Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating

We had really bad weather on Halloween night so most of the trick-or-treating was postponed to the next day.  That allowed us time to actually carve our pumpkins.

Addison has always been a girl that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.  She plays in the dirt, plays with bugs/worms/etc. so she stopped using a spoon and just used her hands to clean out the pumpkin.

We don't use the store bought pumpkin carving tools around here.  Nope, we (as in Jeremy) use a drywall saw to carve our pumpkins.  Ha!  It was done in no time!

Kate wanted to draw on hers.


The next night we went trick-or-treating in David and Carrie's neighborhood.  My parents came over as well.  

Addie was set on being a UofL cheerleader.  I tried to suggest some less girly costumes (trying to expand her a bit), but she landed on a cheerleader sometime in September.  She gets this from her mom.  I was some version of a princess three years in a row for Halloween.  We went to a UofL football game in early September so I think that is where she got the idea from.  Hopefully we'll go to some games and we can get some more use out of the costume.  

The four cousins.  That is Dylan on the right. :) Kate wouldn't wear her zebra hood all night.  Boo.

Kate was lovin' trick-or-treating this year.  She tried to keep up with the older kids, but that was hard for her.

So she charmed her dad into getting on his shoulders between each house.

A couple of houses gave out full-sized candy bars.  Score!  

Unfortunately this is blurry, but she looks pretty cute walking down the sidewalk on her own.

Back at the house to sort out the loot!

And a little bit of snuggle time at the end of the night.

Another great October for the books!