Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silly Kate

We got back on Saturday evening from a wonderful family vacation in Destin, FL.  We are still adjusting to being back home (and really missing the beach, weather, family time, etc. etc.).  I just uploaded a ton of photos from the past couple of weeks.  I took 200 photos alone in Florida. :) I hope to blog a bunch of the photos soon.  Until then I thought I would leave you with this gem of a video.

Kate clearly was having a good evening after a dinner by the beach and with the windows down in the car.  We ended up giving her Addie's old car seat for the trip even though they now recommend facing backwards until 2.  Addie's old carseat doesn't face backward so we just went ahead with it.  Kate really enjoys being a big girl with her new seat. :)

Enjoy!  Check back soon.

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