Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! Christ is Risen!

On Saturday our church had an Easter egg hunt scheduled at a local park. Needless to say with all of the rain (we have bad flooding in Louisville!) that it was moved to the church. Layton and Abigail joined us, too. Addie's age group "hunted" for eggs in the youth room.

Maddy and Addie pre-hunt

On Sunday we went to church then had a couple of hours at home before heading out to Jeremy's aunt's house. The sun came out for a little bit right when we got home. We actually had better weather than we expected and were able to be outside most of the day, although the ground was so soggy and we did get sprinkled on a bit.

Addie posing with her Easter basket. Jeremy got her dressed this morning since I had to get to church early to sing and he said she was so excited to put her dress on. We may be dealing with a little princess for the rest of our lives. Ha!

Posing in her new sandals that the Easter bunny brought her. She wanted to wear them all day.

Running off some energy in our yard.

Papaw and Mamaw got Addie some Easter goodies including this cute shirt that Mamaw (Annette) made. She has gotten very crafty!

And they're off!

There were plenty of eggs to go around!

This is unfortunate that the only picture I have of Annette and Abigail is this! :) They did this as a joke.

Later on they flew a motorized airplane and the kids loved it!

I think every picture I took today Addie said "Cheese" and did this fake smile. What a ham!

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Hope yours was filled with many blessings!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Palm Sunday

Last Sunday Addie sang with the Melody Makers for Palm Sunday. She's singing pretty loud in the beginning and does a great job waving her palms despite her friend Mitchell rubbing his palms in her face. :) Pretty cute!

(I would have done a larger video through Vimeo, but my internet is acting funny so hopefully you can view this.)

And before I forget to blog this (since this is kinda Addie's journal/baby book), she said the best thing the other morning. She just woke up and Jeremy was holding her getting ready to leave for work and she summoned me over to them. She hugged me so that the three of us were having a group hug and said, "Family...I love our family!" Be still my heart. Me too, kiddo, me too.

Tomorrow is Easter. It is always a wonderful day to remind us of the true reason of the holiday and celebrate the Risen Christ! Hope yours is glorious!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Proud to be a Bulldog!

Even though the NCAA final game was NOT what anyone expected, I have never been so proud to be a Butler alumnus. The team wasn't for sure if they would even be in the tournament to then make it to the Final game back-to-back. The team and Coach Stevens showed the true meaning of being a team: integrity, class, maturity, sportmanship, selflessness, being student athletes, etc. These guys are great role models and gave hope during a time in sports when we don't read many hopeful stories. I could go on and on, but if you saw or read anything about the Bulldogs then you probably already know this.

We went up to Indy to watch the Final Four game with fellow Butler alumni. The Callahans hosted us and the Sabelhauses came over along with some other Butler fans. It was a quick trip for us, but I really wanted to be around Butler alumni to watch at least one of the games. Since I went to the final game last year and was in a Butler bar in downtown Indy for the Final Four game last year this was the least I could do. It was a great game!

BU cupcakes before Jeremy let Addie carry them to the car...they did not arrive in Indy this pretty! Grr!

So maybe we were being neglectful parents. The kids were watching a movie on the main floor while we were watching the game downstairs. :) It wasn't too long until all of the kids were downstairs with us.

Cole cheesin' for the camera!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring flowers

I LOVE spring for many reasons, especially because of the flowers! (Although my allergies suffer in the Ohio Valley during this time of year.) We have a lot of tulips, daffodils and crocus in our yard right now. I am such a dork and everyday after work I look to see what has bloomed. I was also excited to see them bloom so I could practice using my camera after taking a class in February. Here are a few I snapped and then played with a little bit on an editing program that came with the camera. I'm just beginning with this whole photography thing and beautiful flowers are easy to practice on! Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Makin' history...

So excited for the Bulldogs to be in the National Championship game tonight! I could go on and on about this school, this team and this coach! This would be the perfect ending to an amazing two years!

So proud to be a Butler Bulldog! Read this article to see why...(the picture alone says it all)...

Picture taken last year at the championship game with Ashley and Tara! Here's hoping for a different outcome!