Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

A picture of one of the nightstands...a work in progress.

29 weeks

Sorry we haven't written in a while. Between baby planning and Christmas events we have had a lot going on. Jeremy and I took some hours off work to visit daycares. Last week we visited 3 centers and today we visited 2 in-home centers. This is SUCH a difficult decision! Just like when Jeremy and I were looking for a house, we totally look at different things, which is a good thing. He was such a huge help! After leaving one facility he said, "Did you notice how there were no sprinklers in the building?" or "There is lead-based paint all over the windows." Wow! Once again I am so thankful for all his knowledge and experience. We still don't have a daycare resolution, but are working on it. We actually have to find daycare for three situations 1) when I get off maternity leave until I move to Lexington for work for 1 month 2) daycare while I am in Lexington for a month and 3) permanent daycare after Lexington. Lots of decisions! Luckily Jeremy and I have wonderful bosses (actually Heather was my friend first) who are understanding, compassionate and flexible. It will all eventually work out.

I would like to list a few statements that people have said to me lately. I don't know how I am supposed to respond to statements like these!

1.) From a random guy in Subway...He looks at me, then my belly, then back and me and says, "How are you two doing?" (Umm...good???)
2.) "Laura, you definitely look pregnant these days" (Ummm...thanks???)
3.) "Oh, look at you, how cute, you have a waddle." (Note: Don't ever tell a pregnant woman she has a waddle and that it is cute.)
4.) "How are you feeling? You look good. Your nose is changing. Don't worry everyone's nose changes; mine did." (What??? This one I have never heard before and for the record Jeremy says my nose hasn't changed.)

Tonight was the beginning of a new adventure for us: baby classes! Tonight's class was on breastfeeding. We learned a lot and laughed a little too. I laughed most when we had a break during the class and all of the women went to the bathroom and the men stayed back and had cookies.

Jeremy and I are so excited because David (my brother), Carrie (my sister-in-law) and Dylan (my nephew) are visiting this weekend. If you know me well you have heard all about Dylan and seen pictures. They live in Florida and won't be able to come in for Christmas so they are visiting for a long weekend. We are going up to my parents' house on Friday, to Indy on Saturday for the John Wooden Classic (UofL and Butler are both playing) and then Dylan's making his debut at my dad's church on Sunday. It should be a great weekend and I will have some pictures to share.

I will try to post more often and with pictures. I have had requests for every week, but we'll try for every 2 weeks for now. I have had some threatening emails requesting pictures, so here you go Amanda...

Happy Shopping (we still have TONS to do)!


Nick and Jenn said...

You are making me laugh. At least I know what I have to look forward to... :) The other day someone decided to tell me a story about being on bed rest for the last 4 months. Not that I realize this can't happen but not very uplifting. You look beautiful to me. Wish we were going to the game and could see you this weekend. Have a Merry Christmas! We will be posting stuff tomorrow after our ultrasound.

Laura said...

You look beautiful!

Whitney said...

You are looking great, Laura! Believe it or not, I have actually heard the nose thing before... it is an old-wives tale type of thing. I think they say you are having a boy if you have a blubous (sp?) nose. Whatever. Take care - I love seeing the pics and the updates.

Heather said...

You look so great! I noticed you had a blog on facebook so I thought I'd check it out. CONGRATS on your upcoming baby!

Theresa M said...

Laura and Jeremy: How wonderful! I just read the entire blog and loved seeing the photos of you Laura - you look absolutely fantastic! I am so happy for both of you - I know you will make fantastic parents! I love your comments about the comments you have received from people you didn't know - they were hilarious! I actually have witnessed my friends and sisters' lips look like Angelina Jolie right before delivery - so be prepared! They actually like it! Just enjoy this amazing miracle! I can't wait to see her! Theresa M