Monday, July 30, 2012

Sneak peek

I have had a blog hiatus lately...returning home from Lexington trying to recuperate then getting sick and then prepping for this sweet girl's first birthday.  More posts and pics to come soon.  Here is a sneak peek...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Weekend...Part 2

I am currently working in Lexington for the GSA summer program.  It is a very intense four weeks.  I have a week left.  Jeremy and the girls are with me this weekend because I had a day off.  While they are napping I thought I might try catching up on the blog since I have been wanting to post the rest of the May wedding pics.  Enjoy!
After our Duck boat tour and lunch feast we went back to the hotel to rest and then get ready.  Addie was so tired that she didn't want to get ready for the wedding.  That was surprising since she was so excited to be a flower girl. I didn't think it was going to be a great afternoon and evening.  She rallied and was great!  This wedding set the bar high for Addie!  The wedding venue for both the ceremony and reception was at a mansion.  The second and third floor had 5 bedrooms, including a huge bridal suite, so the immediate family stayed at the mansion on Friday and Saturday night.  It was gorgeous!  On the top floor there was a huge theatre room so in between the pictures and ceremony the kids hung out watching cartoons on a giant screen while eating snacks.  Jeremy arrived later with Kate, my mom and more family members.

The ceremony was on the lawn on the side of the mansion.

And here is our flower girl!  Lauren wanted Addie to wear a tutu for the wedding.  My friend Beth made it and it turned out perfect.  I had the headband made from a woman off Etsy, found adorable shoes from Kohl's, borrowed the sweater from Emma and clipped a pin to her shirt. The flower ball Addie carried was sooo heavy, but she did a good job holding onto it.  And she took it everywhere she went all night long,  It even made it back to the hotel and back to our house the next day. :)

Love this one!  She looks so old here!

Dawson and David hanging out before the wedding.  David was a groomsman.

Bill and Lauren did a first look before the wedding.

A formal picture with the bridal party.  It is a little bright in the pic.  The kids did great cooperating.

Holding onto her flowers again.

Ringbearer #1

Ringbearer #2

 All together for a pic.  Dawson kept putting his hands in his pockets.  It was too cute!

The bride and groom.

Right before the ceremony some of the family waiting.  Carrie and I sat on the other side waiting for the kids to come down the aisle.

Mr. and Mrs. Petty.  My dad did great officiating the wedding!

The four grandchildren.  I wish Kate was smiling (the funny sounds my brother was making made her curious and not smile).  Ha!  We actually blew up this picture on a canvas and gave it to my parents.

This was funny.  Three out of four are cracking up!

Kate loved David's flower.

The following the ceremony there was a cocktail hour on the first floor of the mansion.  That was the hardest part of the evening with the kids, especially for Kate .  I took her upstairs in the bridal suite for a while. The dinner was outside under a tent in the backyard.  They had crayons and coloring books ready for the kids.  The food was amazing!  And they had a kid meal if the kids wanted it.   

Grammy and Grandpa with the grandchildren.  David was cracking them up!  Can you tell? :)

Family pic!

Wilde family pic!

After dinner the kids all ran around in the yard and played. 

They adore each other!

After dinner, as if we needed to eat anymore, they eventually opened up the dessert room.  Yes, an entire room full of wedding cake, pies, cookies, etc.  The kids were pumped!

And finally the dance floor was opened.  It was the moment Addie and Dylan had been waiting for!  Addie was a dancing machine! She gets that from her mom. :)  I want to ingrain in my memory the moment she first started dancing.  It was pure joy!

And there is the snap again.

Lauren and Bill had arranged for babysitters after dinner.  They were upstairs so the kids were able to either be on the dance floor or go upstairs and watch a movie or sleep (which of course Addie didn't sleep at all that night).  It was so nice to be able to lay Kate down so we could enjoy the rest of the night and to know they were both in good hands.  I told you the wedding set the bar high for Addie!  Addie did come back to the dance floor when Beyonce "Single Ladies" came on.  It is her favorite!  Ha!  By the time the reception ended, we took the shuttle back and got to our rooms, it was midnight.  That is the first time Addie has seen that hour.  Needless to say we were tired the next day and ready to be home.  It was a wonderful weekend with family!

The flower girl and the bride.

Enjoy videos from the evening.  The first one is the kids walking down the aisle.  They ended up going hand-in-hand instead of one-by-one so it went pretty fast.  The rest are from dancing.  I had my portrait lens on at first so I couldn't zoom out (we had just taken pics) so it is a little blurry.  I couldn't hardly keep up with the dancing machine!