Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kate turns two!

Kate turned two at the end of July. It seems so long ago already.  This girl is so full of life!  I think she might be the class clown one day because she loves to make people laugh.  She also marches to the beat of her own drum.  She has us a bit concerned because she will do something bad and then doesn't care very much that she gets in trouble.  Uh oh.  She is very strong-willed and independent and wants to do everything her big sister does.  Kate repeats a lot of what Addie says these days.  Not always the best thing.  Kate is such a lover!  She is so quick to give hugs and kisses.  She even says, "I wanna a hug" to a lot of people and always has to give hugs when she leaves for daycare in the morning. Kate loves to play with babies, read books, swing and color.  She is a monkey and gets into everything.  It is amazing how many words toddlers learn each day.  Although it can be hard to understand sometimes, she talks in full sentences.  Kate used the potty for the first time in February, but still isn't potty trained.  Apparently she uses it all the time at daycare, but doesn't it do as much at home.  We are not pushing it since her older sister took almost a year to train!

Kate weighed 24 lbs. 10 oz. and 33 inches tall at her two year appt.

Enjoy the pictures from our celebrations with her!  We love you so much, goose goose!

We had a little party at her daycare.  The daycare always gives tiaras for the birthday girls to wear.  When we walked in Kate had her sunglasses and tiara on.  Since we had just gotten back from Florida she was obsessed with wearing sunglasses all of the time.

So sweet!

Such a goose cheesing it!

We had our immediate family over for a cookout.  

The cousins had fun playing in the baby pool out back.

Which then turning in to a mud pit.  
Time for cupcakes!

Time for presents!

Next onto fun with bubbles.

She squints her eyes so much now when she smiles for the camera. You can't even see her pretty blue eyes.

And although we had cupcakes, we decided to do s'mores too.  Hey, we had to celebrate. 


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Weekend trip to Evansville

Yep, still two months behind. Ugh. I have good excuses, promise. :)

The last weekend of July we were supposed to do a lake trip with our friends, but that fell through.  Since we all had that weekend on hold we decided to go to Evansville and stay with the Klines.  We love hanging out with these three couples.  Most of the time we have our kids with us.  10 children total makes for some crazy times.  This time we had adults only for the weekend.  We did a lot of just hanging out and catching up.  The guys played golf and the ladies went shopping.  We went swimming in the afternoon and went to dinner on the river in Newburgh that night.  Here are a few pictures from dinner.

Jeremy and Bryan debating on whether or not a certain beer needed to be "opened up". Oh, such life decisions.

Beautiful weather + cocktails and dinner with friends = a wonderful evening!

Cheers to our friendship!

Such a charming little place.

The crew!

We will all be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary next year so we are all going to the Dominican Republic in March!  We can not wait for this trip!

My best friends from Butler.  Love these ladies!
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Final Florida post

Our final day in Florida started with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  It is a family tradition.  And probably is one of THE favorite parts of vacation for Addie.  She loves getting to eat chocolate doughnuts for breakfast.


Before we headed out to the beach Jeremy and Addie had fun catching lizards.  Those little things are so fast, but I guess Jeremy and Addie are ninjas and were faster than them. :)

Since it was our last day in Florida we really took advantage of the pool and beach.  We didn't even come up for lunch just brought everything down to the beach.  It was a great day to just hang out with each other.


This was absolutely precious.  Kate fell asleep on Alex. Kate loved having Alex around the whole week.

There was a guy with an icecream/popsicle boat that would come down the beach everyday.  We got some popsicles and both girls ended up crying because they were melting faster then they could eat them. Ha!

That evening just the four of us went out to eat for dinner.  We went to a restaurant on the beach and hung out for a bit while we waited on our food.  Look at this wind-blown look. 

I tried to get one final picture with the two girls together.  This is how it ended up.

Talk about diva!

Kate and Uncle Dave were playing a little game on the patio that night.  She kept running to him for him to throw her.  Love her expressions here!

The final night there was a beautiful sunset and a small rainbow coming out of the ocean.  So beautiful!

Love both of my girls!

Before packing up we did a final night of crab hunting. 

And this is a picture of the first day I was there.  Kate fell asleep on me.  It is like she knew I needed that after a crazy month prior and being away from the family so much.  I hope to always remember this memory.  A great final picture from our wonderful vacation.  Pure bliss!


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