Monday, November 5, 2007

One more thing "checked" off

When I posted last what I meant was the pictures are getting harder for me to post as I get bigger, but I will continue to do it. Sorry if I confused you.

Well, I am proud to say that we have checked another thing off our list...we bought baby furniture! With Jeremy as my husband, that was a huge accomplishment! He is very discriminating when it comes to style and quality of furniture because of his background. We both finally agreed on something. We bought it from USABaby. Now we pray that the 8-12 week turn around is accurate.

We are having to work on our back room (the 4th bedroom in the back of our house) before we can start on the nursery. When we moved into this house that room suddenly became our storage room/laundry room/basement/close-the-door-when-company-comes room. Now it will be our office. When we bought the house it was paneling, so we drywalled it, but never totally finished it. Jeremy has been finishing the room with trim and crown molding. Now we are finishing up the paint before we can move our office into this room. The current office will be the nursery. I am so thankful that Jeremy is so talented and is able to do all this work on our house! Sadie has to be in whatever room we are in...she's such a people-dog. Well, she got curious when Jeremy was painting and the picture below shows what happened.

Today (Monday) I was off work because I traveled this weekend for work. I took advantage of my time to do research on daycare. A lot of places have waiting lists so it is better to get a start on this now. Hopefully we will find something that fits by the end of the year.

Did you know that there is no Expecting Parents Checklist? My good friend Brooke, who is also pregnant, and I were talking about this. Wedding checklists they know, 8 months away meet with the florist, 2 months away send out invitations. With babies, a whole new territory, there are no checklists lists like this. Of course there are books, websites and doctors, but those are usually medically related topics. Those are all important as well. Thank God for family and friends that have had babies or I wouldn't know what to do. I mean, I am a first-time mom after all.

Hope you are well! I still can't believe it is already November! The time sure has flown by!

Jeremy was in a wedding two Sundays ago for his good friend, Gary Churchman. They love to play golf together. Jeremy actually danced a lot that night...very unusual for him at weddings! And even while I am pregnant I still love to dance!

Sadie's tail...and it is oil-based paint! It will be there for a while. :)

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