Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day update...a month later. And it feels like it was AGES ago!  Oh well. At least it is posted.

 Christmas morning...Addie got a princess bike.  Jeremy enjoyed putting it together on Christmas Eve night.

Addie was very subdued Christmas morning.  She was excited, but still kinda waking up and figuring out the whole thing.  The bike is a little big for her, but we figured she would grow into it.  She said, "Well, maybe Santa can bring me a smaller bike."  And we said, "I think Santa is finished until next year."  :)  Addie also got ballet slippers for her ballet class that started at the beginning of January.

Modeling her helmet...

Everyone looks a little sleepy here on Christmas morning.  Kate got diapers from Santa. :)

Christmas morning after bathtime...

The weather was pretty nice so Addie got to try out her new bike.  She was getting a little frustrated, but is better every time she rides it.

That afternoon my parents came in town (after my dad's service) and we did Christmas with my immediate family.  With four kids it was crazy and unwrapping present went by really fast.

Dylan and Dawson got Addie an Ariel doll.  She wanted this so bad!!!  So bad that she actually had a HUGE meltdown in Target over it in the middle of December.  She was THAT kid that could be heard throughout the store.  She was screaming, crying, kicking, etc. etc.  Thankfully I didn't have Kate with me.  It was an evening I want to forget (but never will!  Ha!) that ended with Jeremy putting her straight to bed when we got home and with me getting a glass of wine immediately to lower my blood pressure. I know she was so tired that day.  December is tough on kids.  It was amazing the week after Christmas I think she had two small tantrums all week.  Need less to say, Addie was so excited to get this doll. 

(Poor Sadie.  She's just trying to take a Christmas nap on her new bed and all of these kids and presents were in her way.)

Reading from her "My First Bible Stories Book".  A gift from my parents.

My mom got Kate this hat.  She is 5 months old here!  Where has the time gone?

That night we hosted Christmas dinner.  Here's Kate loving on Grandpa...

The day after Christmas we took my parents out to see a house Jeremy is building.

We then went to see a movie with my parents, my brother & family along with all of us, including Kate.  Kate was so good.  She's been to 3 movies since she has been born.  I never would have thought of doing that with Addie.  Not for sure if that means I am more relaxed this time, Kate is more easy-going or if we are just so busy Kate comes along for everything...how about all of the above?

Christmas was wonderful with family!  It is magical to have kids in the house on Christmas morning. I just wish it wouldn't fly by so fast!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

23rd and Christmas Eve

December is a busy time and it gets really busy at my work. I had a hard time getting everything done during the month and didn't get to do everything I had set out to do. I baked for the first time on December 23rd. Isn't that sad? Don't get me wrong, we still got to do some fun things. I told Jeremy next year I am taking 1-2 days off in October to Christmas shop! :)

Addie baking sugar cookies on the 23rd.  She LOVES baking!

On Christmas Eve we went to Jamie & Gary's house (Leigh's mom and stepdad) for an open house.    We exchanged gifts with them and Addie got this scarf.  Chad knitted it...I mean Leigh did...we told him that would take away his man card if he told people that.  Ha!  Isn't it so sweet?

We tried to get a family photo, but I am in the sun, Kate is looking down and Addie is being silly. Oh well.

We then headed to church.  Addie sang with Melody Makers at the beginning of the service.  My favorite moment of the whole Christmas season was at the end of the service singing "Silent Night" with Kate asleep in my arms (she had a cold, poor thing) while Jeremy held Addie.  Addie said, "Mommy, I know this song" and she continued to sing along by candlelight.  Puts everything in perspective. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of all of our blessings while celebrating the Christ-child. Earlier in the month she asked me how old Jesus would be on Christmas.  I told her that is a difficult answer, but we celebrate his birthday.  She responded with, "Does Jesus live in my heart?"  Melt.my.heart.

After the service we went out to Jeremy's aunt's house.  Santa came for a visit.  Abigail hated him!  Ha!

Addie talking to Santa

Sweet photo of Layton.  He isn't always ornery afterall. :)

 Josie playing with Kate.  She loves kids!

We finally got home and had to get the girls to bed, but not without first putting out cookies, milk and carrots.

Addie was definitely excited and was understanding the idea of Santa.  She had been in her bedroom for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to yell, "Daddy! Da-ddy! DADDY!"  Jeremy went to her door and she asked, "Is Santa here yet?" Not quite getting all of the concepts.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 1-3

Yes, I'm still trying to put up posts on here related to Christmas. It was a whirlwind!

We had 3 family Christmas celebrations the weekend before Christmas.  Christmas #1 was on Saturday at David and Carrie's house with my mom's extended family.  My aunt and uncle, cousin and his fiance came in town along with other relatives.  It was the first Christmas without my grandmother and her presence was definitely missed!

A few of us...

We draw names within the extended family.  My cousin got me a Butler snuggie!

My brother got this hat.  He's probably not impressed that I put this on here.  Sorry, bro, had to.

From David and Carrie's we went to Jeremy's mom's house to do their Christmas.  We left our house at noon on Saturday and didn't get back until midnight from the two celebrations. We do a white elephant/dirty Santa gift exchange and it is always hilarious!

Here's Anthony and Layton with some of Layton's new work tools

Addie got princess dress-up stuff and was in heaven!

Kameryn loves Michael Jackson and got a hat, wig, glove and glasses to look like him. 

The next day we celebrated Christmas with Jeremy's dad for the third celebration of the weekend.

Layton dressing like Rudolph.

Our little angel...IF ONLY!  The month of December is always the worst behavior out of this cute girl! 

Abigail didn't care for her hat/headband. :)

Kami loves babies!

Papaw always reads "The Night before Christmas" before opening presents. I think Addie paid the most attention and told Papaw to read it again,.

Kate hanging out in the exersaucer.  She loves playing in this now.

Alex and Addie checking out Addie's Ariel microphone.  Why are toys these days so loud????

Layton got a Spiderman bike from Papaw and Mamaw!

Aunt Tiffany loving on Kate since she doesn't get to see her too much.

And then we crashed.  And then we woke up the next day to go to work.  And I was not bitter about it.  :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pageant and Party

In mid-December our church always does a Christmas pageant where kids of all ages are dressed as different people/animals while scripture is read and songs are sung about the birth of Jesus. It's always a very cute morning. Addie and the rest of the 2-4 year olds were stars.

Too sweet!

Our daycare party was actually at our church this year.  For two weeks in December I would go a little late into work and teach the preschoolers Christmas/Holiday songs.  It was a trip!  It was a great way to start a morning.  The children sang first before dinner and presents.  I am upfront on the floor leading the children through the songs while Jeremy tried taking a picture.  This cracks me up with all of the parents with their cameras.

Santa came for a visit after dinner and helped distribute the gift exchange presents.  Addie is excited for her name to finally be called.

Emma, one of her best friends, actually had Addie's name in the gift exchange.  Emma got "Add" (as Emma calls her) a leotard.  Addie will be starting ballet in a couple of weeks and will actually be joining Emma's class.  She is VERY excited!  So much so that now that it is January she asks about 3-5 times a day if ballet is today. 

Emma and Addie showing off their presents.

Kate was there too, of course.  She got a book and a toy and then took a little nap.  Ha!  Here they are with Santa.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Celebrating a beautiful couple!

In mid-July (about a week and a half before I had Kate) Leigh and Chad got married!  I don't think I ever wrote a post about it.  It was a really small wedding with just about 15 people total.  They got married in a neighborhood park and then all of us had dinner at Corbett's, an upscale delicious restaurant.  It was such a beautiful evening and we were so happy to be a part of it!  I got to take their pictures.  Here are two of my favorites.  

Since they had such a small wedding they wanted to celebrate with a party/reception in December during the school break (Leigh's a teacher and Chad is finishing up law school).   The reception was at the Louisville Science Center so they encouraged kids to come.  I got to pull the "grandma card" and my mom came with us and then took the girls home so that they we could all attend the reception, but we could stay later.  It was a lot of fun!

 Here is Kate with Chad's mom.

Picture of the couple...

Leigh looked beautiful!  And, Chad you looked ok.  Just joking. :)

Jill (Kelly's mom) holding Kate.

They matched!

Love this photo and love this girl!

Wesleigh is one of Leigh's best friends from high school.  Wesleigh also came to the wedding and took pictures.  A sweet picture...

Addie was so excited to see her friend Maddy (girl in the middle).  They had fun playing in the science center and then dancing on the dance floor.  At one point the girls were laying on the ground and "dancing".

Me with Kelly P (who is wearing Addie's headband. Ha!)

Look at that stud! :)

Addie is with Lucy here.  Lucy goes to our church and they love each other!  Leigh and Chad had placed mistletoe for everyone at the table.  Addie gathered about 8 of them to make a bouquet.  She held them all night long telling everyone, "This is my bouquet.  I'm married."  Ha!

Getting back to normal after the craziness of Christmas.  I'll post Christmas pics soon.  Happy New Year!