Thursday, April 26, 2012

9 months...what?!

In the past couple of weeks Kate cut her first tooth and is CRAWLING...and I am in denial that my baby is 9 months old today!

(Video taken last Friday on the first day she started crawling.  With the first baby you are eager for the little one to be on the move.  With the second you hope it won't ever happen.  Ha!)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Addie's garden

Jeremy grew up helping his grandparents with their HUGE garden. He always joked that it could feed all of Oldham County. We haven't done too much with a garden over the years for various reasons. One year the squirrels kept getting into our tomatoes so when Jeremy caught one of them in the act he thought it would be a good idea to just chuck a tomato at it. It barely missed the squirrel and I have never let him live it down. :)

This year Jeremy really wanted to do a small garden with Addie (and a larger one for us).  He thought it was important for her to learn where food comes from and how to grow plants, plus it was something fun the two of them could do together. So he bought supplies for a small raised garden along with strawberry, lettuce and spinach plants, some of Addie's favorites (she loves salad).  Here are some pictures the evening they planted the garden (over a month ago).

Kate hanging out in her exersaucer watching the action.  (I think she looks a little different here, but still has those big blue eyes.)

Such a ham!

This photo is a little out of focus, but had to post Kate's silly face.  Sometimes she gets her arms flaying and makes the funniest faces.

All in the ground and posing next to it.  So proud!

Addie loves to check on the garden and has recently been getting excited to see the strawberries turn red.  We have had lots of salads already!  She was so proud the first time we had a salad from her garden.  So sweet! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter pics

Enjoy some picks of the girls in their Easter dresses. I had the cutest ballet slipper shoes for Kate, but she hardly ever keeps shoes or socks on so I didn't get a picture.  The post below has the weekend's activities.

(I may or may not have put the girls in their dresses on Monday evening after both of them did not cooperate together on Sunday. :)  You wouldn't have even known.  Why am I so honest? Ha!)

One of my favorites of Kate.

When she is "talking" she makes the funniest faces.

So sweet!

Addie is so good with Kate.  They adore each other.

Love Kate's expression here.

Kate thinks her sister is so funny!

Love this one too!

Easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend. The weather was beautiful!

About a month ago Addie was with me in Target and she said, "Mommy, I'm not afraid of the Easter bunny anymore.  He's cute and fuzzy.  I'm four now. I'm going to hug him this year."  On Saturday our church hosts an Easter Egg hunt at Brown Park.  Addie was excited to see the bunny.  She hugged him right away.  I then I asked her to pose with him and she wouldn't do it.  She got scared all of the sudden.

A few minutes later Darcy (a high schooler at our church) convinced her to pose with him if she held her hand.  This is as close as she got.  Ha! 

Addie and Lucy.  They love each other.

Posing with some of her eggs.

Kate hanging out at the hunt.

Wow!  I'm actually in a picture with both my girls!

After the hunt we stayed home all day.  Jeremy didn't work much at all which hardly ever happens anymore on Saturdays.  Both of us have been really busy with work.  It was so nice to have nothing planned and to have him around the house.  Addie and I made sugar cookies.  She loves making them!

That evening we dyed eggs.  This is actually this first time we did it with Addie.  It was a fun new tradition.

The bunny arrived!

On Sunday we went to church.  It is one of my favorite services of the year.  Easter is so special and means so much.  The beautiful weather made it even better!

Addie saw this dress in Target and really wanted it for her Easter dress.  It is pink, girly and poofy.  And then she want Kate to be her "twin".  I never dress them alike, but for the special occasion thought I would do it.  Here's Addie after church showing off her dress.  She's so big!

Addie is actually curtsying here.  Love this!

In the afternoon we went to Jeremy's Aunt Kathy's house.  Here is Josie (cousin's daughter) with Clayton (another cousin's son) and Kate.

This is SO our girl...Addie all dressed up playing in rocks!  She is such a mix of girly girl and tom boy. :)

Kylie, Josie, Kate and Addie

Jenny and Abigail sporting her bunny ears

This picture is so funny!  Kate is itching to crawl, but she ends up getting frustrated, gives up and lays on her belly.  Clayton started patting her head, but it looked like he was pushing her face down.  She was not pleased!

A family photo...without either girl looking at the camera or smiling. :)  You win some, you lose some.

Then all the kids did an egg hunt.

And they are off!

This pictures cracks me up!  Addie is going in for an egg.  No holding back!

I changed Kate's dress because she had a hard time in it.  She was swimming in tulle. :)  Love her!

After the hunt everyone played a game of softball.  Jeremy's uncle Mark was trying to teach her how to hit.

Addie wouldn't take her dress off all day.  She wore it up until she went to bed.  Ha!

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating the risen Christ!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Palm Sunday

A week late, but some sweet photos from Palm Sunday below...

Kate was excited to shake her palm leaves in church.  It was cute!

I never really edit my photos because I currently don't have editing software (just basic stuff) and because it saves some time.  I should invest in something because these are great photos and then there is Addie with her dress on with her pirate tattoo!  Ha!  She didn't want us to take it off, but I finally convinced her to take it off before Easter. :)  

Showing Kate her palm leaf she made in Sunday School...

Sweet sisters!

I ADORE this photo!

See?  Love this one, but then her silly tattoo is there.  I will get a friend to edit it in the meantime. :)

Cheesy grin

Addie singing with Melody Makers.  I love Palm Sunday when the kiddos process in at the beginning of the service waving their palms!

Up next, Easter photos!

Yes, I know I need to change my header photo, but I am getting some message about reaching the maximum photo storage capacity.  Weird.  Anybody else gotten that before?  It only applied to the header photo and the side photos not on a blog entry.