Monday, September 29, 2008

Big debut in Bloomfield

Two weekends ago we enjoyed a weekend with our youth group at Farmfest. Jeremy camped out on Friday with all the youth and Addie and I came down on Saturday. The weather was awesome! Addie enjoyed being passed around (shocker, I know), the hammock and just being outside.

Later that night we went to Ryan & Megan's wedding. Ryan was my closest guy friend growing up. My mom and his mom used to joke and say that we should get married if we weren't married by a certain age. I have so many memories with Ryan and our friends. Megan was a year younger in high school. We were in choir together and played soccer together. We were pretty good friends during high school, but didn't keep in touch much after graduation. Then Megan and Ryan started dating a few years ago. They are a perfect match! We love spending time with them, although it doesn't happen often. They had to change their entire wedding 4 days before because of the power outages. Both their church and reception venue were without power! I can't imagine everything they went through to change everything in 4 days! It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL wedding! It was great to catch up with people I haven't seen in years.

This past weekend we finally went to Bloomfield, IN where my parents live. They have been there a few years when my dad became a minister and got a church there. It is a very small town, but very cute. My dad, Jeremy and I played golf on Saturday while my mom watched Addison. Saturday night we walked up to the town Italian restaurant, down to the park and to Dairy Queen for dessert (because every small town has a DQ, right?). Addie got to swing on the playground for the first time. I'll post a video soon. She loved it! On Sunday Addison made her big debut at my dad's church. She was her happy self and flirted with everyone. It was so great to spend time with parents. It doesn't happen enough, unfortunately.

How could I forget to mention that Addison is 7 months old? She still loves to laugh, she says "ba ba" and "ma ma" all the time (no, it isn't associated with me yet, it is just a syllable she likes) and she is itching to crawl. I still think it will be a while, but she can move! She can get to one side of the room to other rolling back and forth. I think every week we say "I love this age she is in" and it gets better everyday, although we both miss the days of her sleeping on our chests.

Have a great week!


"Thanks for my cute overalls, Amanda!"


Chillin' on the hammock with dad at our youth group's Farmfest! Addie had lots of fun hanging out with the "big kids"!


Addie was playing with these buckets and she ended with one of them on her head


With the beautiful bride


With the groom


What a crew!


Addie is a big girl now. We went to dinner with my parents and she was in the high chair the whole time. There was lots of interruptions in dinner with the game of "play with a toy and then drop it on the floor". A dinner roll occupied her for quite some time. :)


Swinging for the first time


"Thanks Mamaw Net for my outfit"


Can you tell she likes the camera? She is cracking up here!


With Grandpa


With Grammy and Grandpa


With Grammy


Addie has LOVED bathtime since she was first born...well, except for when she did spongebaths.

Friday, September 19, 2008

We've got we can catch you up

Our electricity came on this morning at 6:15 a.m.!!! We were so excited! There are still a little less than 100,000 people in Louisville without power. It was a fun adventure, but we were ready to have our power back. Jeremy can have his coffee, I can dry my hair and we can actually cook and have ice in our drinks. It's the little things...:)

Last week our friends Tracy and Blake had their baby girl, Alena Marie. Addie has a new friend to play with in town. :) We are sooo happy for them!

Last Sunday we went to Jeremy's cousin's son's (did you get that?) one-year-old birthday party. It was on a farm in Shelby County. It was nice to get in the fall mood with pumpkins, mums and apples. We got some cute pictures and a video. Addie rode her first pony (she had some help from her Papaw). Unfortunately Hurricane Ike came through with all the wind so the party ended early.

Have a great weekend! We are enjoying this beautiful weather!


Happy fall!


At the petting zoo with Papaw John (see the clouds behind them a.k.a. windstorm!)


Little piggy


Riding the pony


The next morning after our power went out Jeremy was missing his morning coffee. He had leftover coffee from the day before. He put the coffee in a bowl in the sink, put two pieces of wood on the bottom of the sink to raise the bowl and then put tea lights under it to heat the coffee. Obsessed much?


Chillin' in her cute adidas outfit

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let there be light!

Not for sure if you have heard about Louisville's wind storm or not. Ike made its way to Kentucky! On Sunday we had wind gusts up to 80 MPH almost registered as a hurricane level 1 but without rain! About 65% of Louisville was without power. Unfortunately we were one of those. LG&E has said it could take up to 10-14 days to have everything back to normal. It is crazy around here! Stoplights are out, restaurants and grocery stores have lost power and gas stations with gas are hard to find. We think we won't get power on for a while because a few streets down has electricity. We lost several shingles in the storm and branches. And to top it all off someone got into our Volvo on Sunday (we were stupid and had the doors unlocked, but still!)! We don't think anything was stolen. We are counting our blessings because things could have been a lot worse for us. I know there are people in other areas of the country in bad shape. Trees and power lines have fallen on people's cars and houses. The biggest blessing is how beautiful the weather has been! If this would have happened in very cold or hot weather things could have been way worse.

Sunday night we stayed at the house by candlelight. Kinda nice actually. The only problem is I have been miserable ever since because of my allergies. Sleeping with the windows open and all the dust the storm created has made my allergies kick in! Monday night and tonight we have stayed at Jeremy's mom's house. She has power and has made us dinner. Addie's daycare didn't have power on Monday. Luckily Betty's didn't either so she watched Addie for us. Both Jeremy's work and my work did have power, of course...we both work downtown. Addie's daycare was back to normal today, thankfully.

It has been quite an adventure! We just pray this won't last another week. We'll keep you updated. Don't have too much sympathy for us because today Jeremy went with his dad to the PGA Ryder Cup (America vs. Europe)! It's in Louisville for the week. Yeah, he was in heaven!

I'll try to post more pictures soon once our lives are back to normal. Until then enjoy the cute pictures from the park below.

Friday, September 12, 2008 for your favorite!!!

We went with Chad and Leigh to the park last Sunday and took pictures for Addie's six month pictures. Photography is one of Chad's hobbies. He did such a wonderful job! Addison did really well despite being sick the day before (she had a fever, was tired and didn't want to eat for a couple of days...definitely not herself!) and having a busy day on Sunday.

Aren't these pictures amazing? We are having a hard time deciding which ones to order. Help us out and tell us which ones you like the best. He took about 140 of them so there are even more to choose from! Thanks, Chad, for sharing your gifts with us!














#7 I think she looks like she is modeling here :)


#8 Hang ten, dude

















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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Here's a cute video from Florida. Addison loved Dylan's old Jump 'n Go. Please excuse my annoying voice, I was trying to make her bounce. :) She was getting the hang of it.

A couple more posts with pictures after this one. Keep scrolling. :)

6 months old and labor day weekend

Addie is now over 6 months old! It is so hard to believe (and I know I say that every time another month passes). She is definitely quite the wiggle worm! She reaches for absolutely everything. It is so fun to watch her explore new things. She did well at her appt. She is still in the 75% for height but in 40% for weight. Dr. Nick said that isn't too uncommon since she is becoming more active.

Addison has done really well at her daycare. We are really happy with the way things have turned out at Shashi's. She gets lots of attention, lovin' and exercise while she is there and they have her on a great routine. We are so pleased.

Our friends Ashley and Bryan had their triplets while we were in Florida!!! Madeline Rose, Harry Owen and Olivia Ann were born on Tuesday, August 19. They were very premature but weighed a lot for triplets and for how early they were. The triplets will be in the NICU for quite some time. They are not out of the woods, but are definitely doing well. We can't meet them! Say prayers for their family!

We went to the lake this past weekend. Anthony and Jenny bought Randy and Betty's boat and Randy and Betty bought a different boat. It was so nice to spend time as a family. Addie's cousins Alex and Kameryn are always so good with her and I know her Uncle Dave and Aunt Tiffany love playing with her. Addie is such the social butterfly. She did really well on the boat but sometimes she didn't want to nap because she knew she was missing out on the action. I think she can blame both her mom and dad for that one. :)

We returned home on Monday to go to a Labor Day picnic at my grandmother's retirement home. My parents were there too. We don't get to see them much so it was so nice to spend a few hours with them. Addison did really well despite the heat. Isn't that what Labor Day is all about? Being off work to sweat in the hot sun?

Lots of pictures below. Have a fabulous weekend!


At church with a cute dress and hat. Thanks Audrey & Ryan!


Addie now smiles at that camera. Before she would just look at us funny when we put the camera up to our eyes. Sometimes the flash still gets her.


Playing in the baby pool on top of the houseboat


Taking a bath in the sink on the houseboat


Labor Day picnic...with a large hat on :)


Finally spending time with Grammy parents were virgins but did pretty well for their first time!


Checking out the chickens at the petting zoo


With Grandma Great

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Goin' to the chapel

Jenny and Anthony got married on Friday, August 15 right before we left for Florida. It was a wonderful celebration! Here are a few pictures from their big day. We are so happy for them!


Addie with her great grandparents at the rehearsal


Betty, Jenny, Anthony & Randy right after the ceremony


Introducing the bride and groom


Chillin' at the reception...This is what Jeremy does at wedding receptions while I cut a rug on the dance floor. :)

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