Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We thought we were going to have a low-key Christmas since we celebrated with our families before Christmas. It ended up still being busy, but still a wonderful holiday. On Christmas Eve we went over to Jamie and Gary's house (Leigh's mom and step-dad) for an open house and then to Jeremy's aunt's house for Christmas Eve dinner. My parents arrived that night around 10:00 p.m. because my dad had do his church's service that evening. Jeremy, my mom and I all went to 11:00 Christmas Eve service while my dad stayed back while Addie slept.

Christmas we hung out with my parents, went over to Anthony and Jenny's for a bit and had dinner at our house. My parents were in town until Saturday morning. It was nice for them to visit for a few days because that doesn't happen much with their work schedules. We were so thankful that Addie was healthy so my parents and others could see our playful and happy girl. Addie certainly is spoiled rotten!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas visiting family and friends and celebrating the birth of the Christ child! Happy New Years!


Playing with Leigh at Jamie and Gary's house on Christmas Eve

Trying to get a picture with Kylie (Jeremy's cousin's daughter)

Yep, she already likes money!

Addie loved playing with the tambourine

With Kelly on Christmas Eve at church

Nice! My dad's new golf ball finder glasses! Ha!

Addie loved the ribbons

Addie trying to talk on the phone that Grammy and Grandpa gave her

Playing Uncle Anthony's drums with MamawNet

Christmas Day

Isn't she looking so big these days?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas "baby"

We have been busy celebrating Christmas with family! My entire family on my mom's side was all together two weekends ago. This doesn't happen often. David, Carrie and Dylan were in town from Florida for a week. My Aunt Cathy and Uncle Phil from West Virginia got to meet Addie for the first time. It was so great to spend time together as a family. Too bad Addie was sick again!!!! Yep, third time in less than 2 months! This time it was a virus similar to tonsillitis. She was pretty needy and wasn't herself when the family was all together. We hate that she keeps getting sick! It is hard on her and on us!

Last weekend we did Christmas with Jeremy's side of the family. Tiffany (Jeremy's sister), Dave, Alex and Kameryn came in from Evansville. Addie has gotten the hang of unwrapping presents. She loves the bows and ribbons the most We need a bigger house for all her toys because her toys are no longer small (see below).

The highlight of the weekend was Addie said her first word. Betty and Randy got her a baby doll. She loved it immediately. That night when we were away at a wedding they told us she said "baby" all night long. We didn't believe them. The next morning we asked her where her baby was and she pointed to it and said "baby". She is hooked to the baby and won't stop saying the word. We asked her daycare this morning and they told us she loves playing with the baby dolls there so it made sense why she was attached so quickly. So cute! She is getting so big! Addie will be 10 months old on Christmas!

I uploaded some pictures from the past couple of weeks. I'll upload some videos soon.

We are looking forward to a low-key Christmas Day after celebrating with family already. May your holidays be filled with joy, peace and love. Christmas blessings from our family to yours!

Santa visited Addie's daycare during the Christmas party. It didn't go as well this time. What do you think?

She fell asleep like this in the car

Yeah! Cousin Dylan was in town!

With Uncle David, cousin Dylan and my cousin, Bill

Playing piano

A new toy from Aunt Carrie, Uncle David and Dylan

Four generations...the girls

Three generations...the guys

Riding a pony that will stay at Honey and Papaw Randy's

The girl cousins


Riding her new pink pony

Jeremy's cousin got married Sat. night


Addie got a sled from Papaw and MamaNet


Cousin Kami playing dressing up

She loved her baby so much she wanted to nap with it

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We've had so much fun with Addie lately now that she is feeling better. We love Christmas time and we are enjoying the season together! It is my favorite time of year. Last Saturday Chad and Leigh came over so Chad could take Christmas pictures of us. Chad also did her 6 month pictures at the park. He got some great ones despite not having the best lighting at our house. Enjoy some of them below. Thanks, Chad! They are great!

Sunday we did some Christmas shopping. Addison is a good shopper. She is such a social baby! She also had another "first" on Sunday at the mall...that's right, she sat on Santa's lap. It was the end of the day and there was hardly anyone in line, so I couldn't resist. She did great! She didn't smile, but she didn't cry at first. She started to cry when Santa tried tickling her to try to get her to smile. Geez, the pictures were expensive...$20 for 4 pictures! But Santa only comes around once a year and this is her first Christmas. I suppose this is what happens to all families every December. That traditional picture on that man's lap pulls us parents in.

Tonight we out to dinner with Jeremy's grandmother's side of the family. Of course Addie was passed around all night. She was showing off as usual. Her new thing this week is that she bounces like she is dancing. It's pretty funny!

David, Carrie and Dylan arrive from Florida on Saturday to visit for a week!!! We will be celebrating our Christmas with my side of the family on Sunday and Monday. This is one reason why I love this time of year; spending time with loved ones. Hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Playing in the bath tub

Addie loves bath time

Sitting on Santa's lap

These are her Thanksgiving pajamas. She got sick on them before I got a picture of her in them on Turkey Day.

This one is our favorite!

We love this one can see her teeth she is cheezin' it so much



Our attempt at a family photo with funny!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Rough Week #2

This week was another rough one for our family. Addie had a stomach virus and was vomiting and had diarrhea until Friday. Lovely! Addie also had her 9 month check-up (yeah, it is still hard to believe that the next check-up is her one year!) where she got a couple of shots and she cut another tooth this week. Poor thing! We are praying that December is a better month than November for us!

Addie weighed 16.8. That was in the 20 percentile. When I took her in a few weeks ago with her ear infection she was 17 pounds so she had lost weight from her bug. Our doctor wasn't concerned since she has been sick and is becoming more active. She was in the 60 percentile for height. She is still our little peanut.

Addison didn't dig into Thanksgiving meals since she was still sick, but she did enjoy some leftovers. By Saturday she was back to herself. That night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy's mom. She could not get enough food! I wish I would have taken a video of it. At one point Jeremy and I looked over and she was shoveling lots of food in her mouth with both hands. It was hilarious!

Despite the sickness we enjoyed spending time with family. My parents were in town for a bit. The three of us did a lot of hanging out, relaxing, getting things done and eating. Gosh, I feel like I gained 5 pounds. It was so nice to spend time together.

Addie is getting so big! She now claps her hands and waves bye-bye. See the video below. She is so proud of herself she claps all the time!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so blessed! We are looking forward to the advent is the best!!!


Eating mashed potatoes


Playing with mashed potatoes


Playing with Grandma Great after dinner


Watching Baby Einstein for the first time. We gave in and bought a DVD for her. We figured it would be better to have this on than the tv sometimes. She was fascinated by the puppets.


Helping me put up Christmas decorations


We are struggling finding a sippy cup that Addie wants to drink from. She loves to "drink" from cups. She doesn't drink much but does like to put her mouth on it.


Addie loves dogs!


Hanging out with Honey


This is the cute outfit she wore on Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pictures because my camera battery died and once it recharged she had already gotten sick on it. So she wore it again to church.


Finally feeling better!