Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The nursery!

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For updates read last night's blog entry (including a message from the dad-to-be). Below are pictures of the nursery and my "huge" belly as promised.

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The closet...she has got some cute clothes! I can't wait for her to wear them!

The closet doors closed. Those frames will have her footprint and handprint on them.

Cute curtains that Leigh made. Everything in the room is pink and green. The curtains have pink buttons at the top.

I'm going to put her name in block letters on the wall above the crib. The bumper is too tall for the crib when the mattress is this high. When we lower the crib we will put the bumper up. It is the same as the green skirt.

Jeremy made the shelves

I can't wait to put more on the blank walls...pictures of her!

Fran & Terrianne made this (they go to our church...Terrianne and I grew up together). How cute is this?

The nightstand Jeremy made. It is beautiful! It is made of cherry so it will get darker over time.

I couldn't resist posting a picture of her night-light.

Almost 39 weeks...yikes!


Anonymous said...

I think I almost cried looking at the latest pictures and reading the last blog entries by both of you. Its truly refreshing to get a little taste of your thoughts and how excited and blessed you both feel about your baby. Can't wait to meet her! And Laura, you're not huge, you should have kicked the girl at Target when she touched your belly. Love you! Amanda Krzyzaniak

Anonymous said...

I'm getting very excited looking at all of your pictures, I know you and Jeremy are too. I can't wait to meet her! Did I tell you I had another dream about her last week. I don't really know what all these dreams are about??? But, she was very cute with blond hair and was already one and walking. Terrianne Tremayne

Heather said...

WOW the babies room looks amazing...I still can't believe how well that closet turned out. I bet you're sooooo excited to have her here SOON! I love your updates.

Aimee Ash said...

WOOHOO! Cheers to 39 weeks--can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

The baby's room looks really great. And the closet is very organized and neat...mine used to be like that... Well I am very excited to see her eventually. See you soon I hope.
Rachel Regenauer

Laura said...

The room is adorable! I love the little hanging caddy that holds all of the diapering things. Your friend that made that is talented. Good luck!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear what her name is!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laura and Jeremy!!!! I got your picture mail this morning. Little Addison is cute as a button! I can't wait to hold her. :) -Erin Hillebrand