Thursday, April 29, 2010

Derby on!!!

It is Derby week and we have been enjoying some of the festivities and will continue all week. Tomorrow we are taking Addie to the festival parade downtown and Saturday we are have a little Derby party at our house.

Last Saturday Jeremy ran the marathon with a relay team. 5 people complete the marathon. He did the 4th leg that was a 5k. His run was through a part of Cherokee park (very hilly) and did a great job. It was raining really hard in the beginning, but the skies opened during part of the race. Addie and I had fun cheering for him and the team. It inspired me to want to do a part of it next year. We'll see...

We knew several people that did the mini and marathon. Here are Laura, Robyn's mom, Robyn and her aunt getting ready to finish. Robyn is 6 months pregnant and walked the entire thing! Crazy! She deserves a trophy or maybe a quart of ice cream! :)

The team on the way to the finish line...

Finish line...

Addie made a Derby hat at Sunday School last Sunday. Looks more like a sombrero in this picture then a cute Derby hat. She's still cute so that helps! :)

We're continuing to celebrate. The Derby race truly is one of the best 2 minutes in sports! Derby on!

P.S. Hope to do more blog posts soon!

P.P.S. Happy birthday to Jeremy! It was yesterday and we enjoyed some yummy sushi and watched a movie. Addie continued to sing "Happy birthday to Daddy...Happy birthday to Daddy..." and so on. It is her favorite song right now. She sings it daily! Ha! Happy birthday, Jeremy! I love you so much!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 year pics---multiplied!!!

We finally got Addie's 2 year pictures taken. My good friend from work, Jason, has really gotten into photography and has even created his own website at (click here to go to it). He offered to do these photos and he did an awesome job, especially with a 2 year old that can't stop moving and is little miss independent! She was done with looking at the camera within about 15 minutes. :) We went downtown to take pictures by the river. It was pretty chilly that morning so unfortunately I couldn't put her in these cute outfits that I had. Priorities, I know.

Thank you, Jason! You are so talented and did a wonderful job capturing the daughter we love so much!

There are soooo many pictures to choose from (this isn't even all of them). Let us know your favorite!





















Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter, what a glorious day! The weather was beautiful as it should be to celebrate the risen Lord! We had a long Easter Sunday seeing a lot of Jeremy's family (wished my family lived closer). Addie was a champ at all of her Easter egg hunts. Unfortunately miss Addison had a little too much Easter...she hardly ate anything but candy all day! She was wired when we got home that night. The next morning she asked for a cookie for breakfast. Really? Does she ever get a cookie for breakfast? No! Hopefully as she gets bigger she begins to learn the true reason for Easter! Enjoy all the pics...

Layton meeting the Easter bunny...

Easter Egg Hunt #1...moved inside of church due to rain on Saturday
"Check out my goods, daddy!"

Easter morning sitting in church playing bashful

Posing for the camera right after church...

I LOVE this picture! So sweet!

Easter cookies...One of these things is not like the others? (Go BU!)

Layton is getting so big!

Easter Egg Hunt #2...she's a pro!

At Layton's first birthday party (I haven't gotten a chance to blog about that) Jenny announced that she is pregnant! We're so excited for them and can't wait to have a new little nephew or niece to love on!

Most all of the kids on Jeremy's dad's side of the family

Trust me, she didn't have all these eggs! She just wanted to hold on to the empty eggs bag.

Look at her checking out his she didn't have enough!

How cute is this? She loves to wear these bunny ears and says, "I'm the Easter Bunny!"

Egg Hunt #3...trying to get the three to take a picture together (Jeremy's cousin's little boy is on the left)

Perfect ending to a wonderful day...Addie flying a kite for the first time at Papaw John and Mamaw's house!

And the other day I walked in the room to see this while Jeremy was reading Addie's bedtime story! What a great dad!

Hunting for eggs...Addie kept saying "More eggs! Easter eggs!"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Proud to be a Butler Bulldog!

Wow, so many emotions over the past few days not even related to Good Friday and Easter, but related to basketball! Of course the loss of the NCAA National Championship was very disappointing for any Butler fan and it sounds like most of the country since everyone fell in love with the Butler team, Coach Stevens and "The Butler Way". I have never been more proud of my alma mater. I LOVED Butler as a student and I am excited that my university was shone in such a great light. The class and character that was demonstrated by the team was remarkable and the whole country rallied behind them. My senior year was when Butler beat UofL (and I have A LOT of family members that are big UofL fans) to be in the Sweet 16. It was incredible experience so I can not imagine how this ride has been for a current student. I knew then that Butler had a strong team that didn't always get a lot of respect because of the conference and it being a smaller academic/mid-major school. I'm so happy that Butler proved so many wrong that you don't have to have a huge stadium, a coach that gets paid millions of dollars, a basketball budget that is outrageous and can actually have student-athletes on a national championship runner-up team! It still gives me goosebumps thinking about what this team has done for the history of basketball!

For the Final Four game I went to Indy and went to a local bar downtown with some friends and drove back that night.


Butler is going to the Championship Game!

And then there were two...

After the win Saturday night I realized that there was NO WAY that I could just stay at home and watch the championship game by myself. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Butler to be playing the championship game in their hometown. Jeremy wanted me to go and was going to stay with Addie. My great friend Ashley said we could go together because her husband was going to be out of town and wasn't able to go.

Ashley and I met up with Tara, Brad and Tara's sisters before the game.

Before heading into the game...

Amazing seeing the Butler Bulldog logo on the front of the stadium!

The stadium...not the best seats, but sooo worth it!

Tip off

This is a video taken during a time-out during the final minute of the game when Butler was within one point. It is hard to tell, but the stadium was soooo loud! The energy was electric!

It was an incredible experience to be at the game. I still keep replaying the final 13 seconds in my head when Hayward missed a jumpshot because of good defense and then his last-second almost half-court shot that almost went in! It was supposed to go in! It was the storybook ending! Everyone was so heart-broken and I can't imagine how the team must have felt. I do know that more people are talking about Butler than Duke. This journey and the team is something that people will be talking about for years to come. I am so proud to be a Butler Bulldog!

P.S. I am already excited for next year with so many great players returning! Now if Hayward and Coach Stevens will just stay put! PLEASE!

P.P.S. I promise to update more pictures since I haven't been the best on the blog lately. I have lots to update with little miss thang's stats and pictures and Easter celebrations.