Thursday, August 28, 2008

Florida or bust!

I will post more about pre-Florida and post-Florida later but this post is dedicated to our vacation. It definitely wasn't the vacation we expected. Tropical Storm Fay hung out in Melbourne for way too long! Yeah, the national news was doing live broadcasting about 10 minutes from David and Carrie's house. I can't tell you how many times my nephew, Dylan, said "It's still raining!" We arrived on Sunday, it was overcast on Monday and the rain moved in on Tuesday. Melbourne got about 30 inches of rain in 36 hours surpassing the record by a lot.

We still had a great time! Our cousin Bill came down from Pittsburgh on Thursday and the weather started to get better. We only see Bill about once or twice a year. Jeremy, Bill and David went charter fishing on the river on Saturday morning. Bill caught one fish and Jeremy caught a sailboat. Yep, had to climb on some stranger's boat and get the lure off. Jeremy loves to fish, but lately he doesn't have much luck (and I tell him fishing is luck and he begs to differ). :) Carrie, Dylan, Addie and I went to the beach while the guys fished. Bill left Sunday morning and the six of us went to the beach before we flew back. We had about a day or so of Florida sunshine. We don't get to see David, Carrie and Dylan much so if we were going to be cooped up indoors with someone for a few days we would prefer it be them. We watched the Olympics, played together, made dinner, ate seafood, slept and just hung out. Addie hated the ocean and sand (see the picture in the slideshow) anyways. She absolutely loved David and Carrie's pool! She would splash water in her face and wouldn't even care. She is a water baby just like her mom and dad.

Addison was wonderful on the plane! On the way there she was asleep before we were in the air and slept the entire way. It helped that the flight was during her nap. On the way back she slept for a bit (and only woke up because a baby behind us was crying), ate and then played. We were such proud parents. No worries!

It was so nice to be together as a family. We miss David, Carrie and Dylan already! It was hard coming back!

Enjoy the slideshow of pictures. I will post some videos later and more pictures and other updates soon. We are headed to the lake for Labor Day weekend so I may not post until next week. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Catch up

Wow! A lot has happened the past couple of weeks. We had to take Addison back to the pediatrician because she couldn't knock her cold/allergies. She is finally feeling better. Last week Addie got her first tooth. We knew it was coming because she was drooling a lot and chewing on everything, although she does that a lot anyway. :) She is such a happy baby. She didn't really fuss a lot even with the tooth breaking through.

Two weekends ago we went to Indy for a baby shower for Ashley and Bryan's triplets. It was a fun shower in the hospital with gifts galore. We had lots of fun being with some of our favorite people in Indy. Addison loved hanging out with her new friends, Brady, Breanna and Garrett. Garrett is about a month younger than Addison. They laid on the floor and just talked to each other. They are going to be life-long friends or we could be in trouble when the hormones kick in.

Last Thursday, August 7, Jeremy and I celebrated our 4th anniversary! It some ways it feels like yesterday that we just got married and in other ways it seems like long ago. Jeremy's mom watched Addie on Friday and then took her down to Lake Cumberland. Jeremy and I went down Saturday afternoon. So we had half of the weekend with just the two of us. It was wonderful! We went to an awesome restaurant, Le Relais, in Louisville. It is a French restaurant at a small airport where you can watch small planes take off and land. The chocolate sou flee was incredible! I tried to sleep in on Saturday but wasn't able to, I guess my body is trained. Welcome to motherhood, huh? It was nice to relax and just be the two of us! We have both been away from her a lot, but we have never been in our house without her for an extended amount of time. That is when is definitely hard to remember our lives with out Miss Addie G. We were excited to get the lake to see her and spend time with some family.

Kelly's last day watching Addison was Thursday. It has been great to have her with us this summer. It has been nice on us and on Addie to have someone at our house each day. Kel had to go back to college, but not before Addie and her spent a little time in the pool. I posted some pics below but they are turning out small. Sorry! Addison misses you, Kelly! :)

Addison started in her permanent daycare on Monday. Shashi, the owner, operates it out of her home. She is licensed for 12 kids, but right now has 9. Addie and another baby girl are the only babies. I am sure she will be spoiled. Last week Shashi came over to meet Addie, talk with us and bring a gift! So thoughtful! After 3 days we feel really good about it. She has been on a great schedule, been on walks and apparently laughs at the other kids all day long.

Sorry for the long post. We are getting ready for lots of fun! Anthony and Jenny are getting married on Friday and we leave for Florida on Sunday! We can't wait to spend time with David, Carrie and Dylan and just relax for a whole week. Say prayers that the plane ride goes well. Not looking forward to that one.

Love to you all!

P.S. Thanks Tracy for stopping by to stay "hi".

Shirts for the triplets from Ashley's cute!

All of the DGs at Ashley's shower


Flirting with Garrett. She then stuck her feet in his face showing Garrett her toes.

Chunky legs

Swimming with Kelly

In her sun hat...too cute!

Flying with Kelly

Big smile


Sitting on the front of the houseboat with Honey


Driving the boat with Papaw Randy


Hanging out in a stroller at the lake

Tummy time

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flashback--4th of July

Leigh and Chad came to visit me in Lexington on 4th of July. Jeremy was up for the weekend, too. Chad has an awesome camera and loves photography. Here are some cute pictures of Addison. Thanks Chad!