Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas pics

Here are Christmas pictures I took at the beginning of December for our Christmas cards.  I had fun playing with Kate.  Love her cheeks!  Leigh came over to snap a quick on of our family.  Enjoy the pictures. Merry Christmas!

 Kate has discovered her feet. :)

 A "behind the scenes" picture...both girls were crying and we just had to laugh.

Love this one of the sweet sisters!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

The first of many Christmas posts to come... A couple of Saturdays ago we had breakfast with Santa along with Layton, Abigail and Jenny. This was a new event at the Oxmoor Mall food court (different than the one we went to last year), but the best part was that all proceeds went to Make-A-Wish Foundation!  The kids had fun and Addie was GREAT with Santa! Last year she was fine with him at the breakfast, but was terrified of sitting on his lap. This year she was totally fine the entire time. It was a fun morning.

 Layton spied Santa!

Santa visits our table...

Too cute!

We got to decorate Gingerbread cookies.

Showing off their masterpieces.

And this is why kids love December and why parents have to have lots of patience this month...cookies at breakfast time!

Right after the breakfast we went down to sit on Santa's lap to get a head start on the along with everyone else at the breakfast.  There was a play area by the line so the kids got to play while we waited.  Unfortunately there was a new company working the Santa booth and would not allow parents to take photos unless you bought them.  $25 for two photos!!!  We just visited instead. :)  Addie told Santa she wanted an Ariel doll and a bike.  She told him that Kate wanted diapers.  Ha!

Kate slept most of the time, but was ready to sit on Santa's lap.  I just took a couple of photos when we got home.  I love this sweet girl and her cheeks!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wisconsin wedding

In November we went to Wisconsin for Amanda and Josh's wedding.  Amanda was one of the very first people I met at Butler because she lived across the hall from me my freshman year.  She is such a wonderful person and it is so great to see her happy!  The weekend was our first full weekend away with both girls.  We stayed with our friends Chris and Erin Hack outside of Chicago Friday night and then made the rest of the trip on Saturday.  I wasn't feeling like myself on Saturday.  I thought that maybe my crazy work schedule and balancing everything else had caught up with me.  I rallied for most of the wedding and reception, but I still was tired.  When we woke up Sunday morning at the hotel I didn't feel well at all.  When we arrived home about 5:00 Sunday night I took my temperature and I had a 103 fever.  No wonder I didn't feel like myself!  I was bummed that our weekend away with friends ended up not like how we expected.  It was still wonderful to celebrate Josh and Amanda and to see great friends that we don't see often.

Jessica (who's pregnant with girl #2), Meagan and me

Great photo of Ryan and Meagan!

The bride and groom.  Amanda looked so amazing!

Introducing the couple...

The Fab Five!  We have all known each other since our freshman year at Butler.  Amanda's the last one to get married out of the group. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

4 months old

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Kate turned 4 months old. Our baby is getting so big!  At the doctor she was 25 inches (75%) and 12 lbs. 4 1/2 oz. (25%).  Although her weight is a little lower she has some meat on her thighs and is strong!  When she is laying in her bouncy seat or laying down she is trying to pull herself up to a sitting position.  She now rolls both ways.  For about a week only Addie and Jeremy had seen her roll over...such a turkey to not to do it in front of her mom!  Kate is such a happy baby and is constantly talking and cooing. Kate always sucks on her fingers and fist and has recently discovered her feet. :)  She watches Addie like a hawk.  It is so sweet to see them interact.  Addie loves how interactive Kate is becoming.  We started Kate on cereal about a week ago and she is still getting the hang of it.  Unfortunately we still have to give her medicine for reflux.  Our hope is that it won't be much longer of it, but she still is uncomfortable at times.   

We love this photo!  She is about 3 1/2 months here.  It reminds me of a picture of Addie at this age.  It's crazy how much they resemble each other.

Pictures from 4 months old

Ha!  She loves to chew on her fist!

Ha!  Trying cereal for the first time...

I have so much to update on here.  With the craziness of Christmas perhaps it will be January when I update the blog with pics from November??? :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


 On Halloween I went to the girls' daycare to help out for their party.  Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong setting so a lot of the pictures were blurry.  Here's one of Emma and Addie as princesses.  There were SO many princesses there! :)

That evening we went over to David and Carrie's for dinner and trick-or-treating.  A crazy evening, but lots of fun!

Look at this little cutie!

All of the kiddos on the front porch...Dylan as Batman, Dawson as a dinosaur, Addie as Tiana and Kate as a flower.

Love this!

Too close to bedtime and not a fan of her costume. Ha!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trunk or Treat

On the Sunday before Halloween our church for the first time did a Fall Festival that included trunk-or-treat, storytelling, games and food.  It was a great event and probably the first for many years to come.  Enjoy the pics!  (Yes, delayed.  I think I jinxed myself in the last post.  I got sick over the weekend with a fever while Jeremy and I were away for Amanda's wedding in Wisconsin.)

Jeremy wearing Addie's tiara.  Cute, huh?  It kept falling off Addie's head so he wore it some. 

Princess Tiana (that's from "Princess in the Frog" if you don't know Disney princess movies)

Kate as a flower and Leigh as a nun.  I love how Kate is staring at her!  Ha!

Doug as the Man in the Yellow Hat with Benjamin

Here's Addie with Andrew as Curious George (Doug's son...such a great father/son duo).  Addie and Andrew are great friends and only a few weeks apart.  We would be ok with an arranged marriage here. Ha! :)

I had to take pictures of some of the great people and cars dresses up.  Some people went all out for it being the first time.

Tiana and Sleeping Beauty (Alicia)

Dale went as Oscar the Grouch and was trying to give away trash instead of candy.  It was great!

Jill and Mike (Kelly's parents) as pirates

Addie with one of her favorite people

Ha! Ha!  A Jolly boy at his finest. :)

Addie with two of the girls from the youth group, Morgan and Shelby.

Our family!

Love this!  Some of our friends' little boys.  The Bendorf twins, Austin and Collin, and Emery (John & Terrianne's little one).