Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday party in Indy

Two weekends ago we went to Indy. We got to spend some quality time with Tara, Brad and their boys on Friday night and Sat. morning before we headed over on Sat. afternoon for the triplets' birthday party. It is hard to believe they are two...and happy and healthy as ever after everything they went through when they were born! It was sooo great to spend time with some of our best friends. We hate that we don't live in the same city as them, but we savor every moment when we do see them. The last time we were all together was February!

The theme of the birthday party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This is Addie's favorite cartoon so I know she enjoyed it!

The triplets with their adorable Mickey cake

Brandon and Garrett sporting their ears

How manly!

Cheesin' with some black icing all over her teeth

Yelling out of the house

Uh oh, she's alone in a house with two boys! :)

The next morning Bryan and Jeremy played golf and we took the kids to a park. When the kids went on the big playground we both had to chase the kids around and make sure all four kids were taken care of and not getting into something they shouldn't. I still don't know how Ashley and Bryan do it! Incredible!

Swinging with Harry...He is soooo laid back!

Going down the slide with Olivia

Tara, Ashley, Brooke--I miss you all already!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Miss Boss

I had to share a quick story (well, really for me to remember years ago and to show Addie years from now). Jeremy's mom was keeping Layton today so she asked to watch Addie so she could have them together and she could entertain him. Apparently Layton got into something behind the table and Betty said she heard Addie say, "No, no, no, Layton, put that down! One, two, three...Layton...uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco! Right NOW!" I guess she means business when she starts talking in Spanish! :) What a hoot!

One of her daycare teachers told me the other day that Addie needs a baby sister one day not a baby brother so she can boss a baby sister around. Ha! I guess we need to work on bossiness.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

weekend update

Here's an update from a couple of weekends ago...

Our girl has SUCH sensitive skin! One morning she woke up and her eye was practically swollen shut because of a mosquito bite (see below). Earlier that week she got bit so bad on her ankle that her entire foot was swollen and we could hardly put her shoe on. I hope this gets better with age! Poor thing!

Does this scream GIRL or what? Purple shirt, pink tutu and pink headband! I got Addie a headband to get her hair out of her face for church or whenever she is dressed up. I had never put her in one, I know, crazy! She has done pretty well with keeping it on her head so I am gonna have to get more! Love it!

On Friday night Jeremy and I went on a date since we didn't get to on our anniversary! We went to dinner and then a movie. It had been a year and a half since we had gone to a movie. Pathetic! We picked a good one and saw "Inception".

I met Jenny and Layton at All About Kids that Saturday morning. It has many things for kids, including a bounce area and jungle gyms and such. They both loved it! Since it was our first time it was free! Not bad for a HOT August day!

That evening we went to St. Joe's Catholic Picnic. Great fish sandwiches, games and good times!

Double fisting icecream...ice cream in her hand and taking a drink from Mamaw's shake

Addie won an apron at one of the kids' games. She's so proud!

That Sunday we went to a birthday party for Jeremy's cousin's daughter...got that? Here are almost all of the younger kids that were there.

What a day! Pizza, juice box, pool, bounce house, pinata and cake!

Needless to say, Addie had a blast!

The birthday girl, Brooke

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They are moving!!!

I don't think I have announced it on here yet, but David, Carrie, Dylan and Dawson will be KY residents soon! We are sooooo excited! David got a great job as a District Manager for Republic National, a wine and spirits company. Jeremy will HATE the fact that he can bum some bourbon from David and maybe get on the golf course (David has a membership to a local country club)! :) Carrie will be able to work from home with her current company. David started at the beginning of August and is living with Carrie's parents. Carrie and the boys will be up by the end of the month. We are praying for their house to sell soon so they can find a home in Louisville. Hopefully it will all work out soon.

We are so excited knowing that we will be able to see them more than a few times a year and knowing the kids will grow up around each other! Carrie, Dylan and Dawson came up two weekends ago to look into houses and daycares. Jeremy and I watched the boys while they house hunted AND it was on our anniversary...Happy 6th Anniversary, honey! :) We had a great time with everyone. My parents were able to spend some time with us on Saturday evening.

I took Dylan and Addie down to the free splash park area downtown while Jeremy stayed back with Dawson. There were so many people. I was on edge keeping track of both of them in the madness. :)

Addie kept saying, "Bye, mommy, I'm going to take a shower."

In front of their sidewalk chalk masterpieces they made with Grammy. I think Addison looks so OLD here.

I wish this picture wasn't so bright. Jeremy was playing around with Addie and Dylan and then Dawson got in on the action. Three Burritos...Ole!!!

The kids got into every single toy. Here's Addie playing with Dylan's v-tech while wearing her raincoat...random, I know, very typical though for this age.

We're looking forward to more memories with the Wilde Crew in Louisville!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random post with pics

Sweet girl after church a few weeks ago. Her hair got so blonde in Florida!

This is Derby, David and Carrie's puppy. Not gonna lie, I love me some BULLDOGS!!!

One of Addie's very favorite people...Kelly! Kelly watched Addison during the summer when I went back to work after my maternity leave. They have had a close bond ever since. Kelly graduated from college and when we got back from Florida we went to her graduation party. We're proud of you, Kelly P!

My colleague, Elise (in the middle) just moved to Hawaii to get her Master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. Ummm...can I come along?!!! We had a going away party for her at Heather's house. We are going to miss her so much and can't wait to hear updates from her!

Emma and Addie had fun playing with each other at the party. Here they are singing (with the help of Emma's dad, Peter)...Can you tell they love each other?

Lots of posts coming up. Had to back track a bit. And can I get an "Amen" about the weather? Low humidity and in the high 80s/low 90s is FABULOUS compared to what it has been!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ricky Bobby

I wanted to blog about this so I don't forget this years from now. Addie is into "Baby Jesus". She learned about Baby Jesus at Christmas and I guess it stuck. During Easter she still talked about Baby Jesus as we read the book "What is Easter?". It talks about the reason behind Easter although it of course does not mention Jesus as a baby. She still calls it the "Baby Jesus" book and it is still one of her absolute favorite books and she has lots of the words memorized. Her favorite song is "Baby Jesus" which is actually "Jesus Loves Me". When we ask her who she is thankful for her first response is "Baby Jesus". When we pray at night she sometimes says "Baby Jesus" in her prayers.

There is no better person for her to talk about, but the fact that Jesus is always a baby cracks us up because it reminds us of Ricky Bobby in the Will Ferrell movie. Maybe one day she'll start talking about "8 lb. 12 oz. Baby Jesus".

Have a great weekend! Stay cool...if that is even possible! Soooo over this heat! I'll update soon with pics.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Florida Vacation...Part 2

Continued...Part 1 in previous post

We went and played putt-putt one night and then rode rides. Addie and Layton only lasted 4 holes, but they looked cute doing it! Ha!

Check out that swing! :)

It looks like Layton is checking on the line of his ball...Ha!

Riding the train

Then the merry-go-round

Then the airplanes...(LOVE this pic!)

Addie had to ride the airplanes by herself. We explained that we couldn't go with her and she said, "Ok. I'm fine," and then she stepped right into it and rode it up in the air. Her face was a little unsure when it went high at first (see below), but she was such a big girl riding it. It definitely hit me that this "baby" is growing up!

Sporting cool shades with Kameryn...

Dinner at the Back Porch. Love this picture of the three of them in pink!

Family pictures after dinner on the beach

4 1/2 grandchildren :)

Entire family photo...we'll have to crop in Anthony :) It was so windy!

Dix family

So sweet!

Playing on the playground after dinner

The last night on the beach. Addie in her tutu that Mamaw gave her.

I love this face!

Tiffany picked up this dead fish pretending to have caught it. It was pretty funny. The kids were pretty curious about it.

Love this pic!

Showing off her cup of collected seashells

Sleepy Layton

Sleepy Addie

I'll try to post some videos later. I'm spent after all of those pictures. As you can see, it was a great trip! Addie is still talking about the beach and Florida!