Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Kate at 8 months

I always work a lot in March.  I had a weekend off two weekends ago and enjoyed spending a Saturday morning with the girls (of course Jeremy had to work....that is our lives right now...busy and!).  I got the camera out to play around with while Kate was playing by the front door. Love them and love her!  She is almost 8 months here...

You can probably tell, but she is the sweetest, happiest little thing!

She blows raspberries and makes this face when she is tired.  Ha!  Look at those cheeks!

And cue the yawn...and then cue the morning nap...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A glimpse of Addie...

Getting to know at Addie at four (sorry, lots of words, but this is our "scrapbook" so this is more for me/her):

At Addison's 4 year check-up she was 3 ft. 3 in. (40%) and 31 pounds (25%).  The girl has the smallest tush and can hardly hold up regular pants. :)  She wears some 3T tops and some 4T tops.  She wears 3T (and could even wear some 2T) bottoms and 3T dresses.  She has little feet wearing a size 9.

Addie loves to learn and is very inquisitive.  She is constantly asking how to spell words.  She is creative and imaginative. She makes up her own songs all the time and loves to sing and dance.  Being a girly-girl, she loves all things Disney princesses.  Her "favorite" princess changes all the time.  She loves coloring, loves puzzles, loves playing with her dollhouse, her babies and her kitchen.  Her current favorite tv show is PBS Super Why! Addie knows how to read some sight words and likes to "read" to herself in bed.

Although she can be a girly-girl, she has some tom-boy tendencies.  Addison loves to work in the shop with Jeremy.  She "builds castles", hammers nails, collects saw dust and measures things.  She can spend a lot of time in the garage.  Addie also loves to be outside whether playing with bubbles, swinging, learning to ride her bike, taking walks, digging in dirt, etc.  She is not afraid of bugs or worms or anything like that.  She digs for worms and picks up bug/ants and inspects them a lot.

A glimpse into her personality...we recently had a parent-teacher conference (at our request) at daycare/preschool since Addie was having some behavior problems.  Nothing they said was a real surprise: she has a temper and is strong-willed (we've known that since day one), likes to be in charge, is a leader, doesn't always listen, talks back, is emotional, is very smart and loves to learn.  The one thing that did surprise us is we were informed that she has been putting boys in headlocks!  We laughed!  Jeremy and I don't rough house with her a lot so we don't know where she got that from.  Plus, the girl is pretty petite.  I have to be a little honest, I was kinda proud, knowing she is a small thing taking on boys!  Apparently she also is very protective of her friend, Emma.  The teacher said, "Oh, you don't mess with Emma around Addie because she'll let you have it!"  Ha!  We had to start a behavior chart at home and at school so she can learn how to work on some things that need improvement.  She had a good week last week and she picked ice cream as her reward.  A lot of people are surprised to hear this about her personality because outside of our house and daycare she usually is really good.  I think it has a lot to do with how comfortable she is at daycare since she does spend so much time there. Addison is also very sweet, loving and affectionate.  She is a little lover.  She is always loving on her sister, but is also affectionate to Sadie, us, her family and friends.  She likes praying before dinner and bedtime and she can say some of the cutest things during prayers.  I should write down some of the things she says sometimes. 

We still can't believe she is four!  What a blessing Addison Grace is in our life!

Always full of life...

Checking out a bug...

Showing off her bug she found...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy and Me Tea

To celebrate Addie's birthday and reward her for a good check-up with the doctor I took her to a "Mommy and Me Tea".  I bought a Living Social deal at a party place and didn't quite know what to expect.  It was perfect!  It was the best date with a 4-year-old girl!  It ended up being the two of us with two other moms and girls Addie's age.

We first started with dress-up.  She could pick shoes and a dress.

And then make-up...a little's girl dream here.  She loved putting the make-up on me.

Then doing each other's hair...

So proud!

Next came doing each other's nails (didn't get pictures of that) and then on to jewelry...

After that we went upstairs and made our own bracelets.  We then went into the sun room for a tea party.  We had our own table with china (I was a little nervous, but it didn't look too expensive), tea, sugar, milk, little sandwiches and cookies.

About 12 sugar cubes and a few tablespoons of milk later...

One of the few times she actually tasted it.

Cute sandwiches (turkey & cheese butterflies and jelly hearts) and cookies...

At the tea...mommies wear the boas apparently...

Addison's bracelet she made...

We then went back to the dress-up area again to play a bit and walk the runway (Ha!).  Addie showing off her dress.

So sweet!

Costume change #2...I think looking a little like Dorothy here.

Now that we have two children I think it is important to spend one-on-one time with each of them.  Addie is full of life (so much so that she gets in trouble sometimes) so it was nice to just spend an evening out when she was on her best behavior.  It was an evening I hope I don't forget and so glad I got some images to remember that night by!

P.S.  For those in the Louisville area, the place is called QiQi's Parties and it is located in an old home in J-town.  I highly recommend it! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Addie turns 4

It's hard to believe Addison Grace is four!  I'll update more later with info on Addie's personality, what she is into these days and her stats.  We had a fun time celebrating her birthday.  Her birthday was on a Saturday so we celebrated her birthday at daycare on Friday.  I walked into the room and could tell in her eyes that she just didn't look like she was feeling too well. One of her teachers said she had been real low-key most of the day (more to come soon...but she is NOT low-key) and she wasn't bouncing off of the walls when all of the attention was on her for her birthday.   After singing and then brownies I took her temperature and she ended up having a fever.  Poor thing! We took her home and rented "Puss in Boots".  The next morning she woke up without a fever, but still wasn't 100% all weekend.  She didn't have much of an appetite and broke out in hives a few times throughout the day.  She was a trooper and rallied by the time we had family over for a get-together/party.

Putting on a good face despite not feeling well...

Getting ready to sing.  I can tell here that she isn't feeling too well.

Still managed to act silly.

Saturday morning, her birthday, she got to unwrap her present from us...a small dollhouse. 

Getting ready for weekly ballet.

Layton called to sing "Happy Birthday"

Showing off that she is 4

I attempted cake pops for dessert at her party.  They were a lot of work, but they tasted good (red velvet cake with chocolate coating).  I tried sticking them in this Styrofoam, but it ended up looking like a tornado had come through them because they were top-heavy and wouldn't stand up straight.  Oh well, I tried.

A pillow fight in Addie's bedroom...

Birthday girl in a tiara that Honey bought

Cousins playing...had to snap this picture of Layton at the vanity putting on lip gloss.  Ha!

Showing off a new Tangled doll

Addie decorated her cake. :)

She looks so big here!

Dessert time!

Abigail eating her cake pop.

More to come (well I hope sooner rather than later)...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey, Hey, DG...ain't it great to be! :)

For 6 months now we have been looking forward to a weekend in Indy with some of my sorority sisters along with their spouses. We were excited when the time had come. Friends from Texas, Chicago, North Carolina, New England, and Evansville (and us from KY and the locals in Indy) all got together for a great reunion weekend. I love these beautiful women and am so happy to still have them in my life! They are all such wonderful people and I wish I could see them more often. 

We stayed with Brad and Tara.  Brady was very excited to see Kate.  He loves babies and played with her all weekend long.  I love this photo.

On Saturday afternoon the kiddos stayed at the house while we went to a Butler basketball game, walked around campus, visited the bookstore, toured the DG house and went to dinner in Broad Ripple.  It was an awesome day!

Although Butler didn't make the tournament I am still so proud to be a Butler Bulldog!  It was great to see Hinkle sold out.  It has changed a lot since I went to BU.

Wrong setting, but cute pic...

Great photo of two lovely ladies...Erin and Ann Marie. (Ann Marie was the one who came up with the idea last fall and helped plan it all.  Thanks, Ann!)

The crew at the end of the game...

Kristine and I in front of the bulldog outside of Atherton Union...

Ashley and Hannah...

The Delta Gamma house had a major renovation and remodel recently.  It was great to see all of the changes to the house.  Before this most all of the guys headed to Baxbeaux's Pizza to "save tables" aka avoid the DG reminiscing. Ha! 

Dinner at Bazbeaux's Pizza.  I miss that place!  Ann Marie and Tara (she was such a trooper that weekend even though she was 9 months pregnant...she's have a baby on Friday!!!)

I told the guys to pose for a picture and this is what I got!  Ha!  The newest guy to the group, Bryan (Ann Marie's husband), was the only one that cooperated.  :)

They joke with us all the time about being sorority sisters, but they wouldn't be such great friends if it wasn't for us! :)

Brad (hey Brad, how about them ISU trees?!), Bryan C. and Brandon

Bryan, Jeremy and Chris

On Sunday Tara hosted a brunch at her house...homemade cinnamon rolls and all!  Jeremy requested them because they are amazing!  And yes, as a reminder, she did this all very pregnant!

Brady and Addie licking icing...

I FINALLY got to meet Brooke and Brandon's little guy, Asher.  I love his grin!

Ashley and Erin Riley...Riley couldn't join us on Saturday, but came on Sunday.  She's getting married in April!

Asher and Kate meeting each other.  They are about 2 months apart.


Our annual kid photo, but with way more kids in the picture this time.  They are such cute, sweet kids!

The two little ones playing...

Garrett and Brady playing with an ipad...

I know Erin HATED this moment!  :)  Instead of me putting Kate down for a nap Erin just let her sleep on her chest.  So sweet.

Thanks again to Tara and Brad for letting us invade their house.  I almost cried when I got home that weekend because I love these girls so much and I hate that we don't see each other often.  It just makes it that much better when we do get together.  It was a great weekend!  When is the next one? :)