Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's a girl!

Apparently these are the girl parts.

A profile shot.

Looks like all five fingers are there.

Cute little feet!

Her hand is in a fist. Wonder what that means?

Yesterday we went to the doctor and had our ultrasound. According to the ultrasound tech everything looked very good. That was the best news to hear! A doctor will then read all the results and let us know if she sees any problems. We have been praying for a healthy baby regardless of gender!

It took literally 10 minutes before we could tell what sex baby peanut was! We stared at the butt for quite a while. The ultrasound tech said, "This is one of the most stubborn babies I have had in a long time." We were for sure thinking it was a boy after hearing that statement inheriting the genes from the father. :) Jeremy and I were really thinking that we weren't going to be able to find out that day. Luckily the tech was persistent. After shaking my belly way too much and making me turn to my left side, the ultrasound tech was relieved to let us know it was a girl! Instead of stubbornness, we like to just think we have a modest little girl.

We are both very happy. One of Jeremy's first responses was, "Girls are so much more expensive!" We have already begun to think about the teenage years, weddings and more. It's amazing how fast our minds were looking into the future. Posted are pictures from the ultrasound. She will apparently be a gymnast because she was in the tightest little ball. We hope she continues to be healthy!

Now it is time to start thinking about names, planning the nursery and picking out cute outfits. Jeremy will be outnumbered in our household. He is doomed!

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Jill said...

Hope you guys don't mind, Kelly sent us your blog site. Love it! I told Mike during church that you looked beautiful up there singing and he said he was thinking the very same thing! It's true what they say about pregnant women and their glow. However, Jeremy looked a bit sleepy...hehehe. (we know you had a busy weekend) Girls rock!