Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful day on Easter Sunday! I love Easter for so many reasons...celebrating the Risen Christ, church, family, spring, egg hunts and more!

The Easter bunny brought a few things for the girls.

We went to the 9:00 service at our church and then came back to our house to have a brunch with my parents and David and the family.  This was the first Easter in a very long time that we have all been together!

Our sweet Kate Ellen.  She added the necklaces for some bling after church. :)

Our sweet Addison Grace.

My mom bought these cookies for everyone from Plehn's Bakery.  She would buy some of these growing up and they are some of my very favorite cookies! Yum!

Dawson posing with his cookie.
Addie posing with her cookie.

Tried to get a few pictures of the grandkids before the Wildes left.

Love these next two pics!  I think it really shows how sweet Addie is with her little sister (most of the time).

And sometimes Big Sis is overly affectionate.  

And sometimes Big Sis acts like a goober.

Addie and Dawson were playing inside and accidentally bumped heads.  Addie had a big bump on her eyebrow.  You can see it in this picture.  It is such a sweet picture regardless.  You can tell these two love each other!  I have said this before, but when I found Kate was a girl I didn't really know what to think, was nervous about having two girls (flash forward to teenage years) and thought Jeremy would be disappointed.  And then I immediately realized they would be sisters.  I think every girl wants a sister (well, ones that don't have them).  And pictures like this makes me so thankful they are girls and have each other as sisters.

After brunch we were able to get the girls down for a nap and then headed out to Jeremy's Aunt Vicki's house in the afternoon.  This is the best picture I got of the kids before the egg hunt.

Looking so big!

 Josie helped Kate the whole time.  I have a cute video I hope to day.

The egg hunt went into the backyard and then the kids starting to trying to find them in the neighbor's yard where there are horses and bulls.  I don't think there were any past the barbwire fence.  Ha!

Photo with Papaw and Mamaw

The only family photo we got during the day

Showing off some more stuff they got from Mamaw and Papaw

After the hunt we went inside for dessert.  Because they hadn't had enough sugar already.  Ha!

Kate got sunglasses in her Easter basket and loves them.  Check these cool kids out!

Shut the front door...three posts in a week.  Shew! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday before Easter

We had a busy day the Saturday before Easter.  We went to Brown Park in the morning for our annual church Easter egg hunt.  It was a little chilly, but was a really nice morning.

Dawson and David came along with my parents.  Unfortunately, Dylan had a fever so Carrie and Dylan couldn't come.

The Easter bunny came.  If you can't tell Kate wasn't a fan of the bunny.  She tensed up and did not want to get close.

Dawson was a little hesitant during the egg hunt, but Addie came over and helped him out for a bit.

They separate the kids by age group for the hunt.  I was with Addie's age group so I didn't get many pics of Kate hunting eggs.  Apparently should would get a bit distracted while doing it.  Ha!

Last year even Addie was bit hesitant of the bunny, but not this year.  She really wanted her picture with the bunny.  (Little did she know one of her babysitters was in the suit.)

Here's Addie playing with Julia.  Julia is becoming one of her favorite people, especially because Julia is very close friends with Kelly.  Julia and Addie have lots of fun together.  They were pretending to scare each other going down the slide.

Saturday evening we finally got together with Leigh, Chad and the girls' favorite baby.  We haven't gotten our families together very much lately so it was nice just to hang out.  I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more photos of these three girls together.  They love each other!

Kate so wishes she was bigger and could hold babies by herself.

And then we dyed eggs.  We didn't really have Kate do much.  I think if we did she would have tried to drink it all. :)

Kate trying on her new shoes before bed.  Like the look? :)

A long, fun day and we still had Easter Sunday to look forward to!  Pics soon.
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

March catch-up

Trying to catch-up on the blog. Here's March in a nutshell.

We celebrated Layton's 4th birthday at the Oldham Co. YMCA.

Awesome Spiderman cake, of course.

Great round of hitting the pinata. Addie has a pretty good swing.  Maybe we should get her in softball.

Birthday boy showing off his candy loot.

Loving the cake and cupcakes.

Tyson (Jeremy's cousin's son) cracks me up with his boots.   
On to swimming.  We are going to get Addie in swim lessons again.  She did well last summer with the lessons and on our Florida trip, but now she won't take her floaties off.  Hopefully we can work on it this summer and she will be floatie free.  I think she likes wearing them because she can be so independent and we don't have to be around her much.

Kate was an absolute fish in the water!  I can't even begin to tell you how much she loved the water.  She really hasn't swam since Abigail's party in November, but this girl would not get out of the pool.  She cried when it was time to go.

And her favorite thing to do was jump off the side of the pool.  It was adorable.  She can barely jump, but was able just enough to throw herself forward into the water.  She probably did this 50 times.

We got together with our good friends, the Ammons and Bironas families.  Cohen, the only boy, was chewing on a star wand. :)

Kate loving on Alivia, Jamie and Derek's little one.  Kate loves babies, but sometimes doesn't have very gentle hands. :)

Lainey playing in Addie's room.  Kate and Lainey are a little over a month apart.  And both of them are wild!

Had to take a photo of this Superdad carrying all three of his kiddos!  Yes, they are done having kids. Ha!

Here are the girls after church on Palm Sunday.  They had fun playing with and waving their palms (and hitting us in the face) at church .

Such a ham!  Love her in her yellow and gray.  

This is a great representation of Kate's personality.  She is always cracking herself up and trying to make others laugh.
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