Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goof Ball!

We've had a lot going on the past couple of weeks. Last week Addie had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic (from the strep), we think. Tuesday I picked her up from daycare and her legs were really swollen, red and warm to touch. I immediately called the doctor. They told me to stop her medicine and to give her Benadryl. Wednesday the hives started to come out. We took her to the doctor that afternoon. By Thursday morning she didn't look like the same girl. The saddest part was she didn't want to crawl. She would try a little bit but it was obvious that the hives were bothering her. By Saturday she was back to normal. We hope that this doesn't happen again. It really scared me. Poor thing!

This week we have enjoyed the beautiful weather outside with walks, a trip to the park and having the windows open! Jeremy and I sat by our firepit for the first time since the fall on Monday night. It was nice.

Addie is into everything right now! Her favorite thing to do is pulling things out of anything...laundry basket, drawers, cabinets, toy box, etc. I'll post a video later. In the mornings she pulls everything out of the vanity while we get ready. Sometimes she puts things back, but that isn't quite as fun. She still is not walking and we are in no hurry. She is fast enough by her crawl/scoot. She is starting to cruise a bit. She says more words now--daddy and mama! She rarely says "mama" though. She constantly points at things and tries to talk to us. Addie still constantly has us laughing. See the pictures below.

Enjoy what is left of this beautiful weather!

Addie is a big girl. She is in a new car seat now. She didn't know what to think at first. She kept looking at the dashboard because she hadn't really seen it before. It was funny! This is right after we got it.

This is Addie during the middle of her hives episode. Look how swollen her fingers are!

This is her Thursday morning. She doesn't even look like our little Addison! Poor thing!

Climbing the stairs at Aunt Jenny and Uncle Anthony's house. We don't have stairs in our house so this was a "first". She wanted to do it all night. (She has been doing this with her tongue a lot lately.)

I didn't really want to post this, but I couldn't resist. Addie absolutely loves playing with the laundry, especially when I am folding it. I think she may think she is helping. Addie was playing with our socks and underwear when I was trying to fold the laundry. This is what she ended up looking like while playing.

Can we say "ham" or what? She acts like this is not a big deal.

There's that tongue again. We think she is cutting another tooth.

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