Saturday, April 23, 2011

Palm Sunday

Last Sunday Addie sang with the Melody Makers for Palm Sunday. She's singing pretty loud in the beginning and does a great job waving her palms despite her friend Mitchell rubbing his palms in her face. :) Pretty cute!

(I would have done a larger video through Vimeo, but my internet is acting funny so hopefully you can view this.)

And before I forget to blog this (since this is kinda Addie's journal/baby book), she said the best thing the other morning. She just woke up and Jeremy was holding her getting ready to leave for work and she summoned me over to them. She hugged me so that the three of us were having a group hug and said, "Family...I love our family!" Be still my heart. Me too, kiddo, me too.

Tomorrow is Easter. It is always a wonderful day to remind us of the true reason of the holiday and celebrate the Risen Christ! Hope yours is glorious!

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