Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall evenings

We've been spending a few of our nice fall evenings with...

S'MORES by the fire pit!  Yummy!  We did it two nights in a row and one night Leigh and Chad joined us for an impromptu get-together.  The following night after returning home late in the evening Addie said, "Mommy, I have a great idea, let's do s'mores!"  I think she was thinking it would be a nightly occasion. I think she takes after her mom with having a sweet tooth! 

Kate even joined us! :)

Addie's first s'more.  Of course she loved it!

 Addie got a hang of roasting her own marshmallow the second night.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Labor Day weekend and funny stories

We usually go to the lake for Labor Day weekend.  At last minute we weren't able to make it work out.  Although we missed the lake we enjoyed spending time around family and friends over the weekend and getting things done around the house.  On Sunday we went over to Heather and Peter's house and on Monday we had David, Carrie and the boys over because Jeremy cooked some meat on the smoker.

We ended up going to Evansville on Saturday for a quick visit to spend time with Jeremy's sister and her family.  They have a pool in the backyard so we spent a lot of time swimming.  We don't get to their house much so it was nice to spend the day with them there.

 Addie is pretty confident in the pool.  We are going to get her swim lessons this year.  I think she will be swimming without any floatation devices in no time.

Jeremy, Kameryn and Addie in the pool

This girl is a ham sometimes!

Kameryn holding Kate.  Kami loves babies and is always so good with Addie.

Addie and Kameryn have something in common...they love ribs!  So funny!

I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the family.  Alex made us Chocolate Chip Cookies before we left to go home.   They were yummy!  I think she takes after her mom!

Funny story--Addie learned about Justin Beiber during our trip there.  Kameryn has a Justin doll and Addie kept playing with it.  She kept calling it "Justin Beaver".  At the end of the day Kameryn let her have a couple of pages from her magazine with him on it.  On the way home Addie was kissing the magazine pages.  Jeremy and I were NOT impressed!  She probably saw Kameryn do it or something because she didn't really know what she was doing.  We still did NOT enjoy seeing our little girl do this!  Oh, what we have to look forward to!

And another one, so I document it...Addie is going to be a flower girl next May for my cousin Bill's wedding.  Bill and his fiancee Lauren were visiting a few weeks ago.  On the way home that night, it was WAY past Addie's bedtime, we were explaining that Bill and Lauren were getting married and she was going to be in the wedding.  She then says, "I want to be married."  And we both said, "If you want to be married when you are older you can."  She then breaks down and wails, "I want to be married now, daddy!  Now!  I want to be married!..." Kids can say some funny stuff!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old friends!

A couple of weeks ago I took Addie and Kate to Lexington for the day.  One of my closest friends, Laura, just moved into a new house.  Robyn was still in town from L.A. and Liz was in town from Connecticut.  The four of grew up together and were very close friends in high school.  Now we all have kiddos so it was fun to all get together.  We hung out at the house, went to the neighborhood pool and ate dinner.  There wasn't too much time for catch up with 5 kids around, but it was fun nonetheless. 

I think Lola was getting a little jealous when Robyn was holding Kate

The photos with kids crack me up!  The order above is Emma, Lola, Dane, Addie and Kate.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair

A few weekends ago we went to the state fair with David, Carrie, my mom and dad and the kids.  It was the day after my grandmother passed away so it was nice to be together as a family doing something fun.  

Petting some of the goats

Addie looks a little hesitant here because the goat had just tried to eat her ponytail.  Ha!

I had to get a picture of Kate at her first state fair.  She slept most of the time.

Addie is usually pretty fearless.  Lately we have seen her be more timid than she used to be.  Dylan and Addie picked the motorcycles to ride first.  Can you tell how upset she is?  It was so funny!

The slides were much better...although it was a rip-off

Riding the merry-go-round with Dawson and Grammy

The water gun game is my mom's favorite and she always wants to compete with anyone

Addie and Kate

Friday, September 9, 2011

One month old

Kate turned one month on August 26 (a couple of weeks ago). Can't believe she is already 6 weeks old! At her one month appt. she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 21 inches. She still is a little peanut, especially compared to Addie at this age. Addison was 10 lbs at one month! That's hard to believe since Addie is a skinny thing now.

Kate was wonderful for the first weeks of life. She had trouble going back to sleep after I nursed her in the middle of the night, but other than that was a breeze. She definitely is more laid-back than Addie already. Kate got a shot at her appt. and she cried briefly and then was quiet. Her sister has a temper on her and acted completely different. At around week 3 or 4 Kate was becoming a whole lot fussier and wasn't even getting good naps in during the day. Yes, I have learned to survive on much less sleep and a daily cup of coffee. :) I eliminated milk from my diet since that seems to bother babies the most if they are having issues. If you know me, this is a BIG deal! I love milk and I love cereal! I tried to watch other items in my diet (leafy veggies, etc.). At her one-month I talked to the doctor about it all. Even after trying suggestions the doctor had she wasn't getting better. She would sometimes scream, push her legs out and just acted extremely uncomfortable at different times in the day, including 4:00 a.m. We put her on Prevacid for acid reflux a couple of days later and it has improved! The following week should took solid naps and even went a couple of nights of 8 or so hours of sleep! Hooray! She has had a couple of bad nights the last two nights so I think she is still pretty sensitive to what I eat, but will hopefully outgrow this soon.

Kate is finally starting to smile at us and it melts our hearts! She is so alert during her wake time and is staying awake for longer periods. Addie still ADORES Kate! Every morning when she wakes up or when she gets home from daycare Addie immediately wants to know where Kate is so she can kiss her. Addie loves on her a little too much and we joke that Kate will have nightmares of blonde curly hair all up in her face for years to come!

The month of August has been incredibly hard! We have dealt with the adjustment of a newborn in the house (especially one with tummy issues), Jeremy's business picking up (which is a great thing but hard to juggle with our current family situation), our power going out for 4 days (we stayed at my brother's house until then and had to replace our freezer food yet again), Jeremy getting in a fender-bender in our Volvo (not his fault and just a minor accident), my wonderful grandmother being put in hospice care and then eventually passing away and then Jeremy's uncle dying unexpectedly (both funerals were on the same day at the same time but one was in West Virginia while the other was in Louisville). Needless to say it has been a tough month and we are praying for a calmer September, especially since I only have a few weeks left until I go back to work. What doesn't kill us makes up stronger, right?

Funny story: When I was telling Addie about my grandmother passing away, she asked, "So, she died?" I said, "Yes, honey, she is now in heaven." And then Addie asked, with a really funny look on her face, "Did she get squished?" Ha! I think that is because she just watched "Princess and the Frog" and something like that happens to the firefly in the movie. Definitely adds humor to a tough situation.

Enjoy the pictures below from Kate when she is exactly one-month old (I didn't get a chance to edit them). Seeing her sweet face reminds of us God's blessings during trails!

She has already changed so much since these pictures. I don't think these look like her much anymore. :)

Sleepy girl

Who me? So funny!

I LOVE this photo of her after a bath!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthday weekend

Two weekends ago we celebrated lots of birthdays. We first went to my friend Robyn's daughter's birthday party on Saturday. Robyn and I grew up together. She now lives in LA but comes home often to see family. We celebrated Lola's first birthday.

They rented a bubble car for all of the kids. Bubbles came out of the car everywhere and they had tons of bubbles to play with. It was such a cool idea!

Some of the kids playing with bubbles.

The birthday girl climbing through the tunnel of the bubble car.

Kate and Jeremy chillin' outside

Addie was SOAKED after this and of course I didn't bring extra clothes. We ran her dress through the dryer for a bit so she could be dry.

On Sunday we drove to Indy and back. We went to celebrate Olivia, Harry and Madeline's birthday and then hung out at Brad and Tara's house in the afternoon/evening. It was a quick trip but it was great to see our wonderful friends!

This was a cute cake! I didn't get a chance to take a picture before it was cut.

Hard to believe these three miracles are now three!

Olivia having fun with the tissue from a present.

Cole, Addie and Brady playing with some of the party favors.