Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mother's Day weekend

Yes, I am that far behind with the blog. I am VERY busy with work and we are trying to make time to get things done around the house before the baby gets here. I leave for Lexington in less than a week! Yikes!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. That weekend was also Derby weekend so we have fun Friday night for a cookout at a park for Oaks and then went to a Derby party that Saturday. I love Louisville during Derby season! Addie drew the winning horse name and won a pot of money. I let her have a few dollars for her piggy back and kept the rest. Ha! Well, it was my money to start with. :)

On Sunday Jeremy surprised me with a new lens for my DSLR for Mother's Day. It is a 50 mm prime lens. It is a great lens and it is supposed to be better for portraits. I was super excited! I have played with it some and really like it. It is definitely different than lens that comes with the camera.

We went to church, went to Jeremy's dad and stepmom's house and then met my parents along with David's family at Spring Mill Park in Mitchell, IN. It is a little more than half-way to my parents' house from Louisville. We don't usually get to see my family on Mother's Day so it was nice to be all together. It was an absolute gorgeous day! We have had only a handful of spring days. All the rest were rain and now HOT weather (and YES I AM SO HOT right now)! Spring Mill Park is an old village from the 1800's where you can walk around all the different houses and the corn mill. We walked around the village, played on the playground and had a picnic dinner. It was a great day!

Enjoy all the pics...some of them with my new lens!

Look at this cutie!

So funny...pretty hairbow while riding a little four-wheeler. This is at Papaw and Mamaw's house.

This is right behind their house. They live on a lot of land. So pretty!

Walking with Grammy

Trying to get the cousins to pose for a photo...

Part of the old village. So beautiful!

Family shot

In one of the village houses

Yes, I'm even larger than this now! :)

Too cute

Throwing rocks in the creek

Playing with my new lens