Friday, October 31, 2008


We had so much fun Homecoming weekend! We stayed with the Klines so that meant Garrett and Addie got lots of time together to play. They are 5 weeks apart so it is cute to watch them together.

On Saturday it was great being back on Butler's campus, although it was very cold! I got to have some conversations with some people I hadn't seen since graduation 5 years ago. They were brief though. I have come to find out that happens with kids now. :) Everything was great all weekend it just felt so rushed because we had lots we wanted to do, but still had to work around baby schedules.

We finally got to meet the Callahan triplets. Two of the babies had been released and one was still in the hospital. We all met up at the hospital on Sunday morning to see Ashley and Bryan and the three little piggies. They are too cute and little! They have grown so much since they were born.

Enjoy the pictures. I'll post more soon including some video of our little army crawler. Yep, that's right Addie is mobile!!!


Garrett and Addie playing


These guys aren't too hip anymore


Moms and babies. This was while we watched the parade. Garrett and Addie slept through their first parade.


Tailgating...SOOOOO cold!


Lots of playing together


Posing for the camera


DGs and babies!!! This was in the hospital. Too bad little Olivia, Madeline and Harry couldn't join the photo! They can't be around babies because they are premies.


Garrett looks like he has teeth! He was eating a puff and it kinda got stuck under his lip. It was really funny!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Growing up fast

People say that babies grow up so fast and you know what?...they are right! :)

Last weekend we were in Lexington for the entire weekend because Jeremy was in a wedding for his friend Greg. Betty and Randy picked up Addie on Friday morning and kept her the whole weekend. We stayed with our friends Laura and Cory so it was nice to spend some time with them. They wedding was lots of fun! Jeremy and I enjoyed having a lazy Saturday morning, having lunch together and shopping for a bit together.


At Greg and Paige's wedding


Check out these studs!

In the three days we didn't see her she had changed! No kidding! I am sure that sounds funny. When you sit in front of her and hold your hands out she grabs on and pulls herself up! This is a fun game for her now sitting and standing. We decided to drop her crib a level because it won't be long until she tries to pull herself up from there. She also is itching to crawl. The other night Sadie was lying close to her with her collar on. Addie was trying with all her might to get to her dog tags. We still think she has a ways to go, but she is definitely trying.


Big girl in the crib


Playing with Sadie's collar

This weekend we are headed to Indy for Butler's homecoming celebrating my 5 year reunion. A lot has happened since then, but at the same time it seems like yesterday when I was there. The best news is that the Callahans, our friends with the triplets, will most likely be bringing all three babies home by the end of the week! What a joy!...but their journey is just now beginning! :) We are excited to finally meet the three little piggies.

Another update on our daughter...she is a talker!!!! Well her mom and dad aren't exactly shy so I guess we aren't too surprised. The girl constantly is making noises or singing to herself. She sings/talks herself to sleep in her crib and always talking to herself in the car. I'll have to get some good videos of that later. Here is a little clip of how loud she can be at times (once she sees the camera she gets quiet) and some videos of her trying to crawl and pulling up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Talkin' and swingin'

Videos from the past few weeks as promised. Addie is quite the talker...I had to encourage her some so sorry for the annoying sounds. :) Updates and pictures in last night's post.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trick or Treat

We've been so busy that I haven't been able to update the blog. Sorry! A few quick updates and pictures. Some cute videos to come!

Two weekends ago we went over to Jeremy's dad's house for his company picnic. It was fun to hang out with family and eat good food. They had lots of blow up stuff and Addie got in the bouncer. She was too interested in watching the other kids that she didn't really try bouncing much.

We went over to Blake and Tracy's house with some friends last Thursday. Addie and Alena WILL be good friends! :)

Our wonderful friends Brad and Tara came from Indy to visit us last weekend. The guys had planned on camping that weekend for a long time so Tara and Brady (their little boy) stayed with me and Addie while the boys camped, fished and golfed. We took the kiddos to the zoo for their Halloween trick-or-treat event. Originally Addie was going to be a pumpkin, but it was sooo hot (anyone else ready for some fall-like weather?) that we went with Plan B. She was a bunny that required her just to be in a onesie and capris. Brady was the rat from Ratatouille. I kept cracking up at him because he looked so cute! All of the kids were adorable. I about lost it when I saw a dad get out of his mini-van looking exactly like Superman. Hilarious! Addison didn't smile much the whole time (which is not like her) because I think she was so overstimulated from everything. We all had a good time. Brady loved Sadie and she entertained him for the weekend. Sadie slept all day on Sunday after they left. It was great training for what is to come in our household. It was great to hang out with Tara and Brady and I know Jeremy and Brad had a great weekend away.

Enjoy all of the pictures! Have a great week!


Pumpkin Pajamas


Thanks, Grammy, for my Halloween PJs


Cousin Kami reading to Addie


Bouncin' in the bouncer with Aunt Tiffany


With little Alena Marie. Addie kept trying to touch her. I kept trying to take a picture of it, but she kept smiling and posing for the camera instead. It was funny!


Trick or treat


Baby bunny


With Shrek and Princess Fiona...Addison was fascinated by green hands!


Riding the choo-choo train


The back of the bunny


Poor Sadie...Brady wore her out


Two peas in a pod