Saturday, May 28, 2011

And this is why...

Jeremy is not worried about having another girl. He loves that his child, no matter the gender, wants to learn about something he loves!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Charleston, SC with great friends

We went to Charleston, SC at the end of April for a long weekend for Ann Marie (college friend) and Bryan's wedding. We rented a van with our 3 favorite couples and drove through the night. The two preggos survived! We were then joined by 6 other people in a house that we rented. It was an awesome weekend spending time with sorority sisters and their spouses/significant others. We had incredible weather and got to see some of Charleston during the visit. Jeremy and I had never been to Charleston, SC before and now want to go back after the quick trip. The city is absolutely gorgeous. The wedding was wonderful and Ann Marie was beautiful! The weekend was filled with lots of laughter and memories!

The house we rented was on Isle of Palms and we were right across the beach. This is the view from the rooftop! We spend our evenings on the rooftop.

Downtown Charleston shops

The old slave market

Rainbow Row

Pretty ladies!

Right off the harbor
Love these girls!

I mean, how could you not want to live there?

The house we rented. So nice!

At the rehearsal dinner. Everyone was invited! The rehearsal hall was right on the beach.

All of the DGs (except Ann Marie)

Tara and Brad...Great photo, great couple!

Ashley and Bryan...ditto! :)

The church was right off the beach on Sullivan's Island

Brandon and Brooke...ditto! And you can see a little of Brooke's bump! :)

Jeremy and I before the wedding...much bigger bump! :)
The girls before the wedding

The beautiful bride! She is one awesome person! We are so happy for her!

Everyone with the bride!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hart!

Yummy cake!

The bridesmaid, groom and bride. Great reception!

Congrats Ann Marie and Bryan! To happily ever after...

P.S. Sooooo behind on the blog. Hope to catch up soon. We've both been really busy with work, getting Addie's new room ready and ummm...preparing for a baby! (She'll be here in about 2 months! Eek!)