Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas #3 and #4...aka being spoiled!!!

The weekend before Christmas we celebrated with Jeremy's side of the family. On Saturday night we got together with his dad, step-mom, siblings and their families. Unfortunately my camera died so I don't have any pictures right now. Addie got sooo much stuff. Her big gift from Papaw John and Mamaw Net was a Cozy Coupe car. She loved it! Jeremy brought it in the next morning right before we left for church and when we got back from church it was sitting in the living room. Addie walked in and starting squealing, laughing and looking at us with disbelief. She was so excited that the car was hers and in her house! We wished we had video of it!

On Sunday evening we got together with Betty (Jeremy's mom) and Randy's side of the family at Jenny and Anthony's house. Once again Addie was spoiled rotten! Enjoy all the pictures from that weekend's celebrations!

Lately Addie is really "Cheezin" it when we take her picture. She hardly has her eyes open she is smiling so hard!

See what I mean?

Addie's ready for the snow! Papaw John and Mamaw got her snow bibs and a hat. Now we're just waiting for the white stuff around here.

Is this cute or what? Such a girl! Driving in her new car with baby next to her, her purse behind her and a dress-up Snow White headband!

Christmas #4

Why is that the women do all the work during Christmas??? Shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, planning and more! :)

Family being silly...

Randy and his daughters Jennifer and Melissa

Kameryn playing with Layton

And a cheezy smile again...

Addie got a tricycle from Papaw Randy and Honey

Layton and his new Elmo airplane. Since Addie loves Elmo and airplanes she was a bit jealous. :)

So Papaw Randy and Honey got Addie a box of dress-up clothes. Apparently just like the boa, Addie was not a big fan of the dress-up tutu skirt. Can you tell? Ha!

Look at all of those necklaces!

Jeremy reading to Layton

Handsome boy!

We had a Dirty Santa/White Elephant gift exchange this year for the first time. It was hilarious!!! This fancy Christmas tree decoration got passed around a few times. Hot, huh?

Here's the gift I ended up with. A cheese tray and wooden candlesticks complete with a covering of dust. Yes, Jeremy's mom brought this one and yes it explains a lot! Ha! Gotta love Betty!

And here it is upclose! Don't be jealous!

It was a great weekend with Jeremy's family with lots of love and many laughs! Stay tuned for pictures/posts...we haven't even posted Christmas yet! :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas #1 and #2

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! We pray that you enjoyed celebrating Jesus' birth with loved ones!

Like I mentioned before we have been celebrating all month! My brother and his family came in town for a week in mid-December. We love spending time with David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson, but it never is enough time for us. We still loved spending time with our nephews and enjoyed a night out with David and Carrie. On that Friday night my parents and David's family came over to celebrate our Christmas. The following day we hosted my mom's side of the family at our house (it ended up being 17 adults and 3 kiddos)! My aunt and uncle from West Virginia and my cousin from Pittsburgh along with his girlfriend came down for the weekend. The entire family only gets together about once a year so it was a wonderful celebration!

Here are pictures from our Christmas #1 and #2. More posts about other celebrations coming soon.

Addie LOVES Dylan! She calls him "Dee-Dee" for some reason.

My mom modeling some of Addie's dress up clothes. Addie absolutely HATED the boa! She acted scared of it. Very weird. She didn't even want me to put it on. I'm sure in a few months she'll eventually want to play with it.

Light-up fairy wings!

Playing with her new dress up stuff

Dawson getting bundled up. This Florida boy is not a fan of the coat and hat!

My mom, Addie, my two aunts and I all went to a Christmas Craft Show. My Aunt Cathy bought Addie this hat. It is sooo cute! I'll have to get a better picture of it. It also turns into a purse.

Addie prefers to wear her wings on the front! Ha! She likes to see them light up.

My mom with her siblings and mom

My cousin Bill with his girlfriend Lauren and Dawson

The "Crittenden" boys with my grandmother (Their middle names are the same...a family name)

With my grandmother and David

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jingle bells to melt your heart!

To get you in the Christmas spirit if you aren't already in it...This melts our hearts...Addie's musical debut...

(She's in the front with a bow and displaying lots of enthusiasm! Ha!)

This was at Addie's daycare party. So cute! She gets her dancing, singing and enthusiasm from her mom...well, we hope! Ha! :)

Lately she constantly has her tongue out in pictures. Not for sure what that is about.

Addie knows who Santa is. She points to decorations, ornaments, etc. and says, "Ho, ho, ho!" She does NOT like the real deal apparently. I don't even think we'll be getting a picture of her on his lap this year judging by her reaction to his visit to the party.

Here is Santa...

...and here is Addie! She would NOT even get close to him without shaking and crying! He was even giving out presents and candy canes, too.

Not much has changed since 2008's daycare party...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random post...quick update

Sorry for the blog hiatus. We have been celebrating Christmas (more to come soon) for weeks now. Our families celebrate Christmas during the month of December (since we have siblings that live out of town) so by the time it is Christmas day we are basically finished. I'll post pictures and videos on our festivities soon.

We're excited to report that Addie has been potty training. Daycare initiated it at the end of October and she is doing really well with it. We weren't prepared for it to be this soon, but we'll take it. Once the holidays are over we are going to work on it more. Maybe she'll be trained by the time she turns 2! That would be a great present to us! We shall see. She LOVES stickers or as she calls them "stickys" so that is her reward for using the potty. I promise not to go all mom on you and give you full reports, but just wanted to update you on our successes! I know, our life is so exciting! Ha!

We've enjoyed time celebrating with our families so far this month and we're looking forward to making more memories in the next couple of weeks. Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the random pictures from November!

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we had in November! Hard to remember those days now that it has gotten so cold!

She LOVES her baby right now! "Baby" goes everywhere. (Notice her "sticky" on her shirt! She plays with the stickers so much that they don't stick after about 10 minutes of having it.)

Sweet girl posing on Thanksgiving

We watched Layton one weekend and Addie wanted him to get in her play wagon with him. He didn't care for it much.

One of Addie's favorite "toys" right now is a wipe. She "cleans" with it, uses it for baby's blanket, etc. Why spend money on toys? :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mission Complete!

One of the good things about having visitors for the holidays is forcing yourself to get things done around the house. Jeremy has been working on this entertainment center/built-in since February and I gave him the Thanksgiving holiday as a deadline to have it finished. Although I would have liked it finished earlier Jeremy said, "I always meet my clients' deadlines." :)

As you can see Jeremy is extremely talented! The best thing with his talent is that we get wonderful things in our house; the drawback, our house/projects are never priority since they don't make him money.

You can see more pictures and try to make sense of all his technical knowledge on his work blog.

I'll do a Thanksgiving post soon, but I am definitely thankful for my wonderful husband and his amazing talents!

The far left and far right cabinets hold Addie's toys. We were able to gain a lot of room in our family room because he built the cabinets into the wall, although we did lose some closet space because of it. I love it!

I have wanted to do a family picture collage on this wall literally since we moved in. Well, 4 1/2 years later and here we go! :) There are several pictures of Addie, but they don't all have her on them. :) The table below is a table Jeremy built a few years ago out of cherry. It is beautiful!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A celebration of life

Jeremy's grandmother passed away about two weeks ago. Everything happened very quickly, but we are so thankful that she is no longer in pain and with our Lord. Jeremy was close to his grandmother and is very close to his grandfather. Jeremy was asked to do the eulogy at the funeral and did a wonderful job. I was so proud of him and so was the rest of the family.

She lived a wonderful life of 74 years. She was such a spunky woman, full of life and brutally honest. I guess that is where Jeremy gets those genes from. :) And she sure could cook! She was married for 54 years, had 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. His grandmother definitely had a strong presence in his huge family and will be missed.

There are some positive things that can come from difficult times--gathering together as a family. It was nice to spend some time with family and to share memories. It was a definitely a celebration of life! We appreciate everyone's prayers during those weeks. Please continue to pray for his family, especially for his grandfather, and also because of the upcoming holidays.

I'll post more pics and info soon. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kissing cousins

At the wake after the funeral. Kids can bring so much joy during hard times!

Kissing cousins again

So sweet!

The five kids and their dad (Jeremy's grandpa). His dad is on the right.

Playing with Aunt Tiffany

Our family

The four cousins

Jeremy's dad's side of the family

Here's a video of Addie and Layton lovin' on each other the night before the visitation. So sweet!