Monday, June 9, 2008

Times, they are a-changing

Addison is changing everyday. She is becoming easily bored and needs to be entertained. Addie is playing with some toys now, putting things in her mouth and talking a lot! The best part is she is laughing! It is too cute!

She has been spoiled lately because Jeremy's mom watched her on Friday and his Dad and step-mom watched her on Saturday night so we could go to a wedding. I'm sure she hates it when they visit and we appreciate their willingness to help out.

As some you know, I work for Governor's School for the Arts (GSA). GSA is a competitive state-wide three-week summer arts program for high school students. It is such a rewarding program to work for and being an alum myself I find a lot of joy working for GSA. However, I have to move to Lexington to Transylvania University for a month. This happens next weekend! I am going to take Addie with me. Jeremy will come up as much as he can. I normally work about 70 hours a week and now I have to balance that with having her with me. I do have a daycare arranged for Mon-Fri. Addie will be with me in the evenings and the weekends. Luckily I have understanding and flexible colleagues. It is going to be the hardest 4 weeks for us! We keep telling ourselves that it is ONLY 4 weeks and we can do it. Pray for us! And please forgive me if this blog doesn't get updated much in the next month.

We got her 3 month pictures taken on Sunday and they are too cute. She was smiling so much. I will try to scan it and post it later. Enjoy the video below. Addie loves looking at herself in the mirror. Is this bad? I sure hope she won't be vain. :)


Look at those thighs


Playing with her toy

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