Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chunky Monkey

Last week Jeremy's mom came over for two days to help out. On Thursday I could start driving so Betty stayed home with Addison while I ran some errands. It felt so good to get out!!!

This past weekend we got 10 inches of snow! Louisville hasn't had a good size snow in a long time. Sadie loves to play in the snow and there are pictures below to prove it. I was having some cabin fever so Leigh and Chad brought over Guitar Hero on Saturday night. I have a picture of our fun below. We also had more visitors this weekend and during the week.

Addison's cord fell off and we started giving her a bath in her baby bath tub. She likes this much better. I think it keeps her warm. Not so many screams.

On Monday I took Addison to the pediatrician for a weight check. She needed to be at her birth weight. She was well above it. She weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz.!!! She gained 11 oz. in a week. That's a lot. The nurse said they want 1/2 ounce to an ounce a day. Addie's legs are filling out with more to squeeze! What a chunk! :)

Yesterday I took her to get pictures taken. My, what an experience! This was my first real trip out with her. I thought I planned ahead and was all prepared, but I have learned like every other mother that nothing goes as planned. Nursing is hard to do in some places. She was very hungry during her session. Luckily I had a pacifier with me (we just started giving her one on Monday) so we would get her positioned, yank the pacifier out of her mouth, take the picture and put it right back in. It was pretty funny. She was not impressed. At least she cooperated in the morning and I was able to get a shower and get ready!

Hopefully Jeremy and I will get a chance to go out together next week without Addison. It will be her first time with a bottle. No matter what we do we will enjoy it!

Love to you all! Addison knows how much she is loved! :)

Sadie loves to sleep in the nursery

Sadie loves the snow!

Playing fetch with Jeremy...snowballs are hard to fetch! :)

After another bath

Brooke gave her this outfit. It was very cozy in the snowy weather.

She has bunny slippers on.

Pretty cute, huh?

A fun Saturday night for new parents! :) We are both pretty focused.

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