Friday, December 16, 2011

Wisconsin wedding

In November we went to Wisconsin for Amanda and Josh's wedding.  Amanda was one of the very first people I met at Butler because she lived across the hall from me my freshman year.  She is such a wonderful person and it is so great to see her happy!  The weekend was our first full weekend away with both girls.  We stayed with our friends Chris and Erin Hack outside of Chicago Friday night and then made the rest of the trip on Saturday.  I wasn't feeling like myself on Saturday.  I thought that maybe my crazy work schedule and balancing everything else had caught up with me.  I rallied for most of the wedding and reception, but I still was tired.  When we woke up Sunday morning at the hotel I didn't feel well at all.  When we arrived home about 5:00 Sunday night I took my temperature and I had a 103 fever.  No wonder I didn't feel like myself!  I was bummed that our weekend away with friends ended up not like how we expected.  It was still wonderful to celebrate Josh and Amanda and to see great friends that we don't see often.

Jessica (who's pregnant with girl #2), Meagan and me

Great photo of Ryan and Meagan!

The bride and groom.  Amanda looked so amazing!

Introducing the couple...

The Fab Five!  We have all known each other since our freshman year at Butler.  Amanda's the last one to get married out of the group. 

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