Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Addie is now pacifier FREE! We have only let her use her "paci" when she slept, but have been wanting to break it for a while now and after Florida was the plan. It actually was a lot smoother than we thought it would be with our strong-willed child. Hooray! Another accomplishment of parenthood--is this lame that we get so excited about these accomplishments???!!! My, how life has changed!

Promise I'll post some videos tonight of our dancing queen. We have been enjoying being home and getting caught up on tasks. Does anyone else wish they had a fairy godmother sometimes that would just do all the work for you so you can do whatever you want on the weekends? :)

We are loving the fall weather! Hope you are too!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Florida...a vacation to remember!

We're back from our vacation to Florida. :( It was definitely not what we expected it to be. Addie was sick right up until the day before we left! The day we left Addie was wheezing just a little bit, but we thought it would clear up once we got out of the Ohio Valley (one of the worst places for allergies). By the time we got off the plane, into the car and to David and Carrie's house, she had a high temperature and her breathing had gotten worse. By Sunday she was really hoarse and was really struggling to breathe. It was pretty scary! We took her to the immediate care and the doctor just thought it was a virus that had attacked her lungs. We gave her a nebulizer treatment and then had to rent one for the week since we were dummies and didn't pack ours with us. By Tuesday afternoon she got a whole new set of symptoms with a runny nose, watery eyes, etc. That night she hardly got any sleep and had a bad fever. We took her back to the immediate care and the doctor thought she may have had the flu. We have never seen her that sick before. She tested negative for the flu, but the doctor said she still could have it. She also had a mild ear infection. They gave her an antibiotic, steroids to help her breathe and tamiflu. She finally was herself by Saturday morning. We haven't had that little of sleep since she was a newborn or probably ever. Ugh!

We felt bad bringing a sick kid into their house with two kids living there, but there was nothing we could do about it. Last year we had the tropical storm, this year a sick kid, maybe next year will be our year! We joke and say that we got dealt the great kid that is unhealthy, next time we'll get the bad kid that is healthy! Although we dealt with Addie being sick, it was soooo great to be with our family for the week and the weather was perfect! We would rather be in Florida with a sick kid than home! :)

Addie had moments throughout the week when Motrin or Tylenol would sink in and she would act better. She really LOVED the pool! She mostly liked to play on the steps with the toys but after watching cousin Dylan jump into the water she became fearless. Dylan and Addie played really well together. She picked up a ton of words by the end of the week because of him. Addie would get upset when we wouldn't let her kiss the baby since she was sick. Dylan LOVES "Uncle Jer" and I loved cuddling with my new nephew! We were able to get to the beach a few times, Jeremy and David went charter fishing, we ate some great food and enjoyed hanging out with our family that we don't see a lot!

Enjoy the pictures below. Warning: picture overload! I'll post videos later this week.

Addie did really well on the plane ride down. We were able to bring her car seat on the plane and it was during her naptime. Here she is listening to the ipod. Too funny. The way back she had to sit on our lap and she finally was feeling better...that was a LONG two hours of trying to entertain a toddler!

Sharing the elmo chair with cousin Dylan

Look at this diva!

Splashing in the pool with dad

I think this is such a sweet picture

Checking out the ocean

Her favorite part was digging in the sand

So cute!

Addie walking Jeremy's uncle and aunt's dog, Diesel. They live about 1 1/2 hours south from my brother. We didn't get to do too much with them because Addie got really sick that night and we left early to go to the doctor. When her tylenol kicked in she played in the pool a bit and walked the dog. She loved Diesel!

She actually didn't freak out when the waves came in

Meet our cute new nephew, Dawson Caleb! He is so stinkin' cute!

All of the cousins together for a picture

Bathing cousins

Addie got sleepy since she didn't have much sleep during the week. She feel asleep like this on the towel. Ha!

Our only family shot of the week. Addie just woke up...can you tell?

Right before we left...a family shot

Addie pointing out the planes at the airport. She kept saying "Whoa!"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We enjoyed non-laboring during Labor Day Weekend. We headed to Lake Cumberland to Jeremy's mom's houseboat for the weekend. It was a great trip relaxing, boating and hanging out with the family. Addie was fighting a mild stomach bug the whole weekend, but her demeanor and personality remained the same. We had the worst car ride ever on the way home: a diaper accident (with no wipes in the car since she threw up on Friday night and I used them all then and then Arby's didn't have a changing table); Jeremy got gas all over himself and the car because the nozzle was still clicked on automatic for some reason; and then Addie threw up again. Yuck! And apparently she gave her stomach bug to her cousins, Alex and Kameryn.

Enjoy some pics below...

Playing together...Kameryn, Layton, Addie

Driving the houseboat

One of her favorite activities of the weekend...throwing rocks back in the lake.

All four cousins playing in the baby pool

No words needed. Ha!

Learning how to fish. She didn't quite get the concept. As soon as we would cast into the lake she would say "uh oh" when the bobber would go in the water. It was funny.

This girl doesn't care to get dirty!

Look at this handsome boy. Our nephew, Layton, at almost 6 months old.

On Labor Day evening we went to my grandmother's for a big picnic at her retirement home. Addie loved all the activities, petting zoo and blow-up slides.

Addie is getting a hang of these fair-like games...grabbing a duck to win a stuffed animal

She really wanted to get on the horse and liked it at first. We didn't get too far though after the horse starting walking. Sometimes she is very fearless!

I'm sure all of you join me in remembering this historic day of 9/11 and praying for all the victims' families and our military currently deployed. I'll never forget where I was. I walked down frpm the cold dorm at the Delta Gamma house and my friend Brooke was in front of the t.v. in our room (Lower Lounge). She said, "Did you just get up? Oh, you have no idea what just happened!" I joined in a huge prayer circle that night on campus and was glued to the t.v. most of the day. A day no one will forget, I'm sure.

We're heading to Florida tomorrow! Yahoo! I'll try to post one post while we are there. We can't wait! Pray for our flights as we fly with a 18 month old! AHH! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Chad Turner, You're an IronMan!"

We are leaving for Florida on Saturday for the week. REPEAT: WE ARE LEAVING FOR FLORIDA ON SATURDAY FOR THE WEEK! Can you tell we are excited??? I can't wait to meet my new nephew Dawson, spend time with my brother's family and just relax for the week. So, I am trying to catch up on all of our recent activities before we head out of town. Shew, two posts in one night!

Two Sundays ago our great friend Chad (Leigh's boyfriend and our photographer extraordinaire) participated in the IronMan in Louisville. It's a crazy, ridiculous triathlon...2.4 mile swim (in the Ohio River, do you people know how sick that is in itself?), 112 mile bike ride through hilly horse farms and then a marathon (yep 26.2 miles) after that! It makes me exhausted just typing it out. Needless to say Chad had been training for a long time and we were a part of "Team Chad" and cheered him on throughout the day. He finished in around 16 hours. Seriously? 16 hours of INTENSE physical exercise!

The day truly was inspirational! People from all over the country were there to cheer on partipants throughout the entire day. It brought tears to my eyes before Chad finished because it was such an accomplishment! We were so proud of him and happy that he didn't get hurt during the event!

Go Team Chad! We all had matching shirts and Addie wore orange to help cheer Chad on.

"Aunt" Leigh and Addison

She loved ringing the cowbell to cheer on all the IronMan participants!

Cheering on the bikers waiting for Chad to ride by...

The finish line at 4th Street Live. I didn't get to see Chad finish because Jeremy and I took turns cheering him on once Addie went to bed that night. Jeremy met up with Chad to take his mind off the pain and walked the final mile with him downtown until Chad got close to the finish line. I wasn't there to hear the announcer say, "Chad Turner, You're an IronMan", but I was at home praying that he was almost finished and would make it. When I was there in the evening while Chad was in the middle of the marathon a 63-year-old man crossed the finish line. This event is truly inspirational, STUPID, but inspirational!!! I don't even make time to run a few miles a day! :) Talk about feeling lazy!

More firsts...KY State Fair!

Two weekends ago we went to the KY State Fair with my parents. My dad hadn't seen Addie in months, literally! He hadn't even seen her walk if that gives you a sense of how long it has been. I was so glad they made it down for the day to spend some quality time with them, even though it was a short visit.

Addie experienced many firsts from the lovely event we call the state fair...first fair ride, first fair game, first stuffed animal to bring home from the fair. :) It brought me so much joy being on the merry-go-round with her. When it really started to take off she said "Weeeee!" How can we not make this an annual event even though it is ridiculously priced, unhealthy, hot and dirty???!!!

First ride at the state fair...

She LOVED the merry-go-round...I mean so much so that when it stopped and I told her we needed to get off she shook her head "no", then screamed "mine! mine!" when I took her off and then cried and reached for the merry-go-round as we left!

Going down the Fun Slide with dad. Addie was totally up for it. Jeremy said it was hilarious when they went over the first hump, Addie clinched on to his forearm as tight as she could. I don't think she realized it would be much faster than the slides at the playground. :)

Fishing for ducks with Grammy and Grandpa

Round #2 of the merry-go-round, this time with dad

Thursday, September 3, 2009

18 months

Addison Grace turned 18 months old last Tuesday. At her doctor's appointment she was 20.8 lbs. (10.25%) and 30 1/2 inches (50%). These last 6 months flew by and I know the next 6 months will too!

Addie is ALL toddler and I mean that in every good and bad way. She loves to laugh, dance and sing! Some of her favorites to dance and sing to are "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes". You have seen her pictures of her talking on the phone before so you have seen the evidence of our little talker. She says too many words now to really count and I know the next 6 months her language skills will really develop. She also repeats (or tries to repeat) anything we ask her to say and don't say. Yep, we now need to watch what we say around her because she will try to repeat it. :) Addie is a lover! Every morning when we drop her off at daycare she gives Jeremy a big hug, a kiss and says "bye daddy" while I take her inside. It melts our hearts! Addie loves to organize things taking items out of the drawer, lining them up and them putting them back in the drawer. She loves to read and learn! She loves to play dress up, too. In the mornings while we are getting ready for work you can often find her in our bedroom trying to put on our shoes, my jewelry and our clothes. She has always been one happy, little girl.

Addie is also independent (or at least she thinks she is sometimes). One of her favorite words is "mine", unfortunately. She is VERY strong willed and will whine, cry or throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat when she doesn't get her way. Addie also is impatient and gets frustrated easily. We joke and say she has OCD tendencies. She has a set of flashcards and gets frustrated when they don't line up nice in a stack. She'll bring them to one of us to put them in a neat stack, she'll clap when we are fixing them and then smile when we hand them back. She also does the same type of things with plastic baby spoons. Weird, I know. Addie also gets frustrated when our clothes or shoes don't fit her correctly and won't stay on.

We have had a wonderful 18 months and love seeing ALL the parts of Addie's personality. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know our little Addie-tude better (as our friend, Brooke, would say).

I'll post more pictures soon of our busy weekend. We're heading to Lake Cumberland with Jeremy's family for the weekend. Enjoy the long weekend!

Addie loves to color and be outside...

...has a sweet tooth...

...loves to play dress up... a messy eater... all smiles...

...and a dancin' queen!