end she did much better. To this day she'll still say "Mommy, I afraid of turtle." And she'll put her hands like this over her face. We kept telling her turtles are nice (even though they can be mean) and not to be scared. And then she'll respond, "Turtles nice." And we talk about how the next time we go to the zoo she'll keep her eyes open the whole time. We'll see how that goes...

Posing with the birthday boy

Addie was really scared of the bigger goats, but walked right up to this baby one. I guess because it was smaller it was fine.

Posing in front of the elephants, although you can't see them. She has been cutting her 2 year molars for a while and always has her hands in her mouth.

Checking out the giraffes with Uncle Anthony

Taking over Layton's ride...

A long day...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A special announcement...

...brought to you by Addie (...and no, I am not pregnant if that is what you were thinking the announcement was). :)

Go Butler Bulldogs! I go to Murray State a couple times a year for work and I love that a small school in Kentucky had an upset, but I still must root for my alma mater!

I am currently in 1st place for our Sunday School's bracket tourney. I know it won't last long, but hey, not bad. Still not happy about UofL's bad loss last night. Ugh.

Unfortunately I have to work all day and will miss Butler play today. That's ok because I am sure I will see them play next week after their win today! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I gotta feeling...

...that tonight's gonna be a good night! Go Butler Bulldogs! I love March Madness! And can I get an amen to the sunshine today? Yeah!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Signs that spring is near...

Taking baby on a walk

Swinging (cheap consignment sale find...I'll take it)

Going on walks

Walking Sadie (Addie likes to have her hand on the leash)

Needing sunglasses (yes, even inside at the grocery store)

FLOWERS! (Crocuses in bloom and tulips and daffodils on the way! I LOVE spring flowers.)

Cold weather stay away...we want spring to stay!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

2nd Birthday Celebrations

It's still so hard to believe that our little girl is two! In some ways I can hardly remember what she was like as a baby, but it also feels like her 1st birthday wasn't that long ago. We had many celebrations for the two-year-old. The whole way to daycare on Addie's birthday she kept saying "I'm two mommy, two, mommy I'm two...".

We had a little party at Addie's daycare. Alexa's birthday was 4 days before so they celebrated together.

Trying to blow out the candle...

Cheese! A lot different than last year when she wouldn't let us put a birthday hat on her. :)

We ate cupcakes and then we stayed for a little bit to play with kids. I took this picture of Jeremy having tea with 4 kids. It was cute!

After the daycare party the three of us went to Chuck E Cheese. We had a fun time as a little family.

Bowling was Addie's favorite game there

We had a family get-together at our house the following Saturday. Kami, Layton and Addie cookin' it up.

Starting to unwrap gifts. Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Dave got her a bubble lawnmower. Addie wanted to play with it right then.

She was spoiled rotten, of course. She got a lot of clothes, which was great, but Addie didn't seem to care too much about that. I know that will change later in life so for now I will take it!

Layton and Papaw John

Attempted family photo (the photo editing messed up so it is a little weird)

Singing "Happy Birthday"...She sings a long and sways with the music. Too cute!

Blowing out the candles with grandpa

Eating cake with Papaw John

Grammy and Addie...I know Addie has a funny face here. She was eating an M&M after going potty. It looks like she is mad, upset or thinking hard.

Layton and Addie lovin' on each other at the end of the night

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wonderful weekend with wonderful friends

Two weekends ago we went to Indy to spend time with some of our best friends. Saturday morning Brady and Addie got to play in the snow for a bit. That afternoon the Klines (3 total) and the Callahans (5 total) came over and had a sleepover at the Sabelhaus home. Erin Hack and Erin Riley were able to come over for a bit, too. Our friends were so sweet and got Addie presents and Tara got the kids cupcakes to celebrate Addie's birthday a little early. The kids had lots of fun together (and I loved seeing them all together) and the parents had fun once the kids went to bed! We played games, drank wine and had great conversation. Well the guys mostly hung out downstairs while the girls chatted and played games. We don't get to see our best friends very often so we cherish the time together. Thanks to Brad and Tara for turning over their house to so many people and kids! Tara was a wonderful hostess! We may make this an annual tradition! Enjoy the pictures and videos from the weekend.

Like Tara said, they could make a cute couple one day! :)

Brady eating snow

And Addie eating snow

And she's outta here..

Bath time! They'll love this one when they are older!

Such a handsome little boy! Can't believe Cole will be a year old next week!

I LOVE these next two pictures of Addie and Harry! So sweet!

Garrett and Addie talking on walkie talkies

Mini DG Reunion...Love these girls!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

All the kids ready for cupcakes!

She was digging in!


All of the kiddos before bed...7 kids between 4 couples! What a blessing!

Impossible to get them all to look at the camera!

Opening gifts...Tara got Addie a cute hat with a big pink vintage bow. Here's the bow in her hair.

The kiddos had a quick dance party before bed. I loved seeing their different dance moves. I am nervous that Addie and Olivia may be headed towards a Sigma Chi Derby Days Lip Sync with these moves! :) I also love that Harry is just chillin' the whole time just watching everybody else dance. Love them all!