Monday, April 27, 2009

First trip to the Lake '09

Jeremy's birthday is today (Monday) so we went to the lake this weekend so he could fish. Addie went down on Thursday with Honey and Papaw and Jeremy and I got down there late Friday night. It was really warm so it was nice to be out in bathing suits on top of the houseboat (although I didn't enjoy getting my bright white body in a bathing suit). It was very windy so unfortunately Jeremy didn't fish much on the fishing boat.

Addie went to the houseboat a couple of times last year. This time she got to take her first speed boat ride in the Baja. Don't worry we didn't go too fast and there weren't many boats on the water. She did really well! She didn't care for the life jacket at first. I thought she would have a meltdown. She was pretty indifferent most of the time, but I have a feeling she'll like it more and more everytime. Enjoy the pictures from the weekend!

Today I stayed home from work because Addie has tonsillitis. :( She was not well last night, but has gotten better throughout the day today. Before bed she was chasing Jeremy down the hall with a bucket on her head. I'd say she is feeling much better.

Happy birthday, Jeremy! You are such a wonderful husband and amazing father. No wonder Addie is a daddy's girl right now! I love you!

Photo with cousin Layton. Isn't he so stinkin' cute?

Looking for fish with Honey (in her cute outfit from Aunt Jenny)

Jenny and Layton. Layton had to borrow Addie's hat. I don't think it fit very well, but it did cover his mug.

Pointing at another houseboat.

Addie is starting to really give kisses. It's cute! Although this time she bit my lip and those little baby teeth hurt!

Such personality!

The whole gang enjoying the summer-like weather in April!

See, she evens gives her new baby cousin kisses (as long as he is not getting all of the attention. We saw the first glimpse of jealousy from her this weekend.).

Addie got really hot around 5:00 and decided to drink water from the bottle. She ended up dumping most of the water on herself and Jeremy.

Cooling off in the baby pool on the top of the boat

Getting ready for her first boat ride

First boat ride in the Baja. Many more to come...

Driving the boat with Papaw Randy

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter on Thursday :)

On Sunday we didn't get a chance to take pictures outside in Addie's Easter dress. So, I reenacted today. Whatever it takes for a photo opp for a potential framed photo or one for the scrapbook. I could have lied and just said I took them on Sunday, but I knew you blog readers wouldn't care when these were taken! :) Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful, busy weekend! I sang in an awesome concert at our church, Addie and I went to one of my best friend's baby shower, and of course we celebrated Easter. We went to church, came back to our house for a little while, went to Jeremy's aunt's house and then to Jeremy's dad's house. This was Addie's second Easter although the first one she slept most of the time because she was a month old. She participated in two egg hunts. We have a feeling next year will be even more exciting during the hunt. It was a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

At the baby shower. We are so excited for Laura and Cory!

Laura's mom knitted her a cute outfit for baby Dane.

Addie got some sunglasses in her Easter basket from daycare. She loves them and even wore them in the bathtub.

After, Justin, Jenny, Anthony and Layton.

Our cute nephew Layton in Addison's old outfit. Isn't he so cute?

Easter Egg Hunt #1 at Jeremy's Aunt Patty's house

Addie needed some assistance since she isn't walking yet and doesn't care for the grass much when she crawls.

She usually took her hat off immediately. I think she forgot it was on her when she was watching all the kids during the egg hunt.

With Papaw John

Sweet girl

Egg Hunt #2 at Papaw John and Mama Net's House (Jeremy's dad and step-mom)...she did really well finding eggs with a little help

With Craft...too cute! (Jeremy's cousin's little boy)

Playing with a new stuffed animal

After the bath this is how curly her hair is!!! We have to brush it or it looks pretty bad in the morning.

Monday, April 6, 2009


We're celebrating that Addie is off of bottles! We thought it would take longer than this, but we worked with her a lot two weekends ago. The following Monday we accidentally (no, really) forgot to bring bottles to daycare so she had to have a sippy cup (they had a back-up bottle just in case). Addie still needs to drink more at each sitting, but she is definitely getting the hang of milk in the sippy cup and not crying for the bottle (even in the morning).

Anway, this is a big celebration in our house (and I'm sure those other parents out there can relate). I think I almost saw Jeremy do a dance in the kitchen the other day. :) Afterall, he does the dishes in our house (I do the laundry) so this frees up some of his time. I wonder if he'll help me with the loads of laundry now (that has not diminished). History leads me to believe that is a negative! Ha!