Saturday, December 4, 2010


I got free tickets to Kalightoscope, a new holiday feature in Louisville. The attraction is full of large lighted sculptures inspired by Chinese art. We went to it a few weeks ago and it was great to kick-off the holiday season.

At the entrance...

In front of the Derby/local section

We are LOVING the beautiful snow! Not too much here, but enough to make it so pretty! I had to work some today so Jeremy played with Addie in the snow (of course no pictures). We got our tree this morning and we'll decorate it tomorrow. I love the Christmas season!


Nick and Jenn said...

That looks really cool. I love all the colors. Addie looks so cute too. Hope you enjoy the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Addie will definitely be a show choir girl one day!!! Maybe do a Spice Girl routine one day!!! She is adorable Merry Christmas ..Robin