Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christmas at the Galt House

I can't believe it is almost March and I am posting a quick post with pictures from right after Christmas. Maybe the next post will be from 2013? :)

The Saturday before New Year's we went to Christmas at the Galt House with my parents and the Wilde crew.  The kids were pretty wound up.  I can't imagine what it would have been like if we went before Christmas! 

Kalightoscope is one of the features.  Jeremy, Addie and I went a couple of years ago when I got free tickets through my work (they do the ticketing for the events).  It has improved a lot over the past two years and I am sure it will continue to grow.  Kalightoscope is a big tent of interactive luminaries. 

After the Kalightoscope part there was a lot of kids activities through part of the hotel.

Since Santa had already visited our house we did thank you letters instead of lists.  

Can you tell who is more excited about taking their picture with the Snow Queen? :)

There was a wall for the kids to write on.  Some put notes to Santa on it as well.

I had to take a picture of Dylan's note to Santa. :)

There was a small train perfect for little kiddos.

I barely fit, but made it on so Kate could ride it too.

And here is a random picture from New Year's Day.  We went over to John and Terrianne's house for a New Year's Day brunch.  It was a lot of fun.  Here's a sweet picture of Addie holding her favorite little Turner baby.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013


To say that I am behind on this blog is an understatement.  I uploaded photos this weekend for the first time in almost two months.  I have even been bad about taking pictures outside of the phone/ipad.  Guess things have been busy.  My goal is to get up to date this month.  May be hard because I work a lot in March, but I can have a goal, right?

We got a little bit of snow at the end of the year/first of the year.  It was really Kate's first time playing in the snow.  She really liked it, but since it was cold she didn't last very long.  Enjoy some snow pics.


By the time we went out there wasn't a lot of snow, but we managed to make a little snowman.  My aunt and uncle got us the cutest snowman kit a couple of years ago and we haven't been able to use it.  Looked pretty cute.

I hope to write a post soon about Kate (she turned 18 months) in January.  Here is a quick preview of her personality.

She's a monkey!  I walked into the room and this is what she was doing.  Yikes!

And she has a BIG appetite (as long as she is feeling well).  She had her own serving of rice and beans, but she had to have Jeremy's burrito and ate a substantial amount.  She clearly is her father's daughter.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Christmas Day

Well it is the first week of February and I am blogging about Christmas Day.  Such is life.  Not being able to blog for over a month got me behind.

This year was really special because Addie got this dollhouse for Christmas.  My late grandfather made this for me and I got it when I was little for Christmas.  Everything is hand-made and apparently took him a long time to make.  My grandmother made curtains for it and loved buying all of the pieces and furniture. I should take a picture of it up close because it is impressive.  As soon as we found out Addison was a girl during our ultrasound Jeremy said, "We get to use the dollhouse!"  Clearly with Jeremy's woodworking background he has an appreciation for it.  Santa fixed it up and brought to Addie this year.  I'll post a video soon, but she said, "Wow!  Holy-Kamole!" since it was so big. Ha!

Santa brought Kate a cute little barn that folds up with stuffed animals and such.  Kate loves animals.

Santa didn't forget Sadie. :)

Opening stockings.  Kate is also a big fan of Elmo.

Santa always had fruit in the bottom of my stocking and he put fruit in the girls' stocking. Look at that bed-head! :)

I get the sense she loves clothes as a present from her mom and dad.  

We laid-low for a little bit in the morning and then started to prep to have family over.  My parents and the Wilde crew came over first so we could open presents together.  The kids did VERY good this year and everyone waited their turn so we could see what everyone got.  (Last year it was crazy with paper and toys flying everywhere.  It was like a tornado came through.)

I love this picture with my mom and Jeremy.  I actually think they were making fun of me at the time. Hmmm... 

I found this bulldog at IKEA and had to get it for Dawson.  The Wildes have a pet bulldog named Derby so I thought he would like this.  Dawson loves it and still carries it around everywhere.  :)

She looks so big here.  Still has crazy hair.

We were sneaky and Carrie was able to give us a bunch of wine corks David had been collecting.  Jeremy made these two pieces for him out of cherry wood.  They can be trivets or something to hang.  Although the picture doesn't look like it, David was really excited about his gift.

Now that my parents are back in town my dad needs some warm UofL gear for football games.  Go Cards!

Dylan is getting so big!  Big 1st grader.

Although this looks like some sort of electric shaver, there is actually a bottle of bourbon inside. My brother knows him well.

 Slippers for Kate...

My cousin and uncle came over later for Christmas dinner.  Steven is playing with Kate with her new barn.  And she is sucking on a paci because between getting over the flu and cutting teeth it was about the only thing that helped soothe her.

Boys play with dollhouses too. You can see some of the details of the house here.  Love the fireplace and mirror. :)

Addie got some hair things from my parents.  I think this picture is just a glimpse of our future.

Of course Kate felt good enough to eat Oreo balls. :)

Christmas already feels like a distant memory, but it was a wonderful holiday.  As much as I LOVE the Christmas season I would appreciate it if it was spread out over a couple months. :)  This working mom with two kiddos and a crazy-busy husband has a hard time keeping up. I try to savor sweet moments throughout, especially since Christmas morning is magical with young kiddos.
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