Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing my girl

I am currently living in Lexington for my work. The work is intense and stressful, but fun and inspiring! Jeremy and Addie came up Saturday night and stayed until noon on Sunday. We didn't get to spend too much time together and Jeremy didn't get any "me" time despite it being Father's Day. He is so support and sacrifices so much during this month. He is an incredible father! Kevin Flores is the GSA photographer/videographer. He is AMAZING! He snapped a few pictures of Addie on Sunday. Seeing these pictures makes me miss her and Jeremy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family visit

My parents came in town one evening and a day so we could all be together for a day since David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson were in town. We went to the zoo in the afternoon and had dinner at our house. David didn't join us at the zoo because he had a job interview! Although we wanted him at the zoo with us, skipping out for a job interview is totally acceptable! Carrie and David are looking at moving here and both had interviews while they were in town. Keeping fingers crossed! We would LOVE for them to move to KY! Anyone got any job leads? :)

I always love the orangutans!

My parents touching a snake. Both Addie and Dylan touched it, although they were both a little hesitant.

A stop for lunch and playground fun

Petting the goats

Addie was excited about the camels. :)

Dawson took a nap for a little bit. He looks pretty comfortable, huh? Can't believe how big he is!

Dylan posing in front of the elephant with Grandpa

Eating some Dippin' Dots with Grammy

Playing on a rhino statue

Waiting for some dessert that evening. They sure can turn it on when they want something? :)

Hugging each other. Too sweet!

Trying to get a decent picture with all three of them before bedtime. Not too bad!

Although their visit was short, we loved seeing them. I think Dylan was getting annoyed by Addie. She was following him around like she was his shadow. When they drove away she said, "I wanna go!" I said, "Where?" And she said, "Florida! Come back!" Needless to say she loves her aunt, uncle and cousins. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

random Addie update

While we went to Churchill Downs Addie stayed with Jeremy's dad and step-mom. They have cows behind their house and Addie loves to go look at them and feed them. When we picked her up they were looking at the cows.

Here's Addie feeding the cows. Last time she fed the cows we weren't there. Annette said that she reached out to feed them a banana. When the cow stuck out its tongue it was real long and was curling to get to the banana. Addie's eyes got huge! If you ask her how long a cow's tongue is she sticks it out real long and makes a silly noise now. :)

After church showing off her little plant that she planted. I wish this wasn't blurry. :( All my DG sisters will love the sailor dress!

Although our house was built in the 1960s and with that comes some maintenance (that Jeremy does...ha!), we LOVE the huge trees in our neighborhood. Jeremy made a swing for Addie in our side yard. He hung it from a tall branch and it swings pretty high. This is her on it for the first time. She LOVES it! Can you tell?

Churchill Downs with da bug

David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson came in town for a week. We loved spending some time with them! On Saturday we went to Churchill Downs for the the Trent DiGiuro Foundation race and fundraiser. Dylan (aka da bug) went to the track for the first time while Dawson and Addie stayed with their grandparents. It was lots of fun! I didn't cash a ticket, but I did win a couple of raffle prizes! Jeremy doesn't bet. He just enjoys the Mint Juleps. :)

In front of Carrie's parent's house before leaving for the track.

On Millionaire's Row...Just in case you are wondering, we are not millionaires. :) It is for the millionaires (celebrities) for Oaks and Derby. Our waiter told us Justin Timberlake was sitting at our table for Derby!!! I love me some JT! If only...:)

D-man getting ready to watch a race...

Checking out the horses at the paddock.

Crossing the finish line of a turf race.

I love gray horses! My mom always bets on the gray ones.

The twin spires. Gotta love this place!


Lately Addie LOVES to sing the "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" song. The lyrics are little odd, but that is ok. She always wants to "sing it loud" and sings it in a funny voice and makes a silly face. I tried to capture it on video. Enjoy this ham!

Ignore our voices...:)

And on her own. She cracks herself up!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial weekend at the lake

We went to Lake Cumberland for Memorial Day weekend and stayed on Anthony and Jenny's houseboat. Jeremy's dad and step-mom came down for the weekend for the first time with us.

Anthony caught a small fish and had Addie and Layton touch it. Addie went to touch it and put her finger in its mouth. It bit her and she flipped! I wish I we would have it on camera. She is still talking about it. She has told her teachers at daycare, people at church, my parents, etc. Too funny!

We had a great weekend with wonderful weather! Enjoy all of the pics...

Addie sometimes can be "all talk". She kept wanting to get in the lake and as soon as she got in she freaked out!

But she was much better on the raft. Layton loves the water!

Playing on top of the houseboat

She LOVED the jetski! Here she is waving with me on it. We would idle around the cove to look around and she would tell me to go faster!

Going out for a boat ride

Driving the fishing boat. Anthony stopped for a minute to talk someone and she told him to go faster! We may be in trouble one day!

And then she took a snooze on her dad...

And Layton fell asleep too...

Playing on the shore...

Fishing with dad

Posing in her bathing suit and cover-up

Walking along the rocks...
Skipping rocks...

Jetski ride with Aunt Jen...that is dangerous with her driving! :)

She fell asleep again on the boat ride holding onto the spray bottle like this. :) The sun wore everyone out.

Holding tight to the raft again with Papaw and Mamaw

Another one bites the dust...

We have been SOOO busy! I will be updating the blog this week to show you what we've been up to lately. I move to Lexington on Monday morning. I live there for a month for my work so I won't be updating the blog much during that time.

Anyway, the Friday night of Memorial weekend Jeremy's younger brother got married! The last one in their family to get hitched. We really like Cristina and are so happy for the both of them. Here are a few pics of the day...

At the rehearsal...

Saying vows. Cristina looked gorgeous and they were both so happy!

The Dix family (Jeremy's sister)

The entire family on Jeremy's mom's side (minus Layton and Addie). So bummed it is blurry!

Kameryn and Alex dancing it up. Kameryn LOVES to dance. She is a Michael Jackson fanatic!
Randy's daughter, Jennifer, caught the bouquet! And she is getting married in Oct. 2011!

The three sister-in-laws...this could be trouble! :)