Monday, September 19, 2011

Labor Day weekend and funny stories

We usually go to the lake for Labor Day weekend.  At last minute we weren't able to make it work out.  Although we missed the lake we enjoyed spending time around family and friends over the weekend and getting things done around the house.  On Sunday we went over to Heather and Peter's house and on Monday we had David, Carrie and the boys over because Jeremy cooked some meat on the smoker.

We ended up going to Evansville on Saturday for a quick visit to spend time with Jeremy's sister and her family.  They have a pool in the backyard so we spent a lot of time swimming.  We don't get to their house much so it was nice to spend the day with them there.

 Addie is pretty confident in the pool.  We are going to get her swim lessons this year.  I think she will be swimming without any floatation devices in no time.

Jeremy, Kameryn and Addie in the pool

This girl is a ham sometimes!

Kameryn holding Kate.  Kami loves babies and is always so good with Addie.

Addie and Kameryn have something in common...they love ribs!  So funny!

I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the family.  Alex made us Chocolate Chip Cookies before we left to go home.   They were yummy!  I think she takes after her mom!

Funny story--Addie learned about Justin Beiber during our trip there.  Kameryn has a Justin doll and Addie kept playing with it.  She kept calling it "Justin Beaver".  At the end of the day Kameryn let her have a couple of pages from her magazine with him on it.  On the way home Addie was kissing the magazine pages.  Jeremy and I were NOT impressed!  She probably saw Kameryn do it or something because she didn't really know what she was doing.  We still did NOT enjoy seeing our little girl do this!  Oh, what we have to look forward to!

And another one, so I document it...Addie is going to be a flower girl next May for my cousin Bill's wedding.  Bill and his fiancee Lauren were visiting a few weeks ago.  On the way home that night, it was WAY past Addie's bedtime, we were explaining that Bill and Lauren were getting married and she was going to be in the wedding.  She then says, "I want to be married."  And we both said, "If you want to be married when you are older you can."  She then breaks down and wails, "I want to be married now, daddy!  Now!  I want to be married!..." Kids can say some funny stuff!

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