Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Festival weekend

Last weekend we went up to see my parents in Bloomfield, IN. It was the small town's big annual weekend of the Apple Festival. There is a festival at the park kinda like a county fair/arts & crafts fair with a ton of food. On Sunday there is a parade with a ton of old tractors, church floats, old cars, etc. Very cute and quaint!

We went to the festival, checked out old cars, went to the local library, ate lots of good food and rode rides. While Jeremy and my dad went fishing my mom, Addie and I walked around the town square and went to the local library. It was pretty cold on Saturday so we didn't spend as much time at the festival as we would have liked to. On Sunday we went to my dad's church and then stayed for the parade. Addie loved the parade! We had to keep running after her because she would run into the middle of the street getting candy.

It was a wonderful, fall weekend and reminded us how we don't get to see my parents enough. Have a great week!

Doesn't our Addison Grace look all grown up here? Showing off her cute overalls and bow in her hair. Finally she is wearing bows! We think she likes them because she loves to play dress up. :)

Another merry-go-round. This time she wasn't as excited...

...but she did love the slide!!!

On the wagon ride back to my parent's house from the festival. Addie cried when we got off because she liked it so much. :)

The fire department gave out hats at the parade.

Catching on quickly to grabbing the candy...

...and then putting it in the bag. She got the beads from the parade too.

Grammy and Grandpa were in the parade for my dad's church. She went running into the streets as soon as she saw them. Too cute!

And this is the Bloomfield Elvis impersonator and state legislator all in one! HA!

With Grammy and Grandpa. The theme of the parade was related to the 60's, can you tell? :)


BandBbaby said...

Too cute! Glad you had such a great weekend with your parents. Love the bows in the curly locks!

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

I'm so glad you were ablet o spend some quality time with your mom and dad. I bet they were so excited to have you! Those bows are too cute! She makes me want to try again for a girl! (Not any time soon though....don't worry.) :-)

Anonymous said...

Too cute Laura!!! I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weekends:-D


Nick, Jenn & Max said...

She is such a cutie pie. Love that she knows candy is yummy even at this age. :) Love her curly hair and bows. Adorable!!! Hope you are having a great fall!