Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 more months!!!

3 more months to the day and Baby Girl A will be making her way into the world (maybe earlier, maybe later)! We can't wait to meet her! We already know that she is such a blessing in our lives!

It was so nice to have some days off work to spend with friends and family. Jeremy and I got a lot done over the break. We went last Sunday to pick out some items before my mom and I actually registered on Wednesday. Even after pre-selecting and asking around from other new moms, the registry process was overwhelming! Jeremy and I picked out all the big items (travel system, pack-n-play, swing, etc). Jeremy also picked out "his" diaper bag. He had to get a more manly one, if there is such a thing. He started chuckling because he had a bag on his shoulder that said "baby" on it. My the times have changed. Who knew there were so may things for a baby? It definitely wore me out, but I feel good that we have successfully finished the process. My mom kept reminding me that "we use to not have stores like this...you probably don't need half the stuff in here." I get my practical nature from her, can you tell? Almost everything is at Babies-R-Us and our bedding is online only at JcPenney. Jeremy and I are both pretty picky so we agreed on this. Very basic in sage green and baby pink. Take a look. Go to the websites, click on "registry" and then search for us under "Angermeier".


We finished painting the back room and are currently moving furniture into it so we can now start on the nursery! Now that we have bedding picked out I feel like we can really get a move on. Currently as I write this Jeremy is in the garage (or should I say his safe haven) building nightstands for the baby. (If you didn't know this already, I have a pair of gardening gloves and some golf clubs in the garage...that's it! It's his area and I stay out as much as possible.) We decided that a nightstand would be nice to have and it would be something that could be used in any room. He is making two because it won't take much longer to make two instead of one. I am sure this little girl will appreciate what her dad made for her for years to come. He is already wrapped around her finger!

We have another doctor's appointment this Friday. I will be tested for gestational diabetes (it's standard nowadays). Yeah, I get to drink some lovely juice and then wait for an hour to see how my sugars are. I hope everything comes out normal because I have a sweet tooth!

The baby is kicking ALL the time, especially at night! The other night she thought it would be fun to do somersaults at 4:00 a.m. One day I will get her back!

We actually had 3 different Thanksgiving feasts to go to this past weekend. I didn't feel the baby kick much on Thursday. I think she was trying to digest it all, was very full or the tryptophyan in the turkey put her to sleep like the rest of us. Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We are thankful for so much this year!


Laura said...

Can you believe it? Only a few more months and your little girl will be here! You are going to LOVE having a girl, they are so fun. :) Hope you are feeling ok. I remember how those kicks would keep me awake! But, how wonderful, to know that she is healthy and kicking around! :) take care...

Rachel said...

I am so excited for you guys and your baby! Only a few more months!