Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silly Kate

We got back on Saturday evening from a wonderful family vacation in Destin, FL.  We are still adjusting to being back home (and really missing the beach, weather, family time, etc. etc.).  I just uploaded a ton of photos from the past couple of weeks.  I took 200 photos alone in Florida. :) I hope to blog a bunch of the photos soon.  Until then I thought I would leave you with this gem of a video.

Kate clearly was having a good evening after a dinner by the beach and with the windows down in the car.  We ended up giving her Addie's old car seat for the trip even though they now recommend facing backwards until 2.  Addie's old carseat doesn't face backward so we just went ahead with it.  Kate really enjoys being a big girl with her new seat. :)

Enjoy!  Check back soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer pics

I am soooo behind on this blog.  I thought I would post some pictures from throughout the summer.  Some of these date back to May/June.  I have more pics I want to post...some day. :)

We are headed to Florida next week!  We haven't been on a family vacation in a couple of years and Jeremy hasn't taken a week off from his business since he started.  To say we are due for a vacation is an understatement!  We are headed to Destin and staying in a condo with some people from Jeremy's side of the family.  Maybe I will catch up on the blog while we are there.  We shall see.

This was taken in May.  I love hydrangeas!  We have a beautiful plant in our backyard and this year hydrangeas were absolutely gorgeous (well until the heat came).

This is just one example of why it is so hard for me to get out the door in the mornings for work with both girls.:)

In June we went to Clayton's first birthday (Jeremy's cousin's son) party.  Addie loved driving the John Deere. Can you tell?  Ha!

Almost all of the cousins and second-cousins together.

This is such a great picture.  These are Jeremy's aunts.  They were all pregnant at the same time one summer and here is a picture with those children now and some of their grandchildren.

Jeremy finished building Jenny and Anthony's house in June.  They have moved in now, but still have some things to finish up.  It is a great house on a huge, beautiful lot.  Layton was so excited to show off his house. 

The day before I left for Lexington we went to the zoo as a family after church. It was a great day!

I did end up having July 4th off so I came in town for the day.  We went to David and Carrie's and did sparklers and fireworks (... and swizzle sticks...whos ka doos, whos ka donts...Name that movie. Hee hee.)

In Mid-July we went over to Blake & Tracy's house to celebrate Alena's birthday along with several of her cousins' birthdays.  They had an awesome water bounce house set up.  The kids had a blast.  Crazy to think that they now have their third child when their second is about the age of Kate.  They were surprised with a boy!  So crazy...but so happy for them.

While Jeremy played golf one Sunday in July I took the girls out to Anthony & Jenny's house to play.  Amazing that these two cousins are 9 months apart and weigh about the same.  Abigail is so tiny!

Layton and Addie were entertained by this big dirt pile for quite a while.

Too cute!

We went out to their pond in the back of their lot to feed the catfish. :)  I have some great pics I will post soon of them fishing with Jeremy.

Addie's BFF Emma celebrated her 4th birthday with a Mommy and Me Princess Party.  It was lots of fun and full of high pitch squeals. :)  They colored, made bracelets, got their finger nails painted and played.  These three girls (Ella, Addie & Emma) have grown up together.  They all have been going to the same daycare since they were about 6 months old.

Here are all of the princesses posing in front of the princess tent.

More to come soon...I hope.