Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're home!

We are getting settled in. We left the hospital around 3:30 yesterday. The first night home was tough. Lots of nervousness as I am sure every parent can relate to. Jeremy slept on the floor in the nursery. :) Addison had an episode at the hospital that scared us. She starting choking on some mucus so I think that got us nervous during the night. My mom is here helping us out until Sunday. Our Sunday School class started bringing us nightly dinners tonight. THANK YOU! I will update more soon. Check out her hospital picture at Her cheeks look so big in the picture. I really don't think they are that big in person, but they are very cute! Thanks for all the wonderful comments, cards, phone calls, texts, etc.! We promise we will return your phone calls soon. Addie is so loved! Thanks!

Changing one of the firsts of many diapers

Daniel is in our church youth group. His first time holding a two-day-old baby.

Addison leaving the hospital all bundled up for the cold weather.

My mom holding her little granddaughter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She's here!!!!!

Addison Grace was born at 6:48 a.m. on Monday, February 25. She was 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 inches long. She is beautiful! Mom, dad and Addie are doing well. We leave the hospital tomorrow (Wed.) afternoon. Can't write much right now. Enjoy the pictures! We are blessed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The nursery!

LilypieExpecting a baby Ticker

For updates read last night's blog entry (including a message from the dad-to-be). Below are pictures of the nursery and my "huge" belly as promised.

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The closet...she has got some cute clothes! I can't wait for her to wear them!

The closet doors closed. Those frames will have her footprint and handprint on them.

Cute curtains that Leigh made. Everything in the room is pink and green. The curtains have pink buttons at the top.

I'm going to put her name in block letters on the wall above the crib. The bumper is too tall for the crib when the mattress is this high. When we lower the crib we will put the bumper up. It is the same as the green skirt.

Jeremy made the shelves

I can't wait to put more on the blank of her!

Fran & Terrianne made this (they go to our church...Terrianne and I grew up together). How cute is this?

The nightstand Jeremy made. It is beautiful! It is made of cherry so it will get darker over time.

I couldn't resist posting a picture of her night-light.

Almost 39 weeks...yikes!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Counting days...and thoughts from the dad

We have officially started a new phase in our lives. We now have a car seat in the backseat of our Volvo and baby monitors in our family room and bedroom. My how our lives have changed drastically over the past year and I know the biggest change has even happened yet!

We didn't do too much for Valentine's Day this year. Since we had our nice dinner out the weekend before we decided to just stay in. Jeremy made me dinner and then painted my toe nails! Pretty sad that little tasks like these (along with putting on pants and shoes) now are so much more complicated. I really have enjoyed every phase in this pregnancy, it's just that I am ready to not have a bowling ball under my shirt. When the nurses in the hospital ask me where I got my pedicure I will just brag on my husband!

Once again NO CHANGE at the doctor's office. I have another appointment scheduled for Friday. I guess then we will talk about how long I wait or if we induce. Jeremy and I are a little freaked out because everyone keeps reminding us of the full moon on Thursday. According to Jeremy's brother's girlfriend, Jenny, who is a Labor & Delivery nurse, the barometric pressure really does cause more women's waters to break. I think I will be on edge all day. One thing is for sure, she'll come on her own time.

I am continuing to work this week. We'll see how things go after Friday's doctor's visit to see about next week. I figure it is better to work and get things done then to just sit around and wait.

I will post pictures tomorrow of the nursery (finished until she arrives and I can put more things on the walls) and of my "huge" belly. Our camera just died right before I got ready to upload them. I say "huge" because the young cashier in Target told me twice on Saturday, "You are HUGE" and then proceeded to ask if she could touch my belly without waiting for my response...and yes, she touched it. I really don't mind when anyone I know touches my belly, but I did not like it when a stranger did it ESPECIALLY after telling me I am huge!!!

With everyday I am getting more and more anxious to meet this baby that has been growing in my belly since June. When I feel her move I find myself daydreaming of what her little feet will look like, will she have curly hair?, will she look like one of us immediately? and so on. Pregnancy truly is a miracle and I feel blessed that we are fortunate to be on this journey.

Love to you all!

So it's about time, notes from a soon to be father. I will admit, Laura has been great about keeping everyone up to date on the progression of this experience. So I guess it's truly about time seeing we're almost at the end of the tunnel that I post something. This has been an amazing journey for Laura and I, we were so excited when we realized she was pregnant, then it set! we're going to be parents. Then it REALLY set in, someone is going to be completely dependent on us for everything; and yet, it really hasn't totally set in, it won't until she's born because we'll finally see this amazing bundle of joy and love we'll call our daughter.

The nursery has been pretty fun to work on, it really didn't feel like work. Some afternoons I could hardly wait to get home to continue to work on the nightstands for her. I'm sure my love for woodworking had nothing to do with that though. Laura was very patient with me while I worked on the room. I can be bad about waiting until the last minute... but I knew better on this one. I couldn't chance it if baby decided to make an early arrival. Everything is done now, and has been I'm proud to say for a few weeks as hopefully you've all seen on the blog. As a side note, the cherry tables I've built hold a special place for me, these are the first pieces I built in which I fell the trees and had the lumber milled. I've followed the progression of these tables from standing tree to finished product.

With all this excitement waiting here at the end for the birth of our daughter, I haven't noticed that spring is almost here. Ladies make sure my guys know I'll still be playing golf, most of my friends will never see this blog, only here about it from their wives or girlfriends, so pass that along. I'm sure I'll still play, just not so much.

Well at any rate, thanks for listening or reading our blog, thanks to my wonderful wife for this blog but more importantly for our baby, and thanks be to God for this wonderful baby girl about to be in our lives. So with that, stay by the phone and say a prayer for a safe delivery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The waiting game...2 weeks to go

We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow. It actually started snowing late yesterday afternoon. We haven't had a decent snow since Dec. '04 so that means the meteorologists are having a hay day! Sadie loves the snow and was very frisky.

We got another awesome surprise on Friday. Jeremy's work gave him a surprise baby shower. He really had no clue. His boss has him pegged. He gave the baby a pair of overalls with little tools all in the pockets...a mini tape measure, mini screw driver, pencil, etc. It was so funny! Jeremy loved it so much that they are currently hanging on the doorknob of the nursery closet. He works with some wonderful people!

On Saturday Jeremy and I had a date! Woo Hoo! For Christmas and for a baby gift, Leigh and Chad gave us a gift certificate to a really nice restaurant in town, L&N Wine, Bar & Bistro. Although I didn't partake in any wine (and they have one of the best wine lists in town), we both had a wonderful meal over great conversation. I think it will be a long time before we will have another night like this. Thanks Leigh and Chad for a wonderful gift!

The nursery is just about finished. We hung shelves that Jeremy made this weekend. The nightstand received its final coat of finish tonight. There are some things I still want to put on the wall, but that probably won't happen until after she is born. We are going to put her name in block letters on the wall (can't do that yet since we don't have her name) and framed pictures of her on the other wall. I'll post pictures soon. Just tonight when we were eating dinner Jeremy said, "I just like to sit in the nursery." I asked him if it was because it was new and he said, "No because of what it is...her room." We both get excited thinking about her and all the memories that will be made in that room!

Some lovely comments said to me lately. Once again, what am I supposed to say in response?:
*Wow, you're huge, you must be due soon!
*You have to have that baby soon!
*You're still pregnant, huh?

Still no change in the labor and delivery department...literally. I have had the same thing told to me the past three Fridays. I am hoping that this Friday will be different. We shall see. Jeremy's sister predicts the baby will be born on the 20th (her daughters are the 10th and 30th so it is pretty appropriate) and his mom says the 21st because it is a full moon. The due date is Feb. 27th...2 weeks! Any predictions?

Who knows when she we will get here? Jeremy and I are getting so excited and anxious to meet our daughter!

Right after Jeremy walked in. He was truly surprised.

Opening up some gifts

Opening up the overalls

Showing off his favorite gift

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A great surprise

This weekend we got a lot of things done for the nursery and the baby. We didn't have any plans all weekend so that was so nice. I exchanged a lot of items, did more laundry (washing Newborn clothes and anything she will come in contact with in Dreft) and organized. Jeremy spent more time on the nightstands and built some shelves for the nursery walls. We went out and bought a couple of items we didn't have that we needed before she gets here. The travel system (including the car seat...which we obviously need to take her home from the hospital) and a mattress for the crib (again, a necessity).

We got together with our youth group for Super Bowl. At half time they surprised us with an awesome cake from The Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen (if you don't live in Louisville then I will take you there when you visit), some decorations and the baby crib bedding! It was such a treat! It was from the youth, their parents and other adult sponsors. We are so blessed to have such an awesome church family! Jeremy wore a suit he has wanted to break out for a long time. Pictures are posted below. It came from a guy at church who once wore it to a fraternity formal when he was in college. Nice, huh? No one could take Jeremy seriously all night. The high schoolers kept wanting to feel the baby kick and move. She did for most of them, but was shy for some others.

On Monday Jeremy and I met with a pediatrician. The practice came recommended from about five families at our church. We really liked the doctor we met with. I was pleasantly surprised by all the great questions Jeremy had (sometimes I admit that I don't give him enough credit). I was happy with the doctor's answer when Jeremy asked what temperature he recommended the thermostat be set on once the baby is here. It will be at least two degrees warmer in our house now during the winter! Yahoo! If you didn't know, I live with the thermostat Nazi. (Although I know that means the bill will go up some. Oh well!)

I continue to visit the doctor's office every Friday. Two Fridays ago I was 50% effaced (or thinned) and not dilated. I met with my doctor at that time. I kinda got freaked out being a little more than a month away thinking she could come very soon. Last Friday I met with a different doctor. (They rotate the doctors since there are 7 OB doctors in the practice and any could deliver the baby depending on who is on call.) She checked me and I hadn't changed at all. She told me not to be surprised if I go past my due date since this is my first. Then I have been told from other people that their doctor said the same thing, but the baby came at least a week early. So what I have come to learn over the last two weeks one knows when this baby will come except for her!!! The good news is that she is 37 weeks, so she is considered full term. I guess we all get to play the waiting game now!

A delicious, cute cake! Look at those pink booties! :)

In front of the cake

The full length view. He's such a dork! The pants are a light salmon color. Even Sadie doesn't know what to think of him.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More pics

I forgot to mention two weeks ago that I got a pregnancy massage. David and Carrie got me a gift certificate for Christmas. It was amazing! I highly recommend it for any pregnant woman. It was a full body massage on a special table. I got to lay on my stomach for the first time since September! I would have been satisfied with just that. Thanks David and Carrie for such a treat!

Thursday was our last class on anesthesia. I'm a little nervous about an epidural, but I know I will be glad that I did it. I think my impatience is kicking in. There was this one girl in the class that kept asking questions that had already been answered. Don't you hate when people do that? Jeremy and I were both annoyed. :)

I wanted to post some pictures that I just received. These are pictures from the lunch a few weeks ago with my wonderful friends from high school, Laura and Robyn, and their moms.

Well, off to exchanging gifts, getting some essentials, organizing the nursery and getting ready for the baby to arrive. Have a fabulous weekend!

A baby celebratory lunch...Robin, Linda, Robyn and Laura

With the gals I love...Robyn and Laura