Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fallen leaves

Sorry for the blog hiatus. We have had a busy, hard few weeks. I'll go more into that later on, but for the time being enjoy pics and videos of Addie playing in the leaves...night 1 and 2. We have huge trees in our yard with lots of leaves. Addie enjoyed playing in them and "helping" bag them! Oh to be a kid again and jump in all those leaves! Another reason why I love fall!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

We had a fun-filled weekend with friends in Indianapolis! Kids sure do make holidays so much fun and kids sure do get spoiled during the holidays. Enjoy the pics from the Halloween weekend. It's crazy it is already November!

I made cupcakes to bring to Indy. Addie got to decorate her own...

And then eat it! Gosh, kids get spoiled during holidays!

The Klines had a party on Friday night. Here's Brady going for the pinata.

We met the Callahans, Klines and Sabelhauses at an indoor playground at Traders Point Christian Church on Saturday morning. The kids had a blast! Addie couldn't stay out of the HUGE playground. She can be a little dare devil sometimes.

Addie pulling Garrett in the triplets' choo-choo

Snack time with all the kids. They were climbing over each other trying to get to food. It is crazy to think that there are 7 kids between the 4 families. Things have changed a lot since we all got married 5 years ago!

Is this cute or what? Garrett and Addie had so much fun with each other!!!

Our little ladybug! (She didn't take a nap on Saturday. I guess she was too excited for the night. She was a trooper despite not napping, though.)

All 5 together...two ladybugs, a bumblebee, a spider and a dragon

First "trick-or-treat" house...they quickly got the hang of it!

The crew trick-or-treating! The dads enjoyed some beverages along the way. I guess it wasn't a bad evening for them either. :) (And they got to play 9 holes of golf in the afternoon)

Addie FREAKED out when a kid came by dressed as a werewolf! I mean she was shaking. She also didn't like a girl dressed up as a witch. The rest of the evening we dodged kids in any sort of scary mask. Our girl can be fearless, but we determined she'll be a roller coaster rider/thrill seeker and not a haunted house goer went she grows up! :)

The dragon and ladybug wanted to push the wagon instead...

The triplets with some suckers! Yummy! They don't get that kind of stuff at home!

One cul-de-sac blocks off the street and has all the candy in the street. The kids scored on this one!

A warm bath to warm up. Addie was sooo cold! Poor girl doesn't have a ton of meat on her bones! :)

Bedtime stories and then it was time for bed! (And then the moms met up for a drink afterwards at Kona Grill! It is so nice to have good conversation without chasing kids around.)

It was such a fun weekend! It is so great to spend time with some of our best friends! We wish we could see them more often.

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep! Toddlers don't quite get daylight savings time, unfortunately. :(