Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pittsburgh Wedding Weekend...Part 1

We went to Pittsburgh Mother's Day weekend for my cousin's wedding.  The weekend was full of many firsts...first hotel room stay with both girls (which equals less sleep on mom and dad & always on alert with a crawler), first time Addie jumped on a hotel bed, first time Addie was a flower girl, first time Addie was up until almost midnight, etc.  It was an awesome weekend with family!

We arrived Thursday evening (not without Addie getting carsick first in downtown Pittsburgh with nowhere to pull over!) just in time to take advantage of the hotel's happy hour (our favorite...Yuengling for $2!  Holla!!!), visit with my aunt, uncle, cousin, fiancee and my parents.  We then went to a great upscale Burger place that evening and visited some more when David, Carrie & the boys arrived.

Friday was beautiful weather and we decided to walk around the area we were in and grab some lunch with my parents.

We couldn't do too much that day because we had to be at the rehearsal in the afternoon.  Lauren (the bride) made Addie this shirt last fall that says "Flower Girl".  It still fit and Addie wore it to the rehearsal.  So cute!

Dylan and Dawson were the ring bearers and Lauren made them shirts that said, "Ring Security".  Ha! 

Look at those two handsome boys!

Here are the three kids practicing walking down the aisle.  Addie learned to snapped her fingers that week as exhibited as she struts down the aisle.  Ha!  The wedding venue was incredible! 

The rehearsal dinner was at an authentic Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh's Little Italy. There was so much food and it was incredible!  Kate loved munching on an entire piece of bread.  This girl is an eater!  She also is developing quite the attitude.  She throws fits when you take things away from this piece of bread.

(Check out Kate's hairbow.  Her first actual clip because she has enough hair to put a hairbow in it.  My mom bought it for her that day.)

Addie got a gift of all of the Disney princesses for being in the wedding.  She said, "Mommy, it is what I always wanted!"  Addie was in heaven between the food, the princesses, her family and cupcakes that evening.

Lauren (the bride) and the girls

On Saturday, the day of the wedding, we decided to try to do something in the city, but also knew we didn't have too much time.  We decided on the Duck Boat Tours.  It was a great way to see the city and was fun for all ages.  Pittsburgh is a great city!  I wish we could have seen more.  I highly recommend it.

Addie, Grammy and Dylan on the tour

We first toured downtown on the streets and then headed into the water.

The tour guides were really funny and they let the kids get a chance to drive the boat.  Addie was the last one and when it was her turn they asked, "What is your name?"  Here she is SHOUTING, "Addie!".  They then told her to quack.  She definitely was the loudest and is never a shy one.  I wish I got video of it.

Driving the boat...

Kate enjoyed the tour.  She started getting hungry and restless towards the end so I had to try entertain.  I got some cute shots of her on my lap.  I love her cheeks!

Addie and  Dylan posing in front one of the fountains by the river.

After the tour we needed some lunch and headed to Primanti Bros.  It is famous in Pittsburgh and has several locations.  It has been highlighted on Food Network before.  David had been before and said we needed to go.  It was a DIVE!  I expected it to be a little nicer, but I guess that is part of the experience.  They serve fries and coleslaw on their sandwiches!  Fries are a big thing in Pittsburgh.  They even put fries on salads there.  Crazy!

Here is Jeremy trying to bite into his sandwich...

The bread was huge even on the kids' sandwiches.  Addie taking a shark bite.

Here is one of the sandwiches.  Needless to say we didn't eat everything and we all felt little worse about ourselves afterwards. :)

I have so many pictures from the weekend that I had to break it into two groups.  Next post I will highlight the wedding itself.