Monday, September 1, 2014

Michigan Vacation: Part 4

On Wednesday we started the morning off with donuts.  Papaw (Jeremy's dad) always gets Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast on vacation.  There was no Krispy Kreme close by but we picked up some donuts at a local grocery store.  We had to text this picture to Papaw to show him we are still continuing a tradition.

It was still a little cool, but a beautiful, sunny day.  We decided to go in to the town to have lunch and walk around.  We went to a deli for lunch that had a nice back patio with corn hole sets and games.

I love this picture of my dad and the girls!

Umm, can you tell they are sisters?!

After lunch we walked around the shops and went down to the marina.  We attempted to get a family photo with my camera's timer. 

Not too bad, but I am blocking my dad.

Better, but our girls are being goofy.  That's them though. 

Playing by the marina and rolling down hills.

My baby is growing up!  She looks so old here!

These girls love their daddy!

My parents had to leave that afternoon.  That evening we played games, corn hole and had dinner.  But first we took some selfies. :)  Love this crew!

We then walked down to the beach after dinner.  This was one of my favorite evenings of the trip.  It was just us on the beach enjoying one another.

Love these pictures of the boys!  Great lighting for photos.

Addison is such a nature girl.  She was collecting lots of things she found on the beach.  She wanted to bring some of the items home for Dina's fish bowl.

More selfies.  :)

Sweet Kate-Kate!


Playing some football.

Pics of Kate exploring.  She is totally content just doing her own thing.

Two sweet sisters.  I think this picture shows how much they love each other...when they are getting along.  Ha!