Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summertime catch-up

Home, sweet, home!!! It is so wonderful to be back with my family, to just "be" with Jeremy, to be in my home, to read/play/sing with Addison, to relax and not think for 12+ hours straight, to sleep in my bed, to not have cafeteria food, to love on my dog and so much more. It was a wonderful summer program yet again. The students, faculty and staff are so inspiring, but I was definitely ready to be home and I know that Addie and Jeremy were ready for me to come home. I can not praise my husband enough! He is incredibly busy at work right now and he had to be a single-dad for a month. Love him!

I feel like over the past month Addie's little legs have gotten longer, she has gained weight and grown up even more. Since I haven't been around much this month I mostly noticed her language development. The girl talks NON-STOP! She is very curious and asks questions all the time. "Mommy, what are you doing?", "Where did Daddy go?","Mommy, what is that?" and then she will ask these questions about 10 times straight, we then give her the answer and she says "Oh!" or "Ok!" and repeats the answer about another 10 times. It can be funny and so sweet, but it is definitely teaching us patience. She is also being bossy telling us what to do often. No fun. On the way home tonight while Jeremy was driving I was acting silly and dancing to some Alicia Keys/Beyonce (gotta love them!) and Addie said, "No, Mommy. Don't do that! No dancing!" I said, "Addie I love to dance. Why don't you dance with me?" She replied, "No, I'm too busy!" What? Too busy doing what in the carseat? She cracks me up!

Enjoy the pictures and videos of the past month or so. We leave for Florida on Saturday. We will be there for the week with Jeremy's dad's side of the family. We are looking forward to the vacation! Addie can't stop talking about it! I don't think she realizes it will take us 10 hours in the car before we get there. :)

Before I left for GSA we went over to Jamie and Derek's house to swim. Addie hadn't really been in a pool much this summer until then. She was very hesitant at first, but after seeing a couple of other toddlers in the pool in addition to a babydoll to play with in the water, she was hooked. She even went down a big slide and went under water! Here Alena and Addie are playing with their babies in the pool.

Addie trying to be like her dad one day this summer

I actually was off work on the 4th of July! Jeremy and Addie came to visit me. We met up with our great friends Laura and Cory and their cute little boy, Dane. We went to a pool and then out for Mexican. So much fun! I enjoyed being "normal" for the day (away from work and campus) and being with friends and family. Dane and Addie are enjoying snacks during break time.

Addie LOVED this part. She kept walking back and forth. I however got drilled a couple of times by some kid working one of the splashers/fountains close to this area. He was just waiting for me to walk by. I wasn't paying attention and next you know I am drilled in the face with water! Where was his mother? Ha!

Kissing a turtle

We went back to their house for a bit after dinner. Addie loved playing in this tunnel. Her hair was so curly after swimming. I wish it didn't get so crazy sometimes and always looked like this. :)

I got a couple of days off last week since I worked an insane amount of hours for a month. Addie and I had a Mommy/Daughter day. It was wonderful! We went to the zoo (even in this crazy heat) and cooled off at the splash park. Addie is more of a pool girl then a splash girl (at least the big ones that surprise her), but she started to get into it over time. We then had a picnic at the zoo. We both came home and took naps. Great day!

Yep, she is trying to drink from one of the sprayers. :)

On Friday night we went to Westport Village with Jenny, Anthony and Layton. We ate BoomBooz pizza, ate ice cream from The Comfy Cow and enjoyed the outdoor concert with a reggae band. It was so hot, but we still had lots of fun!

On Sunday we went over to Leigh and Chad's pool at their condo. Addie is becoming a fish! I LOVED to swim as a kid and I am excited to see her love to swim. We need to get her swim lessons. Right now she wears her little swimmer floats for a little bit, but mostly likes for someone to be with her the whole time. She is good about wearing her life-jacket at the lake so that is a very good thing.


And again...

And yet again...rough life!