Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out and about

Addison has had lots of outings during the past week and was great for them all! Thursday we went out to dinner for the first time with her with some friends and she never made a peep. Saturday we took her to an event that had several people from my work there so they could meet her. Afterwards we got in the car and drove to Indianapolis. Yep, a road trip. We have friends that are building a house and are using Jeremy as a resource. They had him walk through the house before they had their pre-drywall walk-thru so he could inspect it. Addison and I came along for the ride so she could meet some of my closest friends. She got a little fussy about 30 minutes before we were at their house because it was time to eat, but all in all she was great. We tackled our first road trip!

On Sunday we took Addison to our church youth group to meet some of the high schoolers. Of course she had more visitors throughout the week. On Wednesday we had a ladies lunch with my family. My mom is in town for 2 days and we went out to eat with my aunt, cousin and grandmother. It was fun!

Addison is still a great sleeper (knock on wood)...once she gets to sleep. The past several nights we have tried to put her down earlier since that will be the case (we hope) once I go back to work. Apparently she is a night baby and I know she inherited that from me. Bummer! Apparently I was the same way when I was a baby. Once she goes down she stays asleep for almost 5 hours. She then eats and then usually goes right back to bed and sleeps for another 4 hours or so. Now it just mastering the earlier bed time. We shall see.

We can tell she is getting bigger. Every day it seems like she is making a new sound. Too cute!

This weekend is a big weekend. Addie will be making her big debut at church and she will get to meet lots of family members on Jeremy's side she hasn't met yet for Easter. I'm sure we will have lots of pictures! I know she is excited! :)

Happy Easter! (It doesn't quite feel like Easter when it is 40 degrees. Oh well, it is still a wonderful holiday!)

Her hair looks really red here, but it is brown. The camera does funny things sometimes.

This is our view at the dinner table. Sadie begging and Addie checking out Sadie. Ha!

Jeremy and his dad playing guitar hero during one of his visits. :)

Hanging out in her crib

Lately she has been falling asleep like this...arms crossed and chin on her hands. Too cute!

Ladies lunch! My mom, grandmother, cousin and aunt. Addison slept the entire time, oh, the life!

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