Friday, October 31, 2008


We had so much fun Homecoming weekend! We stayed with the Klines so that meant Garrett and Addie got lots of time together to play. They are 5 weeks apart so it is cute to watch them together.

On Saturday it was great being back on Butler's campus, although it was very cold! I got to have some conversations with some people I hadn't seen since graduation 5 years ago. They were brief though. I have come to find out that happens with kids now. :) Everything was great all weekend it just felt so rushed because we had lots we wanted to do, but still had to work around baby schedules.

We finally got to meet the Callahan triplets. Two of the babies had been released and one was still in the hospital. We all met up at the hospital on Sunday morning to see Ashley and Bryan and the three little piggies. They are too cute and little! They have grown so much since they were born.

Enjoy the pictures. I'll post more soon including some video of our little army crawler. Yep, that's right Addie is mobile!!!


Garrett and Addie playing


These guys aren't too hip anymore


Moms and babies. This was while we watched the parade. Garrett and Addie slept through their first parade.


Tailgating...SOOOOO cold!


Lots of playing together


Posing for the camera


DGs and babies!!! This was in the hospital. Too bad little Olivia, Madeline and Harry couldn't join the photo! They can't be around babies because they are premies.


Garrett looks like he has teeth! He was eating a puff and it kinda got stuck under his lip. It was really funny!

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