Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update and trip to the lake

We visited Dr. O'Daniel, the plastic surgeon, almost two weeks ago. Basically it is kind of a "wait and see". He said that if he removed it right now it could grow back. They would have to put her to sleep to use a laser and put a shield over her eye to not damage it. He doesn't think that the hemangioma is obstructing her vision right now...which is good. However, it can and probably will continue to grow. It is doing no harm right now. We knew how common they were in children, but were surprised to learn that 1 out of 3 babies have birthmarks and 80% are hemangiomas. Most all grow up until 1 year old and then slowly decrease. 90% them go away by age 9. We are going back in 8 weeks to see how big it has gotten and to see if it is obstructing her vision and then re-evaluate it getting removed. We are thankful because I have heard and he also told us that some totally take over the face. Although we hate that she has this, we are pretty fortunate that this is the most we have to worry about right now. She is healthy and that is what matters most. We are going to take up-close pictures of it weekly to see if it is growing. We see her all the time so it is hard to tell. We'll keep you posted.

Memorial Day weekend Addison went to Lake Cumberland for the first time. This was the first trip of many more to come in her lifetime. Jeremy's mom and Randy have a houseboat at State Dock. We have so much fun as a family there. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Addie did really well despite cramped quarters and hot weather. She slept well and took good naps. I am sure the boat rocking helped out. Jeremy's mom and sister, Tiffany, watched her a lot while I went skiing and Jeremy went fishing. Jeremy and I went out on the jetski and on "The Bait Bucket", his run down fishing boat. Jeremy loves to fish, although he hasn't caught much in the past year or so. He is still optimistic even though I always tell him fishing is just luck. He tends to disagree when he reviews the Lake Cumberland fishing guide map. :) Addie got to meet her cousins Alex (age 10) and Kameryn (almost 6) for the first time. Kami loved holding her and was always helping out. She even wrote her a little poem. It was a wonderful weekend!

Hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend! Yeah for a short work week! I'll to post a cute video here shortly.


Smiling in her carrier after the shower


Hugging her really soft stuffed animal



Addie and cousin Kameryn


Cousin Alex and Addie


Playing with dad and Kami


In her sunhat on the front of the houseboat


Addie and Honey (Jeremy's mom)


Tiffany, Dave, Alex and Kameryn on top of the houseboat


Jeremy's pride and joy, "The Bait Bucket" fishing boat :)


Addison in her bathing suit


The first time sitting in her Bebe Pod Plus (like a Bumbo seat)...she really likes it!

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Heather said...

She's so stinkin' cute! I'm glad to hear that they don't think her vision is being blocked. I guess you'll have to cross that bridge when you get there. I hope that all continues to go well! She's a cutie!