Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A great surprise

This weekend we got a lot of things done for the nursery and the baby. We didn't have any plans all weekend so that was so nice. I exchanged a lot of items, did more laundry (washing Newborn clothes and anything she will come in contact with in Dreft) and organized. Jeremy spent more time on the nightstands and built some shelves for the nursery walls. We went out and bought a couple of items we didn't have that we needed before she gets here. The travel system (including the car seat...which we obviously need to take her home from the hospital) and a mattress for the crib (again, a necessity).

We got together with our youth group for Super Bowl. At half time they surprised us with an awesome cake from The Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen (if you don't live in Louisville then I will take you there when you visit), some decorations and the baby crib bedding! It was such a treat! It was from the youth, their parents and other adult sponsors. We are so blessed to have such an awesome church family! Jeremy wore a suit he has wanted to break out for a long time. Pictures are posted below. It came from a guy at church who once wore it to a fraternity formal when he was in college. Nice, huh? No one could take Jeremy seriously all night. The high schoolers kept wanting to feel the baby kick and move. She did for most of them, but was shy for some others.

On Monday Jeremy and I met with a pediatrician. The practice came recommended from about five families at our church. We really liked the doctor we met with. I was pleasantly surprised by all the great questions Jeremy had (sometimes I admit that I don't give him enough credit). I was happy with the doctor's answer when Jeremy asked what temperature he recommended the thermostat be set on once the baby is here. It will be at least two degrees warmer in our house now during the winter! Yahoo! If you didn't know, I live with the thermostat Nazi. (Although I know that means the bill will go up some. Oh well!)

I continue to visit the doctor's office every Friday. Two Fridays ago I was 50% effaced (or thinned) and not dilated. I met with my doctor at that time. I kinda got freaked out being a little more than a month away thinking she could come very soon. Last Friday I met with a different doctor. (They rotate the doctors since there are 7 OB doctors in the practice and any could deliver the baby depending on who is on call.) She checked me and I hadn't changed at all. She told me not to be surprised if I go past my due date since this is my first. Then I have been told from other people that their doctor said the same thing, but the baby came at least a week early. So what I have come to learn over the last two weeks one knows when this baby will come except for her!!! The good news is that she is 37 weeks, so she is considered full term. I guess we all get to play the waiting game now!

A delicious, cute cake! Look at those pink booties! :)

In front of the cake

The full length view. He's such a dork! The pants are a light salmon color. Even Sadie doesn't know what to think of him.


Whitney said...

You are looking great, Laura! I have been enjoying your blog. And, haha, I live with a thermostat nazi too, so I can sympathize! ;-) Can't wait to see pictures of the completed nursery and, of course, your sweet little girl. God be with you for a safe and healthy delivery!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy-What in the world were you thinking!!! I am hoping this was a joke. Hope to see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, this is Alex. What were you thinking about the jacket!