Friday, July 31, 2009

Schwitzer Hall Reunion

Last weekend Addie and I traveled to Cincinnati to see my friend Jessica and her new baby Sophia Mae. Lindsay in Boston, Amanda in Milwaukee, Melissa in Indianapolis, Meagan in Cincy and I, with Addie, all met up there to see the new mom and little one. We all met our freshmen year at Butler and have remained friends, although we don't see each other often. The last time we were all together was April '08 for Lindsay's wedding. I brought Addie with me because they all hadn't seen her since that wedding when she was 7 weeks old. I didn't get to have too much great conversation because I was chasing around a toddler, but it was so still great to catch up! Addie was wonderful and she did really well in the car. I wished I could have stayed later to have drinks and dinner, but that couldn't happen with having Addie there. Oh well, maybe next time.

Pictures below for a quick update. We're looking forward to a weekend home!

We watched Layton the other night so we had the bumbo seat out. Addie thought she needed to sit in it instead.

Amanda holding little Sophie

Me and little Sophie

Look at the cute hat Amanda gave her!
We all met the first week of our freshmen year at Butler. My, things have changed! All beautiful as ever!

We went over to Derek and Jamie's house on Sunday to hang out by the pool. Tracy and Blake came with their daughter, Alena. They had fun playing together.

Silly girl!

Look at those curls! When she sweats or it is humid outside it looks like this!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pool Par-tay

Here are pictures from our pool date with Leigh and Chad taken with Chad's camera. Like I said in the previous post, Addie was not feeling the pool that day and was more interested in the bucket and flirting with people. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun-filled Family Week!!!

Home, sweet, home! I got back from Lexington on Sunday and Jeremy got back from his mission trip to the Dominican Republic with the high school youth group on Tuesday. He had an amazing experience that I know he won't forget. I was very sad I couldn't go along. If you are interested in seeing pictures/videos/blogs about their trip then click here to see.

Addie has been a BIG mama's girl this week, rightfully so. She wants me to hold her a lot or read to her or put her to bed. I haven't had to work as much this week because of the month I just had so Addie and I had lots of fun together and once Jeremy was here we had a great time as a family. It is soooo nice to be a family at home together again! See the highlights below.

And this is why it was so hard to be away from her for so long! Look at that sweet smile! :)

Addie holds a phone up to her ear ALL THE TIME! It is so funny to see her walking and talking on the phone. She always closes the phone and says "bye". I know her parents are social butterflies, but I didn't think we were that bad. :)

Running from Sadie right after bath time

We went to the park and played on the playground and chased the ducks.

Taking a stroll in the park. It is crazy to look at this photo because Jeremy and I walked down this same sidewalk almost five years ago on our wedding day. We have pictures of it.

We picked up Jeremy from the airport on Tuesday. Addie was so excited to see her dad and I think he was very excited to see us both!

She was also excited to see "Aunt" Leigh back in the U.S.

Addie has never let me put bows or anything in her hair. The other day she wanted me to put some headbands on that are really too small for her. She made me put both of them on her at once. Silly goose!

This was her idea of helping me unpack.

We went to the pool with Leigh and Chad. I'll share more pictures soon from Chad's camera. Addie was more interested in playing with the bucket then getting in the pool.

A woman recently said to me, "She is too little to be walking" just because she is so petite although she is almost 17 months. I don't think I ever blogged about her 15 month appt. Goes to show we've been busy. She was 20.8 lbs (10%) and 30 1/2 inches (50%). She's still our little peanut.

She is fascinated with putting things over her head and around her neck. This is my swimsuit bottom and look...another picture with a phone!

We went to our church's Farmer's Market on Sat. morning. It is the biggest in the city now and it is awesome! I had to get a picture of Addison in her cute overalls that finally fit. A friend of ours at church made them for her right after she was born. (Addie has recently cut four molars so she constantly has her fingers in her mouth.)

Honey (Jeremy's mom) and Papaw Randy got her a wagon for her birthday, but it took a long time to get in. She loves it. Here she is talking on the phone and eating a snack. Oh, the life of a toddler!

We went over to Anthony and Jenny's on Saturday night since we hadn't seen them in a long time. Jeremy cooked up a Dominican style meal and it was delicious. Addie went to town on the rice and beans. Can you tell?

Hugging on her cousin Layton

Addie loves her Uncle Anthony

I said earlier that Addie likes to put things over head and you probably have seen a similar picture like this before. I was doing laundry today and I looked over to see this. Addie had managed to put 5 pairs of my underwear and 1 pair of Jeremy's boxers over her head and was walking around. We were cracking up! I don't know if this is a Freudian thing that will come up later in life or not. :)

Now that she is walking Addie absolutely LOVES to be outside and this weekend was the perfect weather for it! It felt like fall! She cries when we bring her inside. I think she is getting more frustrated that she can't communicate with us. She tries but we don't understand her toddler talk. My mom said when she watched her last week, "She sure does talk a lot, but I don't quite understand her what she is saying." I'm sure one day soon we will. She had a wonderful week with my mom and was spoiled rotten!

Whew, that was long and I didn't even get pictures of her eating ice cream with Aunt Leigh or our visit to Jeremy's work for lunch. As you can see we have had a fun-filled week making memories as a family! Have a great week!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We've got a walker

Addie is walking!!! We truly think she has been able to the last couple of months but she didn't really have the desire and sometimes the confidence. Literally overnight she got the desire and has not stopped since. Here a few clips from about a week or so ago when she was just beginning. Enjoy!

(P.S. More posts below...)

New nephew!

Our new nephew arrived in the middle of the night, earlier than we expected. Carrie was supposed to have a c-section on July 15th but the little man decided to come earlier. He was born at 4:19 a.m. on July 5th and was 19 inches and 6 lbs. 1 oz. (that is huge considering Dylan was 2 lbs. 10 oz. when he was born about 7 weeks early).

Carrie, David and the new baby are doing well. Dylan is staying with Carrie's brother in Daytona for a few days. Now they just have to pick a name for the baby. We are so happy for them and so glad he is healthy! We won't get to see the latest addition to the family until probably the beginning of September when we go to visit them in Florida.

We love you guys! Can't wait to see pictures and meet the little guy in person!


I was off on Saturday and Sunday. I never get two days off in a row during this busy month! I was so excited! Yesterday I played with Addie while Jeremy finished up a side job. We then went to a cook-out for the 4th. I hated that it was so rainy, but we didn't stay late so we could put the little one to bed. Today it felt great to have just a "normal" family day. We went to church, ran errands, took naps and had dinner together. I go back tomorrow morning and will be in Lexington for one more week.

Jeremy leaves on Tuesday for a mission trip to Dominican Republic. He is serving as a chaperone for the high school group. There will be about 32 people going (adults and youth). They will be building a block wall around a church camp and leading a Vacation Bible School with local kids in the evenings. I wish I could go but it conflicts with my job, of course. Jeremy's dad and step-mom are watching Addison for two nights and then my mom is coming down on Wednesday to watch her for the rest of the week. It will be hard not seeing Addie for a week and then not being able to talk to Jeremy, but I know Addie will be spoiled rotten and Jeremy will be doing wonderful work. Jeremy comes home next Tuesday, two days after I get home.

Hodgepodge of pictures below. Happy 4th of July!

This picture was from a few weeks ago at a graduation party of girl I babysat for years. Hard to believe. I had to post because I think this is one of the cutest dresses. Leigh bought it for her at this nice consignment shop. Gotta love Margaret's!
One of my best friend's from high school, Laura, had a beautiful baby boy in early June. We're so excited for Laura and Cory. They live in Lexington so I have been over a couple of times (Jeremy and Addie came once too) to meet precious Dane.
What a ham! When I came home a couple of weeks ago I loved playing with Addie. I walked into the family room and this is how she was.

Jeremy and Addie came to visit me last weekend in Lexington. It is so good to see them! I was shocked how much she was walking after seeing her about 5 days before. It was the first time that she was like "Put me down, I must walk!" and she hasn't turned back. We went to a yummy breakfast place called "Doodles" and then took a stroll in the park. Look at that sweet face! I miss seeing this daily.

If you look closely you can see the bruises on her head from running into a few things now that she is walking. :)

Playing in the bird feeder. My mom got this dress for her for 4th of July. (Bummer the picture is blurry!)